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Dec 7, 2017 7:30 AM
Anime Relations: Mahoutsukai Precure!, Mahoutsukai Precure! Movie: Kiseki no Henshin! Cure Mofurun!
This is the Four-hundredth-seventy-first week of using the "Perfect Anime Girl Sheet". Notice: This Blog may contain Unmarked Spoilers.

Welcome back, my dear readers. To catch you up a little, we've been going through the girls of Maho Girls Precure. Last week we did Mirai and we did Riko a few weeks back as well.

: Blame Topaz keeping up with traditions and sliding a Touhou blog in there.

I'm sure my fans enjoyed it. Anyway, as I promised this week we'll be looking at-

: ME!

: Calm down, Kotoha. Don't interrupt Topaz when he's talking. That's rude.

: *pouting* Haaaa~.

Don't worry. It keeps me from having to introduce her.

: Didn't you already say that you were going to do her last week though? Plus you have to put that one template first.

Good point about-wait, how did you know about that?

: I read my blog, at least.

: It isn't often that a girl reads her blog after Topaz does it. Usually they just pay attention during the blog.

: But I was just so excited about Kotoha's blog that I wanted to read my own!

: Looks like you've got a fan of your blog, Topaz.

If she was that excited she should have read Zettai's blog about Kotoha first. It's no doubt better than mine since he likes Kotoha more.

: Do not worry, I will appreciate you doing my blog just as much. And I made sure to reward Zettai in ways that showed my appreciation too <3.

Sexy! But before we get too distracted let's begin by saying...


: I go by many names it seems, haaa~

That's right. Though I can't remember if I put the Cure names in the title as well.

: You didn't for us, so I'm guessing that you don't.

: Or you might have stopped a while ago and just not do it anymore.

Both are good solutions. Either way it's time that we start talking about Kotoha!

Hair: Kotoha has surprisingly lovely hair. While not a color I usually like her light pink hair looks very nice and fits well with her green hairband. The flowers on the hairband are also a nice touch. The style is also quite nice, with her sides and back reaching about to her chest or so (though in her younger forms she had shorter hair). Her hair also has great volume and looks very great. I'm not a huge fan of the exposed forehead, but the arched bangs with curved ends are cool (even if they make me think of a mustache). As Cure Felice her hair becomes much longer (reaching her knees or so) and her hairstyle becomes braided in heart-shaped braids. She also has a circlet around her forehead and butterflies, but like with her civilian form her forehead is exposed. Overall Kotoha does well, and while she has an exposed forehead her voluminous and long hair helps a lot.
Grade: B

Eyes: Kotoha also has lovely eyes. They are green which are nice and match her Cure colors as well. Her eyes are also very pretty, even though they are a tarame. She has a small amount of eyelashes, which become more pronounced as Cure Felice (which I like as they're in the corners in her eyes). That said, as a fairy as well as Cure Felice she does have a pink flower in her eyes. I'm not a big fan of that, but luckily it's not all the time. It also matches the flower theme she has, which I like. Kotoha could do better, especially since she could use glasses.
Grade: B-

Face: Kotoha's face is like the other two. This means that she's extremely cute and I like how she has a small nose and mostly small features. It isn't quite a dot nose, but fairly close. She also has a lot of cute expressions, especially with how cheerful her wide smiles are. Overall she does great here.
Grade: A

: Ha~ This is very similar to Zettai's blog though with some minor things changed!

That is a good way to look at it. Are you enjoying yourself here too?

: Of course! Everywhere is a fun time! Though speaking about Zettai reminds me of something...

: His blog?

: Perhaps, but I mean a much more recent occasion...

: And that's the type of night I had!

*Riko and Mirai both have red faces, though Ririchiyo and Topaz seem not as affected.*

: W-well, we won't say too much against it, but do be careful with other men, Kotoha.

: Indeed. Though I suppose that this might mean that you do well in libido.

