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May 20th, 2010

~[ANIME]Quotes Club~

~Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Yaoi~

~Jinchuuriki Card Club~

~Fujiko Etou FC~

~Sweet & Candy~

~Sai Akuto FC~

~Phone FC~

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May 3rd, 2010
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~[ANIME]Quotes Club~

~Bel x Fran FC~

~Bishie Ai~

~Card Kingdom~

~Jinchuuriki Club~

~ Kawaiiness ~

~Katekyo Hitman Reborn FC~

~Luffy FC~

~Big Windup Batters Box~

~One Piece FC~

~Phone FC~

~Proud Academy~

~Reborn x Lambo FC~

~Rokudo Mukuro FC~

~Sanji FC~

~Squalo FC~

~Tsunayoshi Sawada FC~

~Sweet & Candy~

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The line up for this year is as follows...

Hitman Reborn
1. Tsuna in a suit with his cloak, X-gloves, and flame gauntlet complete with a Natsu plush. Cloak is finished! yay!

2. Lambo in a suit with his shield, head gear, and little black bull plush. Almost done with the shield, though I might not get to the head gear. The horns are super cute though. :3

3. Yamamoto in a suit with the water sword, hilts, and a dog plush. (If I can get my brother to cosplay) Didn't end up working out but we got a cool Mukuro instead

4. Chrome in a suit with her eyepiece, and maybe an owl plush if I can get a good one.
5. Either Coronello/Spanner or Ryohei ... still deciding on that one. Got a friend to cosplay as him. It'll be pretty simple though. Just need the suit, color spray, and boxing tape. It's a good last minute cosplay for our group that thought they could get away with not cosplaying. LoL

Ended up doing my Link outfit too.

1. Negi Version 1 - first battle outfit Finished
2. Negi Version 2 - Second battle outfit Semi-finished
3. Kota Version 1 - First battle outfit finished
4. Kota Version 2 - Second battle outfit finished

Final Fantasy (time or funds permitting)
1. Moggle
2. Chocobo
3. Tonberry
4. Cactuar

Unfortunately, no time... maybe next time...

1. Kimono Harajuku style
2. Goth Loli? LoL always wanted to try it once
3. Goth Punk style for the guys

I'm going to be mostly be focusing on getting the Hitman Reborn stuff done. Thankfully there's not much sewing to do with that besides the cloak. But the sewing is the easy part. LoL Getting the props done will take more time. Especially for Lambo with his shield. We had this great idea to make it light up their colors. It was a great idea at the time but that's gonna take more planning. The shield shouldn't be too bad since it's not as detailed as the Hyrule shield. I just have to decide if I want to make certain parts see through so that the emblem is visible or just put a gloss over a drawn piece to make it shiny. I've pretty much gotten most of the design done. I just have to get off my butt and start on it.

Negima is all sewing and the pieces aren't that complicated. That should be done in about two or three days of concentrated sewing. LoL CONCENTRATED!! I have a tendency to get side tracked on things...

As for the Final Fantasy mascots... those will be last. Those won't be too extravagant. Mostly just wanted to make cute jumpsuits. LoL They'd make great pajamas! Depends on if I have the time or money to get them done. Darned fabrics and stuff are expensive!

The misc. stuff are mostly just stuff I've made in the past or things I already had that can pass for the type of look I'm going for.

I'm watching Michael play BlazBlue and I think Taokaka will be added to that list somewhere... haha
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