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April 25th, 2015
What is the extent a girl might go to show her love and appreciation for a guy?! Wolf girl and Black prince has everything from a sadist with no ideal way of expressing his love for someone, and a girl whose main motive is to show her love by becoming extremely submissive and allowing herself to be taken over by her "master". The story is very cute at the same time very well planned out. I enjoy the parts where you expect Kyoya to express his love back only to say that he'll wait and see. Tons of plot twists so far and the art is amazing.
Originally i thought the show was going to be really masochistic with the whole chains and whips xD oh my pervy mind xD but then i found it to be pretty sweet(if you aren't against the whole dominant and submissive thing). A lot of the comments that i read were somewhat alarming... like why isn't she trying to get out of there? or the classic... "Is she a sadist as well?! doesn't she know what kind of situation this is?!" all i can say is that its not because she has to be with him, its because she finds parts of him to shine more than his masochistic side. Also, as the story adapts, we see that Kyoya has a past that makes him like this, you cant just say hes a masochist because he "enjoys it" we have no proof hes even done such things!
... but overall i love this story and it keeps getting better as i keep watching it! <3 comment how far you would go to get the guy you love
XOXO Honey_Senpai^101
Posted by honey_senpai101 | Apr 25, 2015 4:52 PM | 0 comments