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March 11th, 2015
Anime Relations: Ping Pong the Animation
My name is Harry. I grew up in San Francisco and went to Catholic School until high school. Then I went to a specialized technology high school in New York City. I currently live here. In my spare time, I play the guitar and sing a bit. I'm not that good. My favorite types of music are jazz, country and classic rock. I also like classical as my girlfriend got me into it. We met in high school and now we're on a long distance relationship. She's studying classical music (vocal performance) back in SF. She also got me into Anime, actually, although our tastes differ a lot.

Like I said, I went to a tech school so yeah, computer engineering was what I studied in university. I'm currently in grad school and I work part time too. I'm aiming to go into the medical field actually. Also, I'm a fan of sports. I work out regularly and I play American football, baseball and golf with my friends.

I like reading classic literature too. You can find a list of my favourite books on my profile. I write sometimes, but I'm not great. Other personal details: I'm heterosexual, I am not religious (Agnostic), I'm open minded about several topics, I am dedicated and whole hearted.
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Anime Relations: Kyousou Giga (TV)
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