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March 17th, 2013
Wow! It’s actually been years since I wrote a blog entry! Well, today I just thought I'd post a few thoughts about the Spring season. This past Winter season was a total bust for me and I didn't watch anything new.

This coming Spring season, however, looks much more promising. First off, we have a second season for Samurai Girls, this one called Samurai Brides. The original season was a lot of fun, with some cool, original artwork and loads of interesting characters. Certainly not groundbreaking by any means, but still a fun show to watch. I'm hoping 'Brides will be just as good.

The next show I'm excited about is Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan). The trailers for this show look very cool, with an exciting story and lots of action. I can't wait to see if it ends up as good as it looks.

The last of the shows I am especially looking forward to is Red Data Girl. It seems to be an interesting combination of mystery and supernatural and sounds like it’s going to be very entertaining.

While these are for me the stand out series I'm looking forward to, there are actually a number of other shows that I'm going to be giving a chance, so I can see if they are worth watching, too. All in all I'm quite looking forward to this season!
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May 9th, 2010
Its been a while since I blogged anything, so I thought I would write a little something about the Spring 2010 season. There does not seem to be anything really outstanding this season, but there are a few shows I am finding enjoyable.

"Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou" is something of a combination of harem comedy and a shounen fighting series, but it manages to combine the two disparate themes pretty well. Some fun characters in the show, especially Korone, the android girl who manages to be pretty funny for an emotionless machine.

"Heroman" is a colaboration between Japanese production company Bones, and American comic book icon Stan Lee. There is nothing really extrodinary about the concept or artwork, but its a well put together series with some cool action scenes and likeable characters.

Finally, I was rather supprised at "Angel Beats!" After the first episode, I thought it was just some sort of rip off of Haruhi (the female lead is a very similar character). After a few eps, though, I think the series can stand on its own and it has introduced some very interesting plot threads.
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June 18th, 2008
Wow, its been a while since I blogged anything!

Anyway, I just started reading this manga called Toshiune no Hito the other day. Its a romantic comedy series about a college guy who meets a mysterious older woman who has recently enrolled at his school. It starts out as mostly fanservice, but as the series progresses the love story between the two main characters develops quite a bit.

Speaking of fanservice, though, this one really pushes the boundary of hentai, with lots of nudity and sex scenes. No naughty bits, but just about everything else. The female lead is also at first glance one of those "I'm 25 years old, but I look like a middleschooler" lolis, but somehow the artist actually manages to make her look like a small, skinny woman rather than a 13 year old girl once the clothes come off.
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February 4th, 2008
Anime Relations: Rozen Maiden
I seem to be on a roll, of re-watching anime I have already seen!  Last night, I finished re-watching the first season of Rozen Maiden.  Its been a while since I first watched it, and I had forgotten a few things from the story, but overall it holds up well to repeate viewing.  The development of the relationship betwen Jun and Shinku is great, and Suiginto remains one of the best "antagonists" (I hesitate to call her a villian, despite her actions in the show) I have ever seen. 
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December 16th, 2007
Anime Relations: Onegai☆Teacher

I just finished rewatching Please Teacher! last night (probably my 4-5 viewing of this series).  This remains one of my favorites, becuase underneath the silly scifi situations and personal circumstances, I find the development of the releationship between Kei and Mizuho one of the most real such in anime. 

For all those dub-haters out there, I also did some flipping back and forth between the Japanese and English soundtracks, and I think I actually like the English VA over the original Japanese. :-P

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