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October 9th, 2009
Anime Relations: Naruto, Naruto: Shippuuden
So today is the day I enter my first blog! I don't usually blog that much....unless I have something that I just really want to say...
So, without further adieu...
OK, so I read Naruto Chapter 4...67? Jeez....Anyway, and afterwards I was like,"
" So, now when I think back at it....WAIT WAIT!!
OK, WTF is with Masashi Kishimoto?! It seems that he like "copies" off of fan fiction writers. For instence, only so recently (like 2 years ago) has my firend stated that she had been imagining (for lack of a better word) her OC (original character) for Naruto with a ten tails demon...only of late has she been writing about this OC. Now, all of a sudden Masashi Kishimoto
?! Xd I was like (to myself...since I talk to myself a lot)
"Oh, she is sooo screwed!"
For another instence, about 10 months ago, I started writing about NaruHina: Hinata Confesses...guess what? Kishimoto-san made "that chapter"...

It's like Kishimoto looks up fan fics for ideas!!! I'm like, "CRAP!!!!!"
Anyway, a LOT of

Cellist power!
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