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Dec 7, 2017 8:22 AM
Anime Relations: Hibike! Euphonium
I'm not an easily impressionable person, i try my best to think twice before taking action, which i'll admit, can be a burden most of the time. Why? Because this also means i think everything through before speaking to someone.
I'm a really timid individual, and whenever i want to comunicate with someone, i think of every possible comment i could make and how the other person would react.
This doesn't happen nearly as much online, thanks to the bliss that is anonymity, but i digress.

The point is that it's hard to drag me into something because of a show, yet recently, i've been watching more and more slice of life anime, and among those, the beauty that is Hibike! Euphonium.
You can probably predict where i'm going with this. In my apreciation for the show i have considered playing the trumpet.
Yes, the trumpet.

Now, maybe it's because i had always wanted to play an instrument and that show was just the drop that spilled the glass, but still, nothing like that had ever happened to me. At least not since i was a kid and started playin the ocarina because of Zelda, or when i started playing Yugioh because of... Well, Yugioh.

It struck me as strange at first. Since i was young i had wanted to play the guitar and the violin, but with this show it's like i took a 180 degree turn.

It makes sense when you really think about it though.
I have a very bad left hand coordination, and it's not something i could remedy with practice.
I have undergone surgery multiple times, often in the cerebelus, which is the part of our brain which handles balance and coordination. These operations left me with severe sequels, and so, for as much as i would like to play the guitar, i would never really get good at it.
The trumpet, and other wind instruments, are a whole different story though. Yes, they also require coordination, but i can choose to use my right hand instead.

My right hand coordination is nearly flawless, so the trumpet would be a perfect match for me.

Where am i going with this? I am thinking of getting a trumpet. I think they sound nice, and as i said, it wouldn't be half as frustrating as playing the guitar. BUT (There's always a but) i am hesitant to do so because at its core; am i not simply buying one because of a show i watched?
Thinking about it makes me feel embarrasad.

I'll probably end up buying one anyway, my parents always try to persuade me into playing an instrument (Let's see if they still think that way once i practice loudly 24/7), but i still feel quite silly thinking about it.
Posted by Mateo3112 | Dec 7, 2017 8:22 AM | 2 comments
Wakerofthewind | Dec 7, 2017 2:40 PM
good luck with your trumpet!

so, when i was a kid i used to take figure skating lessons until i lost interest and stopped around 4th grade. When Yuri on Ice came out around my freshman year of high school ( i think ) it really inspired me to start skating again! all my motivation is back and i skate 5 hours a week with my best friend! i'm so glad i started again. I've been practicing really hard and can now do various spins, jumps, and maneuvers.
xtrapsp | Dec 7, 2017 8:38 AM
Can definitely say I have started a hobby due to an interest of mine.

I started My E-Store (Link at the bottom) due to my interest in Anime and going to MCM in London!

Alternatively, all though it's not anime directly. Shogun Total War got me interested in Japanese Culture and since then I've been watch Sub over Dub and also have an hour a week lesson in learning to speak Japanese!