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August 6th, 2016
So I've been using a tablet to watch anime during my lunch break at work, and I figured I might as well start an entry here to keep track of what I watch. So if anyone else has a smartphone or tablet and wants to know some titles they could watch at work without worrying about random fanservice, super gore, or imagery that might otherwise gain you a bad reputation at the office, this is for you.

Oh, and if anyone has any suggestions I'm all ears. Can't promise I'll watch them as they will have to meet my normal genre/interest thresholds first.

A note about Uchuu Kyoudai -- might want to skip the cutsey animal cartoon shorts that follow the episodes later in the series.
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February 12th, 2012
Tag: W11Proj

There aren't many new shows that have caught my interest this Winter season, and I don't have a lot of other older series lined up to watch between the new stuff that is airing right now. In addition, I need to reduce my expenses IRL for various reasons so not going out is going to be how I solve that. With it being Winter, I decided the best course of action is to stay inside and hide from the cold watching trashy anime!

While I normally make a fuss about art, plot, and even character designs in shows, for this season I'm going the opposite way for most series I watch. Shows with bad plot, cheap art, or excessive fanservice are the theme. Most will probably wind up being ecchi romantic comedies and either slice-of-life or school life type. But I can think of a stupid fighting show to add to the list, too. I'll also being taking suggestions. Hira has already suggested Seikon no Qwaser.

When I say trashy I don't mean Hentai. So don't expect those to show up on the list (unless it's accidental like with that 13th episode OVA of Green Green, which I thought was just part of the series).

Since I'll be watching these shows because they're bad and I'll be watching more than usual all shows will either be streamed or downloaded as small AVI or "mini-MKV" type files. Plus, being the theme is trashiness I'll be looking for uncensored DVD or Bluray rips when I can.
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April 23rd, 2010
Presenting a new tag!

I've added a new tag to my list: failend. This tag will denote titles that I personally felt had a disappointing or incomplete ending. This applies especially to a series that I felt was very good and then the ending made a drastic change in the mood, pace, or story, and resulted in me thinking less of the series as a whole.

This doesn't mean that the ending was "bad" or "sad", so I don't think it counts as spoiling the ending for people. And just because I felt this way about a title doesn't mean you necessarily will. Generally it gets applied to a series that builds up a certain emotion during its entire run only to go the opposite way in the end. Or a show that seems to be hyping a major plot direction only to never actually reach that point in the story by the end of its run.

Once again, this doesn't mean I don't recommend these shows (or do for that matter, that's for my numeric rating to tell you). For example, Clannad: After Story was a very good anime, I just was disappointed by decisions made by the writers at the end and I think their way of supporting the final part of the show within the Clannad universe was very weak and a little dues ex machina.
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January 25th, 2009
So I don't know how Amazon figured out I'm reading Sundome, maybe they're sharing cookies with, but today I was on Amazon and it suggested volume 4 to me.

This is the volume that just now was published and is not even available as a scanalation on MangaFox. So... crazy. I don't think I would actually buy just cause I'm not much for buying ecchi mangas to begin with, but it's weird it seems to have been released in Japan and in English here at about the same time when we can't even get Mysterious Girlfriend X translated here (I just got volume 1-4 untranslated from Japan a few weeks ago).

And WTH can't we associate manga titles with blog entries? >:

Edit - 2/13/2012:: Funny reading this now. I actually did start buying it in the offical English volumes (whoa, scannators DO help increase sales, huh?) and yesterday at a convention I completed the set by picking up volumes 2 & 5 which I've been missing for some time. So I did buy it all in the end (eight volumes total).
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September 15th, 2008
Black Lagoon, the Second Barrage is being released now that Funimation has taken over Geneon's distribution and marketting licence for the series, and I'm annoyed.

Why? Because I really liked BL. Liked it enough to buy it, and I'd also like to hear it in the 5.1 audio I hear is so good... But I don't want to hear it in English. I watch Black Lagoon subbed.

Yes, the Black Lagoon DVDs give you an English audio track in both 5.1 and 2-channel sound. But the Japanese track is only in normal stereo. Why do they do this? Is there even a reason to include 2.0 audio tracks when you have a 5.1 version? Modern DVD players and stereo receivers will downmix 5.1 if they need to. But more than that, I'd just like some feature parity between the differnet languages. Like a multi-angle opening. You had to get the Limited Edition S1/V1 DVD to get the Japanese opening credits.
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September 13th, 2008
Anime Relations: Ergo Proxy
Okay, so Ergo Proxy has now had its box set announced (coming via Funimation) and available for pre-order for a little while now.

I've been waiting for a box set of this for some time, and I want to buy -- I have yet to experience the 5.1 soundtrack the show originally broadcast in and it would be nice to see the video without compression artifacts (so many dark tones don't compress well). But these aren't the discs I'm looking for. I'm looking for the Blu-Ray release. I've seen Shinsen's HD fansubs and it looks much better than the standard def, plus I'm having trouble justifying paying for DVDs of a series when I can get higher resolution fansubs of for free -- have anime companies figured this out yet? It doesn't appear so given the rate they're releasing titles.

What's the deal here Funimation? The show was produced in 720p, you have even less work to do to make a decent 1080p verision than those clowns taking back-to-the-80's series and preping them for releases (and yeah, I've heard of a few).

Keep in mind here I don't even own a Blu-Ray player yet. But I will in the future, and when I say that I don't mean a few years from now. I mean like in the next 6 months most likely. Blu-Ray players are falling to prices close to what I paid for my first DVD player. The DVD player I have now isn't even upconverting, so I'm seeing some blurriness on my HD monitor I got this summer. I'm thinking I could buy an upconverting one for the DVDs I have now, or wait and just buy a BluRay player instead. So natually I'm progressing to the "buy for the future" mode when it comes to content, too.

All I really want is a ballpark time frame when we'll be seeing this box set in HD, I was expecting a simultaneous announcemnet with the DVD version, but all is quiet.
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