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July 6th, 2010
a lazy gray haze
on a lot full of cars
creates a blue moon
for a sky full of stars
layed back on the curb
as he lights up a flame
puts the paper to his lips
in the rain...
don't make a sound
don't make a mistake
the whole world's watching you know
so make sure that you're great...

fav. quotes= "Gentle step...Twin Lion Fists!" by, Hinata
"As clumbsy as i am...i'll try" by, Mr. Gamato
"I always thought you were negative, hesitant, and weird but, i kinda like people like you" by Naruto to Hinata

After seeing episode 166 of Naruto Shippuden, i stoped watching it. After seeing the fight between Asuma and Hidan and, watching him die, i said to my self and, to my brothers and friends, "If Shikamaru or Hinata die, ima stop watching that shit. I'm not gona watch it anymore"
Somewhere on the net, i saw a couple pages of the manga, Hinata vs. Pein. i knew that she fought him but, i didn't know that she died. i knew that she confessed to Naruto how she felt. She told him that she loved him.
Somewhere on this site, i was reading a blog and, that's when i "knew" that she died. this one guy made up his own short storys of the anime Naruto. he made this one short story about Naruto and Hinata ( i think those were the only two characters he would make them about) people commented. this one girl said, "awe that's cute. to bad she dies." other people posted the following...
sumGurl: awww realy?? D;
random dude: *covers ears*
SPOiLerNOT aLerTgURL: yeah..i read/i'm reading the manga

on episode 167 they show that Hinata calls out for she's still alive. i was planing on finishing watching the last episodes with her in it but, then i thought, maybe i should just stop watching it, and tell my self she's still alive...
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