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February 21st, 2017
Anime Relations: Akatsuki no Yona
:: Stars Guide ::
What are these Stars?
✿ The star is my own take on the "+1 slips/permits".
✿ Owning a star gives you the power to request more cards in any editions I participate in.
✿ As of now, there are three kinds of stars: the +1 star, the Promotion star, and the All star.
:::::: +1 Star: By owning this, you may request one more card.
:::::: Promotion Star: By owning this, you may use the request limit for the club staff.
:::::: All Star: By owning this, you may request all the cards.

✿ Obviously, the stars only apply to my cards and only in open editions.
✿ If you want to own a star, you may request here on this blog post. More details below.

How to use
✿ Put the star in a spoiler or link it whenever requesting cards.
✿ Each star comes with an expiration date. Please, look out for those!

Where to use
Eye-Candy Cards -> promoting this because we just opened!
Card Dreamland
Member Cards Addiction
Mystery Shack
TRIBUTE's CardShop
Yukiyo Club

Want to own a star?
✿ Only the +1 Star can be requested.
✿ I'm going to give the Promotion Star and All Star as gifts to those who are always requesting cards from me.
✿ Leave your username and any suggestions below if you want to own a star.

Current Star Owners

Some of the rules may change without prior notice. I don't want the stars to be easily obtained. Card collectors must also work hard for what they want. :)
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February 4th, 2017

Last updated: 7:15 PHT 20th April 2017
Here are all of the cards I ever made compiled in one place.
Sorted alphabetically by club.
- Released in 2017-present. | - Not yet released but scheduled. | - Released in 2012-2013. | - Cancelled.
- Made in Adobe Photoshop CS6 | - Made in GIMP 2.8

Staff Favourite Edition: Cooking

Cotton Candy Solo Edition

Flower Crown Solo Edition

Maids Limited Edition

Piggyback Rare Edition

Ribbon Limited Edition

Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso Theme

Sukitte ii na yo. Theme

Valentine's Day Holiday Edition (2017)

Video Games Rare Edition


Tasogare Otome X Amnesia Special Edition

Welcome Edition


Official Member Cards

100+ Milestone Edition: Balloons

Akatsuki no Yona Theme Edition

Bowie Birthday Edition

Easter Holiday Edition

Kuroshitsuji Theme Edition

League of Legends: Arcade Limited Edition

Pancakes Limited Edition

Rem Character Edition

Sasuke x Sakura Pairing Edition

Sleepwear Limited Edition

Spring Limited Edition

Taiyakies Birthday Edition

The Man Who Fell To Earth Rare Edition


Desserts Series: Parfait Limited Edition

Miku Series: Sakura Miku Limited Edition

Miku Series: Snow Miku Limited Edition


A-1 Pictures Weekly Edition

Chocolate Limited Edition

Clover Limited Edition

Green Limited Edition

Ore Monogatari!! Rare Edition

Production I.G Weekly Edition

tbeans10 Birthday Special Edition


Easter Edition: Cat Girls

Birthday Cards

Easter Special Edition

Straw Hats Dual Edition

Street Snacks Special Edition

Braids Monthly Edition

moissi Birthday Edition

Origami Limited Edition

Sky Limited Edition

Street Lights Limited Edition

Underwater Bubbles Solo Edition

Vampire Limited Edition

Youjo Senki Rare Edition


Blond Hair Limited Edition

Cherry Blossoms Limited Edition

Forest Limited Edition

Pink Hair Limited Edition

Roses Limited Edition

Skip Beat! Limited Edition

Valentine's Edition (2017)


Want to request more cards? Read my Stars Guide blog post.
Also, join my club: Eye Candy Cards! We've just started so we need more people with us!


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