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February 16th, 2012
Anime Relations: Ben-To, Ben-To Picture Drama
Considering the 'plot' of the series, of a daily no-hold barred supermarket fight for discount bento (packaged meals), one would be forgiven to assume that a series like this would have only two outcomes: dumb or dumber. Surprisingly, despite how things look, the series turns out to have a very solid seinen core. It's not just about fighting for food like in any cafeteria brawl, but about where one is fighting for pride and to the victor goes the spoils (with the meal). In addition, the zany comedy balances out the action to make a very engaging show that keeps you interested.

Not to say, this series is perfect. Far from it. About half way through, the production team seems to lose some steam with several fillers episodes, some with scenes of subpar animation. Ironically, it's the moments outside of the supermarket where some of the weakest moments occur. But regardless, this series should keep you entertained, whether through action, comedy, and/or fan-service.

The fact that Ben-To is a show that puts this premise of supermarket fight clubs with a straight face and yet make it all the more exciting make it worth recommending.
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December 31st, 2010
After a decade, I finally finished watching FLCL (was stalled on ep1). While I have to admit the style was energetic and the animation superb, overall, I'm still left with a feeling of, 'so that's it?' after finishing it.
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November 24th, 2010
Anime Relations: Amagami SS
Posted by dreamingsamurai | Nov 24, 2010 5:31 PM | 2 comments