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July 19th, 2009
Observational notes taken while watching on Funimation's video portal

Episode 1 - "Awakening"

Frank Clard is the next target
Maid w/ a gun meets w/ operative
Opening animation definitely looks & sounds like Bee Train
KARMA by KOIA isn't bad on a first listen
Title card reminds me of Madlax a little
Dude doesn't wakes up, doesn't remember his name
thinks he's a Japanese traveler...
shows good reflexes when pipes fall
scientist says it's his hidden instinct to not step on that rat
So the woman who voices Clo also did Chloe (Noir), Rimelda (Madlax), and Jody (El Cazador) - other Bee Train works w/ guns
...and Becky in Gunsmith Cats & Yuki Soma in Fruits Basket as well?
Dagger duel!
Masked girl: "Come at me with all you've got...if you don't want to die."
Fine touches: I see blood on the edge of her dagger.
Ah, yes. Gun cocking sounds at eyecatches.
Your kick was so powerful it knocked my shirt off! And also awakened my strength!
Girl wondering in her thoughts: "What is freedom when you have to kill people for it?"
Dude leaves warehouse and sees desert all around him
She is Ein, he is Zwei - it's that easy. (Drei, Vier, Fünf...)
"He is certainly a human who was born to join Inferno."
"There's no egg that refuses to hatch nor are there any seeds that refuse to bud."
Heh, Claudia takes slight issue w/ naming scheme
Funi TL'd ojou-san as 'mademoiselle' - it works, I guess
Ein: "We are ghosts that have no places to exist...non-existent phantoms."
Oh, okay so now we're back at the start of the episode.
Ein plays a courteous, cheerful maid when she had to.
Wait, he was just happened to be standing nearby?!
Helicopter explosion!
2 out of 5 organizations in LA have gone under.
Who are those people in the window? Maybe I'll find out soon.
Ending sequence - I was never really keen on ALI PROJECT
(But I liked the horn portion...)

PREVIEW: Episode 2 - "Training"
I'm getting a faint Noir feeling with the different locations - and seeing there will be training in the 2nd episode - but I'm interested in what the Phantom organization's goals are and who their main opponents are/will be.
Posted by calaggie | Jul 19, 2009 2:41 AM | 0 comments
Observational notes taken while watching through Hulu.

Hulu title: "The Hidden Truth"
Subtitles on title card: "Hidden Truths"

Ed discovers Marcoh's house burned down (psst...Lust did it)
Gluttony smells Scar - then encounters him in a sewer
Mustang thinks aloud about politics
Found Scar's jacket in the rubble but not the body
Crowd gathers on bridge, Gluttony & Lust hide among them
"Shimi de!" when Al's asked why he wears his suit of armor
Mountain of books in Sheska's place
Sheska dramas up her introduction
She seems to have a younger voice (not necessarily a bad thing)
"1,000 Type Menus for Today" by Tim Marcoh - bestseller?
In shot of paper: "Make rice harder than usual..."; "Cut carrot in the same way as potatos."
Ed explains Marcoh's encryption
squab could refer to the Green Lion, the philosopher's month?
Sheska eyecatch!
Al praises her memory and tells her to believe in herself
Hughes stops by and ends up hiring Sheska since the 1st branch burned down
Ed throws papers up in frustration, then naps a bit
They cracked the code BUT Ed curses Marcoh, tells Denny & Ross not to tell anyone the secret ingredient (ikita ningen)
Armstrong: "Most suspicious!"
Ed is about to tell Al something but they're interrupted by Armstrong
color coded map!
Armstrong: "This could become a highly political issue."
(Armstrong would be a scary father - so imposing...and strong!)
Barbed-wire fences are no match for the Elric brothers!
Ah, old 48 and 66.
Ed: "I just said I was small!"
"Bingo da ze!"
Ends w/ Al getting attacked from the roof

PREVIEW: There will be a swordfight (I knew that) and a military woman with wavy blonde hair (who?).

Sheska ending image w/ sparkles.
Posted by calaggie | Jul 19, 2009 1:00 AM | 0 comments
June 8th, 2009
Running notes taken while watching through Hulu.

Armstrong accompanies Ed on the train w/ Al among the sheep (like the old series)
Ed saluted Hughes with his left hand because, well, his right was shattered, remember?
Train stops in Dr. Marcoh's village - Armstrong frightens him
I wish I could draw as well as Armstrong can...
"During the Ishvalan civil war" - I have to check if prev. eps had that spelling. They probably did.
"kenja no ishi da"
One of the aliases Marcoh mentions was "The Fifth Element".
Marcoh: "You must not seek after this thing!"
Ed: "I've already gone through hell!"
Off to National Central Library, First Branch!
Pinako sounds a little rougher this time around
"Yeah, sorry. It's all messed up." - casually destructive Ed
That's kind of a cute picture.
Ed's impatient check-in sessions fall flat.
Pinako: "You're almost like his guardian, Al."
Oh no, the missing A-08 screw!
NEXT TIME: Sheska appears! (It is the library, after all.)
Posted by calaggie | Jun 8, 2009 9:56 AM | 0 comments
May 18th, 2009
Running notes taken while watching through Funimation's video portal.

