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October 29th, 2008
Anime Relations: Prince of Tennis
10 Previously Unknown Facts About The Prince of Tennis Characters

1. In the future, Atobe buys People Magazine and effectively stopped the printing of future issues of the 100 Most Beautiful People. When asked, Atobe would only say, "Nobody is more beautiful than ore-sama."

2. The leading cause of death among Japanese tennis players is Inui Juice. The second leading cause of death is exhaustion from running away from Inui Juice.

3. There are only two hands that can beat anyone in tennis. The first hand is Ryoma's right hand. The second is Ryoma's left.

4. A woman once asked Sakuno for directions. That woman was Amelia Earhart.

5. Inui tampered with the Kool-Aid.

6. If you were to measure how many laps Tezuka has issued, you could circle the whole world. Twice.

7. Eiji once teased Fuji for being such an overprotective brother. The next day, Eiji began wearing a bandaid.

8. There is only one who could beat Ryoma. And that is his mother. Ryoma sure was a naughty kid.

9. Ryoma was arrested for Driving A & B without a license.

10. One of Fuji's secret counters is called the Skunk. Obviously, no one has requested to see it.
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October 27th, 2008
I'm currently watching Zoku Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei and found myself thinking of the different teachers in the anime 'verse...

ITOSHIKI NOZOMU (Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, etc.)
Pros: Class will always be interesting and Itoshiki-sensei will teach you a new way of looking at life. Of course, it will be a negative way of looking at life, but you've got your wacky classmates and an uber-positive classmate to stop you from following in your sensei's footsteps (unless you become a stalker).
Negative: The constant despair will leave you in DESPAIR!

Pros: When you are being bullied, you can always count on your teacher to barge in and go all yakuza on the bullies. She will always believe in you and make sure you graduate from high school. Will cheer you on in a one-on-one fight.
Cons: Teacher is prone to violent tendencies. Anger with caution.

NEGI SPRINGFIELD (Mahou Sensei Negima)
Pros: You are motivated to go to school to see your cute teacher everyday. Also, you get special powers when you kiss him.
Cons: He's too young for you!

ONIZUKA EIKICHI (Great Teacher Onizuka)
Pros: Class is always interesting. You can count on him to help you out during a fight. Basically, it's like having your teacher as a best bud.
Cons: Prone to sexual harassment cases

Pros: If you like teachers who acts just like you are friends, Kuroi-sensei is just for you! You can play RPGs and swap video games with her.
Cons: During exam week, be cautious of her trolling the internet game boards and reminding you to do your homework or study. Yes, I'm talking to you Konata.

So who's your favorite teacher?
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October 18th, 2008
Only a few days and it's Halloween once again. Before, I normally watch the Halloween special of a show here in the Philippines (it's Magandang Gabi Bayan) where they talk about real ghost stories. I have to admit, it is still pretty scary.

But this year, I'm thinking of a theme. I'm going to try for a scary anime fest. Blood! Gore! Screaming lolis! That kind of stuff.

Trouble is, I've already watched Monster, Higurashi series, Ghost Hound and Ghost Hunt. Okay, Monster is more psychological than horror. But Monster creeped me out so much that when I finished it that I had to watch another anime so I could go to sleep... and it was daylight by then. Higurashi was intriguing, but I have to admit - not scary enough. Out of the four, Ghost Hunt is what I could say - the last arc, anyway - a real horror anime.

Aside from those, what other scary anime are out there?

So far I only have Hell Teacher Nube on my viewing list. I was able to catch a few episodes of this show back then and I still remember the episode with the anatomy model freaking me out. But will it make me too scared to close my eyes at night?

So if anyone here has any recommendations for a really scary-that-you-don't-want-to-watch-it-alone anime, please drop a note.
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December 21st, 2007

Okay... how did someone think that this would be a great idea?

Disregarding the fact that Dragonball is an awesome anime, how could they - Hollywood - even conceive such an idea???

But they have and they have already cast the characters. Justin Chatwin - the guy who played Tom Cruise's son on War of the Worlds - will play Goku. With that already, I have a problem. If I have to spell it out for you, well...

And James Marsters - JAMES MARSTERS - I love you and I love your character Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel. Please don't do this to me. Piccolo? I simply can't imagine it.

Emily Rossum is going to play Bulma, I think. I don't care anymore.

Hopefully, the guy behind Final Destination - James Wong - will make it work. Dear God, I hope he does. Or at least come to his senses.

Whatever. Despite what I say, I'm still going to watch it when it comes out.

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October 8th, 2007
Anime Relations: Dragon Ball Z

I was up late last night or early this morning, rather, re-watching Dragonball Z. Oh, I skipped over the Cell Saga or arc (except for the ones with the Future Trunks!) and started on the part when Goku is in Hell/Heaven and fighting in yet another martial arts contest.

Seriously, I stand by my belief that in a fight among all the superheroes, Son Goku will win.

Anyway, it was my first time watching it in the original Japanese audio and came to the uncomfortable realization that I liked the Filipino-dubbed/Tagalized version better. The voice of Son Goku in the Tagalized version is pretty good and very distinctive. I consider myself part of the "I only watch subbed anime" club (but not really signed up in the actual club. Yet.), but for this, I could make an exception. It's just that I grew up hearing those voices, you know? I'm going to rewatch Yu Yu Hakusho next and I also watched that whole series Tagalized so I'm not sure what to expect with that one.

But back to DBZ... I looked over DB in wikipedia and learned it was just animated up to DB GT - which I have not watched. I knew that um... spoiler alert... Son Goku is reincarnated or something. Trunks has a sister named Bra and that Gohan and Mr. Satan's daughter (Added info: Mr. Satan was named Mr. Pogi - literally translated as Mr. Handsome in the Filipino-dub) eventually end up together. I don't know where to find a copy of this yet, though, so I don't know when I will ever get to see this or if it is even worth watching.

It's kinda sad to see this series end. But maybe during that time, they've run out of Super Saiyan Levels and power-absorbing aliens. Maybe then, the spark was gone. And it makes me wonder if I will feel the same way about Naruto or Bleach someday. Or they could live forever like Pokemon.

Ah, the animes of our childhood.

Cha-la! Head Cha-La!

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September 4th, 2007

I just had LASIK surgery last week. You know, the one where they laser your eyes to correct your vision. So, anyway. I'm okay now, just came from my one week check up. But for a while there, I wasn't able to watch anything. No television, no computer, no books. I practically spent the past week with closed eyes, all the while torturing myself knowing that new episodes were probably being uploaded that very second.


But everything's okay now and I can watch things again (yay!) and obviously can look at the computer screen now without crying "so bright! so bright! my eyes!" I've got a lot of anime to catch up on. :)

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