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February 12th, 2010
hello dear people, whom got the time to read my random bloggins. whether it's here on MAL or at other websites. if there is any.

i haven't been online and active for a very long time.
i haven't seen any anime (only a couple of movies)
and i just haven't been that much on at this site, recently.

lately, i've got really into k-pop - (south) korea's culture, food, music, and all that kind of stuff! also, i'm a member of AKP my username is izzy ✫ imagine.
so i haven't been spending much time on "typical japanese stuff" - anime, j-pop, j-rock and blablabla, BUT more on .. the korean stuff.
it's kind of sad, because i want to watch all the things in my "plan to watch" list! but i just ain't got the time! and that' also because i've started on a new school (8th grader, danish schooling system. yes, i'm still young, no need to comment) - forældreskolen, which is a very--- well, it's a good school. i've learned alot, and changed alot. but that's OK, 'cause i needed to go away from all the busy'n'stuff on my other school.

but i WILL find some time to catch up ( i need to!),
just wait.
oh, btw. .... it's kinda hard to catch up on the messages from the clubs - i'm sorry-

/izzybizhaism~ .. ahahahha
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October 16th, 2009
okay so, here we go again.
you're there as a reader, reading this crap because of boredom...hopefully.
and here i am... sitting on this really..bad....chair...old..chair, writing some crap; because of boredom.

lately, i haven't been able to do like...anything.
not even blogging on my blog-site. so...bad.
and instead of blogging, i..I BLOG ON MY MOBILE ?! like, what kind of crap isn't that xp most shitty way to blog, man. i tell you, it's the worst.
but it's actually OK, 'cause then you can blog right away, instead of waiting till you get home.. so troublesome =_= MENDOKUSAI NEEEEE~~~~~~~ahahhahaa..i haven't watched naruto for QUITE a (big) while.. need to catch up *sigh*

oh yeah, and school, btw, makes these days go quick. i think. whatever. i don't really have much more to say than, HAVE A NICE VACATION hope you'll use the time wise.....or......the monster is going to eat you. ah, whatever asidfhiasfwereeieeawor. hate this computer. so old.

bye /izzy imagine [lacks sleep]
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October 3rd, 2009
i bet you've been wondering about what you'll begin to do. what kind of sport you're going to do. what kind of sport, also.

so, recently i don't feel like attending karate.
school takes so much time, i have so many things to learn, and i don't have time for karate anymore. it's a bit sad, because i really like that martial sport.

dance is also something i like to do, though i'm really bad at it, but that is not what matters. i've really wanted to start dancing, i just don't got the guts for it.

also, karate isn't a sport where you learn how to keep up your condition. it's more about what you can take, do psycily, and not phisicaly. i don't know wether that's spelled right or wrong, don't care.
WHILE dancing's more like what you can with your body. don't misunderstand, please.

shuffle's great, too. but the only ones i know who can dance that lives in randers, or odense - which is really far away from where i live. so it's a bit complicated as you can see, and i don't know if i'll be going to some dance class.

one thing is for sure: i'll stop going to karate, since i'm so busy. no matter what, i don't have the time. stupid busses ):.

please comment what you think ~ or something.

blog of end/izzy imagine.
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August 19th, 2009
Today, i got up at 0642.
Found some clothes, put make-up on my face, ate breakfast, and went straight to Mia's place. We were goin' to take the bikes to school today, like most other days.
But when i got at her place at 0747, i found it a bit weird, that she didn't respond on my text message.
I called her at 0750.
Then, she woke up. With a voice of despair. "FUCK, i've slept over me!".

At 0808, we were bikin for our lifes. Could we really make it? Could we really make it to school? Can we? About 4kilometers, you think we could make it?
-We just made it, in the last second.
The bell just rang, a teacher told us.

I was really exhausted. With a headache and a bad kondi, i almost failed.
But we made it. We really did.

School, 0815 to 1430, it's not really that great. It was actually pretty hard, i must say.

Later, when i got home (around 1500), i had to pack my bag with karate stuff.
There was training, and i still had (has) headache. How great isn't that? Really great. -cough-.

Training wasn't that bad, not really hard. Not at all.
But it was freaking hot inside the Dojo, and the aircondition was broken.
Super, i mean: training in the HEAT = god blesses us. And i don't even believe in god.

When the training was over, i was about to take the bus (this is where the good part starts).
I always take bus number 18.
But because of a football match in Stadion, there was a sign where the busstopsign was.
It said, that the busses weren't going to drive from 1730 to 2200.
So i began to walk.
And walk.
Till i walked 200 metres.
And guess what i saw, right in front of my eyes:
The bus.
Why did it drive? It shouldn't be driving....
i had no other choice, than wait for another bus. And then take another bus.
It ended up with, that i had to walk most of the time.
But i got home. At 1910.


i really should update on blogspot.
I've wanted to do that for a really long time. But i never got the chance because of homework, which i haven't done yet. I should do my homeworks, too... But there's so much of it, and so little time! Stupid homework! Being an 8th grader at some private school, isn't that easy. And i don't really want to do my homeworks... I want to watch domara.........

3ND 0F BL0G - /izzy imagine.
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