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March 27th, 2010
All anime in AVI format unless stated otherwise
009-1 (EP 1-13) Eng Dub
Afro Samurai (EP 1-5) Eng Dub
Agent Aika (EP 1-7) Eng Dub
Agent Aika R16 Virgin Mission (EP 1-3) Eng Dub
AKIRA - Eng Dub
Amagami SS (EP 1-25) Eng Sub
Aoi Bungaku (EP 1-12) Eng Sub
Appleseed 1 & 2 - Eng Dub
Aquarion (EP01-26) Eng Dub
Arakawa Under the Bridge (EP1-13) Eng Sub
Armitage 3 OVA (EP 1-4) Eng Dub
Baccano! (EP 1-16) Eng Dub
Bakemonogatari (EP 1-13) Eng Sub
Battle Programmer Shirase (EP 1-15) Eng Sub
Baton (EP 1-3) Jap No Sub..(Help me out with subs if you can!)
BECK (EP 1-26) Eng Sub
Berserk (EP 1-25) Eng Dub
Black Cat (EP 1-23) Eng Sub
Black Lagoon (EP 1-12) Eng Dub
Black Lagoon Second Barrage (EP 13-24) Eng Dub
Black Lagoon Omake Shorts (EP1-7) Eng Sub
Blame! Log (EP 1-6)Jap No Sub
Bleach Movies 1-2 Eng Sub
Bleach Season 01 (EP 1-25) Eng SUB
Bleach Season 02 (EP 26-51) Eng Sub
Bleach Season 03 (EP 52-63) Eng Sub
Bleach Season 04 (EP 64-91) Eng Sub
Bleach Season 05 (EP 92-109) Eng Sub
Bleach Season 06 (EP 110-131) Eng Sub
Bleach Season 07 (EP 132-151) Eng Sub
Bleach Season 08 (EP 152-167) Eng Sub
Bleach Season 09 (EP 168-189) Eng Sub
Bleach Season 10 (EP 190-205) Eng Sub
Bleach Season 11 (EP 206-212) Eng Sub
Bleach Season 12 (EP 213-229) Eng Sub
Bleach Season 13 (EP 230-255) Eng Sub
Blood Plus (EP 1-50) Eng Dub
Bokurano (EP 1-24) Eng Sub
Boogiepop Phantom (EP 1-12) Eng Dub
Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040 (EP 1-26) Eng Dub
Burn Up Scramble (EP 1-12) Eng Dub
Burst Angel (EP 1-23) Eng Dub bad quality
Castle in the Sky - Eng Dub
Castle of Cagliostro - Eng Dub
Canaan (EP 1-13) Eng Sub
Chrno Crusade (EP1-24) Eng Sub
Claymore (EP 1-26) Eng Sub
Code Geass R1 Lelouch Of the Rebellion (EP 1-25) Eng Sub
Colorful (EP1-16) Eng Sub
Cowboy Bebop The Movie - Eng Dub
Cromartie High School (EP 1-26) Eng Dub
Crystal Blaze (EP 1-12) Eng Sub
D.Grayman (EP1-103) Eng Sub
Dai-Guard (EP1-26) Eng Sub
Dance in the Vampire Bund (EP 1-13) Eng Sub
Daphne in the Brilliant Blue (EP 1-24) Eng Dub
Darker than Black - Ryuusei no Gemini (EP 1-12) Eng Sub
Darker Then Black (EP 1-25) Eng Sub
Death Note (EP 1-37) Eng Dub -MWV-
Dennou Coil (EP 1-26) Eng Sub
DesertPunk (EP 1-24) Eng Sub
Devilman OVA (EP 1-3) Eng Dub
DOGS Bullets & Carnage (EP1-4) Eng Sub
Dual Parallel Trouble Adventure (EP 1-14) Eng Dub
Durarara!! (EP1-24) Eng Sub
Elfen Lied (EP 1-13) End Sub
Ergo Proxy (EP 1-23) Eng Dub
Eve no Jikan (EP 1-6) Eng Sub
Fate Stay Night (EP1-24) Eng Dub
Gantz - Uncut (EP 1-26) Eng Sub
Gasaraki (EP1-25) Eng Dub
Geneshaft (EP 1-13) Eng Dub
Genocyber (EP 1-5) Eng Dub
Genshiken Season 1 and 2 (EP 1-27) Eng Sub
Ghost Hound (EP 1-13) Eng Sub
Ghost In The Shell - Eng Dub
Ghost In The Shell 2 - Eng Dub