starts out w/ Ed showing Tricia a metal animal
memory turns into nightmare w/ Nina
Hawkeye's eyes seem a little too large w/ respect to her face
Cornello preaches the crowd to fight the government
Lust: "Humans are foolish, miserable creatures."
Envy seems to have a more mature, deeper voice this time (good)
Ed has a pondering moment about alchemy's teachings
Ed: "I thought the rain might wash away some of this gloom from me."
Poor Al can't feel the rain...
It's 4 o'clock! Must be battle time!
Ed: "Damn it, what's this about?! Making enemies is something I've never (facial admission of slight embrassment) really avoided, but there's no reason for anyone to try to kill me!"
Scar: "Alchemists are those who change things from their natural form into something grotesque. That is to say, they profane God, the Creator of all things."
Armstrong throws some punches, unfortunately none land.
"You stupid brother!"
Al: "Intentionally choosing to die is something only someone stupid would do!" (Al should work a suicide hotline.)
ikete, ikete, ikenobete ("Live on, live on and survive!")
Mustang tells a backstory about the Ishabalan incident
Huh, Rush Valley is further west than East City.
There are *counts* EIGHT officers in that room.

Watching the ending credits, actually paused to read the four panel, kinda funny.
But there's a typo in the 2nd panel - "Ok than we'll get together Al!"
Hey, wait, why hasn't Al encountered any cats yet?!?

Preview: Back in Resembool in "Road of Hope"
Argh...I forgot that guy's name! Marcoh...first name *looks it up* oh, it WAS Tim!
Posted by calaggie | May 18, 2009 3:11 AM | 0 comments
May 3rd, 2009
Running notes taken while watching through Funimation's video portal.

Episode 3 "City of Heresy"

- Ah, the street performer joke stayed.
- "Bingo da ze"
- rotating chemical/elemental symbols!
- Cornello seems more menacing in this version
- well, that was a cartoony escape!
- sullen string BGM (15:25-16:37) sounds Eastern European
- Cornello becomes beastly before "hand" of God decks him
- So, there was no mutated bird brother or Ed in chains. I'm fine with those omissions.

Episode 4 "An Alchemist's Anguish"

- I've come to like YUI's opening except for the quick verses in the middle
- oh, a short recap of last episode.
- Basque Grand summons his cannons
- Lt. Yoki and the mining town incident gets covered in a short line reference
- Shou's field: "training biological growth"
- Big dog jumping still there
- Nina is still cute
- That dog Alexander!
- one book is titled "SOLEIL" (sun in French)
- playing in the yard montage
- Basque Grand's death report has non-related writings:
"...arm is still connected to the well as one in the neck...the two victims were. Prior to the mystery that muon the East End scene. East End was the poorest areas in London. In the meat factory, but the foul smell that floated away in a river as carsion and dung, it was from this reg..."
- Ed is more aggressive in his anger against Shou
- five punches before Al stopped his brother
- "We're not devils, let alone gods. We're human." (Funi's sub)
- Scar brings vengeance not in an alley but in his home (at least they died together)

I think the Claus and train incidents are being passed over entirely for the sake of a quicker storyline, which may be for the better.

Next time: Scar faces the brothers directly in "Rain of Sorrows"
Posted by calaggie | May 3, 2009 9:36 PM | 0 comments
April 23rd, 2009
Running notes taken while watching through Funimation's video portal.

I still don't care neither for the opening nor the ending sequences
Ed sounds a little older when he goes to Liore than in FMA2
Trisha sounds good in her segment before dying
1878-1904 - she was about 26 when she died?
Ah, the "I hate milk" bickering.
Al is too excited about stew for dinner than he should be...
The listing of human "ingredients" seems to be the same.
"Aru? Are?" (Al? Huh?)
"Welcome, you stupid fool who doesn't know his place" (Funi sub)
Less fog is welcome in seeing Ed's injuries and the monster - another instance where I prefer the cleaner style
report includes "using the mysterious alchemy" in English
1st Xing (zing) mention!
Roy: "Oh, they've seen hell. Both of them, and plenty of it."
Awkward moment between Riza and young Winry
Winry's face looks a little off to me
Intercutting between Riza and Roy's dialogue
Riza has "someone she has to protect"
A bit of the same feeling with Riza's 4 yrs earlier face as I had with young Winry
Wrench to the head!
"I'm okay with being uncharming. I'm okay with being a gearhead."
Preview: Roze has darker red in her highlight
Posted by calaggie | Apr 23, 2009 10:15 AM | 0 comments
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