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December 26th, 2008
The most of my anime pictures comes from this two imageboards.
But they have too much pictures and watching it all takes much time.

Instead, I use feeds (mostly RSS and ATOM) from this (and some others) sites and collect only what I want in one place. I`m use Google reader for simple access from different machines, but you may use what you want.

You may simple subscribe only to tags you need and be happy;)

There are some tricks about subject sites.
On danbooru, some posts with tags like "loli" are hidden, but they are visible on rss!
For this posts you need to look at the URL of preview image in rss and strip "preview/" component from it. Now you can open resulting URL. Thats all.

And about gelbooru. They provide feeds, but filter by tags are not supported (yet?) ;(
You may build your own feed from html using services like
If someone need, I will post feed43 patterns for creating rss feed from

Posted by naodesu | Dec 26, 2008 4:50 AM | 0 comments