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March 10th, 2015
I just want to say that I'm those people that judge a anime by it's first three episode. I know that people argues that I won't know if a anime is truly good if I just watch 3 episode. Yes there are many anime out there that I only watch 1 episode and come back later to find out how good the series actually was, but those are always longer series really(like 100+) I think that 3 episode is give me a feel for it and if I don't look forward to the anime the next week then what is the fun in watching it, no matter what anyone say about it, I don't think it's the anime for me, it's that simply. Many might say that the anime is really good and everyone should watch it, but the truth is no one is interested in the same anime there will always be someone out there that don't like it, there is no perfect anime that at least someone does not like. This is from me, who try to make my friend watch my favorite anime at the moment which was love live, but one episode they just got bored and I through that one episode I know it was gonna be a really good anime, but my friends does not think so, no matter how much I say it's good they probably will never look back at it because it just don't interest them the least. I love to watch anime and wish everyone can watch my favorite anime but it's hard when we all have different tastes. What I'm getting at is that to me 3 episode is enough for me to see if this anime is worth my time. And if I heard good things about it I'll check it out again maybe, it's as simply as that.
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I just want to say something. "I'M SICK OF LIGHT NOVEL ANIME ADAPTION" I'm really sick of it, like at first it was okay, I came to like a few that stand out. But recent season there been a lot more that was fine too, but really there really is too much overuse plot. This season, winter 2015 have got to be one of the worse, there are like 3-4 light novel adaption and they basically the same as other. There you have the guy and then the main main girl character and they fight and they don't get along and then somehow this guy got himself a harem. And it's totally obvious who he gonna end up with, I even wonder why we have to go through so many girls, like why can't it be guys sometime, like all the people who have a problem in their world are girls!! There were also that plot where only girls get to use a power and then only one guy can use it blah blah blah. I'm not saying I don't enjoy any of them, I'm walking world break right now, I guess you can say it sort of stand out a little I guess only a little.....And just the other day another light novel was "A Chivalry of a Failed Knight" I feel the plot is way too over use, but I'll still watch it to see if it's any different.
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September 12th, 2011
I for one use to be a fan of shojo anime/manga I even search through mangafox to look for an interesting shojo to read and go to MAL to find some to watch. As I get older those shojo manga and anime just seem to become dull for me I already know who going to end up with who and maybe tell what happen next. They get boring and then I discovered shounen it was a whole new world but thats another story. It's not that I came to completely hate it I just hate it because alot of stuff is over used. There 3 type of shojo manga I hate:
1. The type where a plain girl suddenly get attention from the hot guys at school, have seem that many times.
2. The type where the girl started out liking someone else but then fall for the one that annoy them the most. *sigh*
3. And I hate the dismal in distress type of girl they are just so annoying, I know it's not there fault that they get catch but still.
Oh yeah one other thing that annoys me is that when the couple will kiss, sometimes something will get in the way of that sigh*
What I like is a unusual main female character manga like Watashi ni xx shinasai or b gata h kei or maybe something like kami nomi where there is a male main role. It was just a talk I have with my sister today but I feel like writing it down to get it out of I really not saying I hate shojo manga/anime all together but I just hate the overuse plot.
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September 4th, 2011
Today I try to update on the many anime I have watched and many manga I have read, there were just too many, I got tired so I stop trying. I swear to god there are so many anime I watch I just get too bored to update them, some I just watch a little and drop it but not before finding out more about the anime and if I sure give it another try sigh but luck is not on my side lol it's so hard to find good anime like natsume yuujinchou or Kemono no souja Erin, where are all the good anime when you need it anime staffs stop airing those crap and start airing some that people actually like but they some times just ruins all the great manga.
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