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February 21st, 2017
Anime Relations: Akatsuki no Yona
:: Stars Guide ::
What are these Stars?
✿ The star is my own take on the "+1 slips/permits".
✿ Owning a star gives you the power to request more cards in any editions I participate in.
✿ As of now, there are three kinds of stars: the +1 star, the Promotion star, and the All star.
:::::: +1 Star: By owning this, you may request one more card.
:::::: Promotion Star: By owning this, you may use the request limit for the club staff.
:::::: All Star: By owning this, you may request all the cards.

✿ Obviously, the stars only apply to my cards and only in open editions.
✿ If you want to own a star, you may request here on this blog post. More details below.

How to use
✿ Put the star in a spoiler or link it whenever requesting cards.
✿ Each star comes with an expiration date. Please, look out for those!

Where to use
Eye-Candy Cards -> promoting this because we just opened!
Card Dreamland
Member Cards Addiction
Mystery Shack
TRIBUTE's CardShop
Yukiyo Club

Want to own a star?
✿ Only the +1 Star can be requested.
✿ I'm going to give the Promotion Star and All Star as gifts to those who are always requesting cards from me.
✿ Leave your username and any suggestions below if you want to own a star.

Current Star Owners

Some of the rules may change without prior notice. I don't want the stars to be easily obtained. Card collectors must also work hard for what they want. :)
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Private Entry
February 4th, 2017
Here are all of the cards I ever made compiled in one place.
Sorted alphabetically by club.

* - Released in 2012-2013.
* - Released in 2017-present.
* - Not yet released but scheduled.
* - Cancelled.
Card Dreamland
Cotton Candy Solo Edition*

Flower Crown LE*

Maids LE*

Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso Theme*

Valentine's Day HE (2017)*

Mystery Shack
Chocolate LE*

Production I.G WE*

tbeans10 Birthday SE*

TRIBUTE's CardShop!
Underwater Bubbles Solo Edition*

Yukiyo Club
Cherry Blossoms LE*

Forest LE*

Pink Hair LE*

Valentine's Edition (2017)*

Want to request more cards? Read my Stars Guide blog post.
Also, join my club: Eye-Candy Cards! We've just started so we need more people with us!

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Private Entry
Private Entry
May 26th, 2012

【Chihaya x Taichi Fan Club】
✿ Official Member Card

✿ 50+ LE

✿ Kimi to Boku. LE

✿ 600+ LE

【Infinity Cards Club】
✿ 30+ LE

【Parades of Cards Club】
✿ Kimi to Boku LE

【The Eight Sin】
✿ Headphones LE

✿ Cherry Blossoms LE

✿ Eyeglasses LE

✿ Kimono LE

【Uta no☆Prince-sama♪ FAN☆CLUB】
✿ Official Member Card

✿ 100+ LE

✿ JUNE - Character of the Month LE

【Wonderland of Roses】
✿ 50+ LE

✿ 100+ LE

✿ Mermaid LE

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