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October 7th, 2010
The end of Idol Master Break is not exactly that impressive. Well, just “cleaning the mess” kind of epilogue because of everything is set in the last episode’s climax anyway. Interesting for me would be, the three pronged units grouping, which seems to be logical to make it easier to manage group of large numbers of idols at once, giving them balanced work, exposure as well as specific niche market.

But it raised that question again. Being not an idol fan, is it a trend in Japan or already a norm to do incubation idol group with seemingly ridiculously large number of self-delusionist harem cast of girls?

Back to the story… isn’t it amusing that the three group is then lead by three 965 Pro alumni ? :D

My main reading in Rival these days is Hells Kitchen. After book 2, seems like they switched the focus from cooking comic to farming comic (!!?). The new girl, Nao, is… well, the prettiest so far with sexiest curves. Kawasumi (meganekko, don’t remember her name but I hear that Kawasumi or Noto’s voice over when reading her lines) is cute too, but more passive. Yandere… still don’t catch her seiyuu yet, same with Nao, but I’ll try reading again tomorrow.

The plot twist is surprising. Suddenly move to the farming faculty!? The uproar would be interesting, not to mention Dogma. But seems like Satoru will grow more delicious there so he shouldn’t have any problem with it.
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