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June 9th, 2009
Posted by kyneval | Jun 9, 2009 9:06 PM | 0 comments

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May 6th, 2009
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Name: Karlene
Birthday: June 16
Favorite Color: Violet ^_^
Favorite Music: MANY. :P
Favorite Food: PIZZA~! ^_^ spaghetti, carbonara, fried chicken and many more~

わたしの 名前 なる karlene ........



I LOVE GOD!! <33


-PRAYING!! [of course my number one hobby^^]

-Texting[before sleeping im always texting even in the middle of the night.^^ oh and when i wake up first thing im gonna check is my cellphone.^^ not that ^^]

-Playing Volleyball! [hai~! my favorite sport.^^ i love playing volleyball and it takes away my stress mentally. especially when I'm sad.]

-Chatting with my friends [of course! chatting in the MAL and every where is my hobby since i want to have many friends.^^]

-Going out with my family [when we are not busy we always hang out and eat outside or shopping for clothes and etc. ^^]

-Listening to Musics [yea! like others say MUSIC IS LIFE! ^^ i like rock songs and sometimes slow songs.^^ it mixes up with my emotion.^^]

-Eating [duh! you can't live without eating so live your life to the fullest. eat food! ^^]

-Sleeping [always do this when I'm tired.^^]

-Studying [yea. well sometimes i get tired of memorizing this and that.^^]

-Reading [of course i need to read first before i understand anything. ^^]

-Singing [i usually do these when im bored. i love singing anime songs.^^]

~I'm a BORN AGAIN CHRISTIAN! I LOVE GOD! Kutless, Hillsong and Pillar ROCKS! hee hee~
m/ rock on!

Posted by kyneval | May 6, 2009 6:21 AM | 2 comments

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ID CARDS Collection

One of my goal is to collect 100 member cards. LOL.xD
Current Number of ID Cards: 48
| updated on 06/08/09 |

Vampire Knight FC

Versus Up!

Witch and Warlock


Mio Akiyama FC


Auu~ Makoto-ism

Kotomi Ichinose Fanclub

Kei Takishima x Hikari Hanazono

Claiming For Everyone


Hirasawa Yui Fanclub

Chibi Fan Club

~.Haruhi Suzumiya vs. Yui Hirasawa.~

Freedom Writers

Nagisa Theater Club


Hell Correspondence

Land Of The Angels

ef - a tale of memories

Louise de la Vallière Fanclub

The Young Duke : Oz Bezarius

Hirasawa Ui Fanclub

FILIPINO Anime Lovers Club[F.A.L.C.]


Bea Rabbit, Alice <3

Ryuu Tsuji Fan Club

Hanbun no Tsuki ga Noboru Sora

♫ Anime Characters Luv Music ♫

Azusa Nakano Fanclub

Anime Club

Girls and Guys in Glasses (or Contacts)!

Maids! Maids! Maids!

Hiiragi Kagami's Shrine

How to Watch Anime!

Nanaka Yatsushiro Fanclub

Heavy SleeperZ Unite!

Bishoujo ga suki desu~!

When two become one

Matou Sakura Shrine

we love hinata

Battle Arena

The Fukuyama Jun Fanclub

Kaname Fan Club

Shakugan no Shana Fanclub

Yoko Fanclub

Kotori and Tomoyo Fanclub

THREADS -club-

Posted by kyneval | May 6, 2009 6:19 AM | 6 comments