Ghost In The Shell [STAND ALONE COMPLEX] (EP 1-26) Eng Dub
Ghost In The Shell [Stand Alone Complex] 2nd Gig (EP 1-26) Eng Dub
Ghost In The Shell Solid State - Eng Dub
Gilgamesh (EP 1-26) Eng Dub
Girls Bravo Season 01 (EP 1-11) Eng Dub
Girls Bravo Season 02 (EP 1-13) Eng Dub
Golden Boy (EP1-6) Eng Sub
GunGRAVE (EP 1-26) Eng Sub
Gunslinger Girl Season 1 (EP 1-13) Eng Dub
Gunslinger Girl Season 2 (EP 1-13) Eng Dub
Gunsmith Cats (EP 1-3) Eng Dub
Haibane Renmei (EP1-13) Eng Sub
Hellsing (EP 1-13) Eng Sub
Hellsing Ultimate OVA (EP 1-4) Eng Dub
Heroic Age (EP 1-26) Eng Dub
Heat Guy J (EP 1-26) Eng Dub
Higashi no Eden (EP1-11) Eng Sub
Honey and clover (EP1-24) Eng Sub
Honey & Clover 2 (EP1-12) Eng Sub
Howl's Moving Castle - Eng Dub
Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girls (EP1-12) Eng Sub
I Dream Of Mimi (EP1-3) Eng Sub
Ikkitousen Dragon Destiny (EP 1-12) Eng Sub
Innocent Venus (EP 1-12) Eng Sub
Jigoku Shoujo Mitsuganae (EP1-26) Eng Sub
Jin-Roh The Wolf Brigade - Eng Sub
Kampfer (EP 1-12) Eng Sub
Kara no Kyoukai - The Garden of Sinners (EP 1-7) Eng Sub
Kaze no Stigma (EP1-24) Eng Dub
Kiki's Delivery Service - Eng Dub
Kimikiss Pure Rouge (EP1-24) Eng Sub
Kite Liberator - Eng Sub
Kite; Directors Cut - Eng Sub
KURAU Phantom Memory (EP 1-24) Eng Sub
Kurogane no Linebarrels (EP1-24) Eng Sub
Lain (EP 1-13) Eng Sub
Le Chevalier d'Eon (EP1-24) Eng Sub
Lovely Complex (EP1-24) Eng Sub
Madlax (EP 1-26) Eng Dub
MD Geist (EP 1-2) Eng Dub
Mezzo (EP 1-13) Eng Dub
Mezzo Forte (EP 1-2) Eng Sub
Michiko to Hatchin (EP 1-22) Eng Sub
Mind Game - Eng Sub
Mnemosyne (EP 1-6) Eng Sub
Monochrome Factor (EP 1-24) Eng Sub
Monster (EP1-74) Eng Sub
Moonlight Mile (EP 1-12) Eng Sub
Mouryou no Hako (EP1-13) Eng Sub
Mouse (EP 1-12) Eng Dub
Mushishi (EP 1-26) Eng Dub
My Hime (EP 1-26) Eng Dub
My Neighbor Totoro - Eng Dub
Nabari No Ou (EP 1-26) Eng Sub
Najica Blitz Tactics (EP 1-12) Eng Dub
Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind - Eng Dub
Neon Genesis Evangelion (EP 1-26) Eng Dub
Neon Genesis Evangelion Movies (EP 1-2) Eng Dub
Night Head Genesis (EP 1-24) Eng Sub
Ninja Scroll Movie - Eng Dub
Ninja Scroll The Series (EP 1-13) Eng Dub
Noein (EP 1-24) Eng Dub
Noir (EP 1-26) Eng Dub
Onegai Teacher (EP 1-13) Eng Sub
Ouran Host Club (EP 1-26) Eng Dub
Pale Cocoon - Eng Sub
Paranoia Agent (EP1-13) Eng Sub
Perfect Blue - Eng Dub
PERSONA -Trinity Soul (EP1-24) Eng Sub
RahXephon (EP 1-26) Eng Sub
Read or Die (EP 1-26) Eng Sub
Real Drive (EP 1-26) Eng Sub
Red Garden (EP 1-22) Eng Sub
Requiem from the Darkness (EP 1-13) Eng Dub
Run=Dim (EP 1-13) Eng Sub
Planetes (EP 1-26) Eng Sub
Pom Poko - Eng Dub
Porco Rosso - Eng Dub
Princess Mononoke - Eng Dub
Ride Black (EP 1-12) Eng Sub
Samurai Champloo (EP 1-26) Eng Dub - MWV-
Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei Complete S1+ S2 (EP 1-25) Eng Sub
School Rumble 1 (EP1-26) Eng Dub
School Rumble 2nd Term (EP1-26) Eng Dub
Sci-Fi HARRY (EP1-20) Eng Sub
s-CRY-ed (EP 1-26) Eng Dub
Seikimatsu Occult Gakuin EP(1-13) Eng Sub
Seirei no Moribito (EP 1-26) Eng Sub
Sekirei (EP1-12) Eng Sub
Sexy Commando Gaiden (EP 1-50) Eng Sub
Shigurui (EP 1-12) Eng Dub
Shikabane Hime Aka (EP 1-13) Eng Sub
Shikabane Hime Kuro (EP1-12) Eng Sub
Shingetsutan Tsukihime (EP 1-12) Eng Sub
Sisters of Wellber Zwei (ep 1-13) Eng Sub
Skip Beat (EP1-25) Eng Sub
Sora no Otoshimono (EP1-13) Eng Sub
Soul Eater (EP 1-51) Eng Sub
Speed Grapher (EP 1-24) Eng Sub
Spirited Away - Eng Dub
Starship Operators (EP 1-13) Eng Sub
Strait Jacket (EP 1-3) Eng Sub
Summer Wars - Eng Sub
Suikoden Demon Century
Suzuka (EP1-26) Eng Dub
Sweat Punch (EP1-4) Eng Sub
Tekkaman Blade (EP 1-37) Eng Sub
Tenchi - Mihoshi special OVA - Eng Dub
Tenchi In Tokyo (EP 1-26) Eng Dub
Tenchi Movies (EP 1-3) Eng Dub
Tenchi Muyo - Pretty Sammy - Eng Dub
Tenchi Muyo GXP - Seina Yamada (EP 1-26) Eng Dub
Tenchi Muyo Ova (EP 1-13) Eng Dub
Tenchi Muyo! RYO-OHKI (EP 1-7) Eng Dub
Tenchi Universe (EP 1-26) Eng Dub
Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann (EP 1-27) Eng Sub
Tetsuwan Birdy Decode (EP 1-13) Eng Sub
Tetsuwan Birdy Decode Season 2 (EP1-12) Eng Sub
Texhnolyze (EP 1-22) Eng Sub
The Cat Returns - Eng Dub
The Legend of Black Heaven (EP 1-13) Eng Dub
The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Season 1 (EP1-14) Eng Sub
The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Season 2 (EP1-14) Eng Sub
The Mysterious Cities Of Gold (EP1-39) Eng Dub
Toaru Majutsu no Index (EP1-24) Eng Sub
To Heart 2 (EP 1-13) Eng Sub
Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo - Eng Sub
Tokyo Majin Gakuen Kenpucho Series S1 + S2 (EP1-26) Eng Dub
Toradora! (EP1-25) Eng Sub
Toshokan Sensou (EP1-12) Eng Sub
Trigun (EP 1-26) Eng Dub -wmv-
Trinity Blood (EP1-24) Eng Sub
Uchuu Senkan Yamato - Aratanaru Tabidachi - Eng Sub
Valkyria Chronicles (EP 1-26) Eng Sub
Vampire Hunter D 1-2 Eng Dub
Vampire Knight (EP1-13) Eng Sub
Vandread 1st stage (EP1-13) Eng Sub
Vandread 2nd stage (EP1-13) Eng Sub
Welcome to the NHK! (EP 1-24) Eng Sub
Wicked city - Eng Dub
Viper's Creed (EP1-12) Eng Sub
Whisper of the Heart - Eng Dub
Witchblade (EP 1-24) Eng Dub
Witch Hunter Robin (EP1-26) Eng Dub
Wolf's Rain (EP 1-30) Eng Sub
Wonderful Days - Eng Sub
Xam'd - Lost Memories (EP 1-26) Eng Sub
Xenosaga (EP 1-12) Eng Dub
X Movie - Eng Dub
Yakitate Japan (EP1-69) Eng Sub
Zombie Loan (EP 1-11) Eng Sub
Zone of the Enders - Dolores, i (EP 1-26) Eng Sub

I will try to update my list as much as i can.-- Last updated on 05-02-11
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