That would be nice, and she'd do extremely well in other areas if she had that huge ass in canon. Sadly she does not, but that doesn't mean that we can't continue to talk about her.

: Hey wait a minute. Don't think that you can mention fanservice without talking about your own!

What are you talking about?

: Don't you remember? That beautiful girl Aika brought you that one useless discipline girl Rin or something.

Ririchiyo, we've been here the whole week. If there was a girl waiting for us at the house I wouldn't know...

: I suppose that's fine then. But then how did Kotoha get to Spain and back so quickly?



: I hate how that's both a cop-out and a reasonable answer considering the girl...

Don't worry too hard about it. But do know that we'll be getting back to Kotoha's blog now!

Build: Kotoha has a fairly standard body for a teen girl in a series targeted to young girls. She's pretty slender and doesn't show off too much either. Well, I suppose that she shows off her legs but they are pretty meh. Probably the best moment of Kotoha in a sexy moment is when she got stuck trying to slide through some bars. This means that her ass is bigger than she realized, and it got quite a bit of fanart as well. Kotoha also has a very large giantess form that's used late in the series, but it's too big for my liking. Oh, and speaking of alternate forms I should mention that early on Kotoha/Ha-chan had a much smaller infant/child like fairy body. I'm not counting that though, just her normal teen-sized body. It's not too bad, but she could have used sexier moments (which, being fair, aren't usually in shows for young girls).
Grade: C+

Chest: Like in the previous area, as well as Riko and Mirai before her, Kotoha doesn't have much to speak about here. Her chest isn't shown off, and she's mostly flat like the others.
Grade: C

Clothes: Kotoha does a lot better here. She has a cute default dress with a ruffled blouse and blue/yellow skirt. She also wears school uniforms like the other two, with the witch-like one again standing out well. During the beach episode she wears a bikini that shows her navel which isn't bad, but otherwise it's not great. Mostly due to the frilly skirt. She wears a better swimsuit with inner tube in an image for a calendar, and there's also a Christmas dress image as well. Felice is pretty cool, with a poofy skirt with flowers, cool looking legwear, and cute sleeves. I'm not a big fan of the rose on her chest as it brings a bit too much attention to that part. Sadly she doesn't get quite the variety that the other two Cures do, with their various gemstone transformations. There's also the very many outfits Ha-chan wore as a fairy, such as a thunder god, a unicorn, an UFO, and many other cute things that she also got the special abilities of. Overall Kotoha does quite well for the type of series she's in but I wouldn't have complained if she had more outfits xD.
Grade: B-

: HAAA~ If only the clothing I wore for Zettai counted for my score. Sadly the blog only counts canon things.

Exactly-wait, what outfits?

: Well, I'm glad that you asked...

: I'm not. It just means more fanservice scenes. Haven't we had enough of those?

We can never have enough fanservice scenes. Anyway, as you were saying...

: And then the spell ended and I felt really silly!

I can understand that. I imagine that Zettai enjoyed it quite a bit.

: Indeed. Though I'm more glad that he changed back.

Of course! Now, how about we get back to the blog?

Personality: Kotoha is a fairly complicated character. She starts out being born from a flower early on, and lives as an infant that lives inside the smartome. She is then taken care of like a baby (which she is), but after using more of her power she eventually returns as a teen (though she does have a few more steps before that, with older forms and such). When she returns she can also turn into Cure Felice, being the third member of the Cures. She also has the power of a divine goddess, and can do a lot of magic that people thought previously was impossible.
Overall Kotoha is a great cheerful girl. She has a great love of having fun, though sometimes Mirai and Riko scold her for misusing her magic too much. Though those moments were funny, as was her mischief in her younger form. She did well in her Cure form, though the problem is that she only had two real attacks and one was a shield (it may be due to not having as many gemstones as the other girls, which is kinda a shame). She's quite a cute girl, and I like her cute Ha~ verbal tic too. Oh, I should probably mention that Kotoha's VA is Saori Hayami who does an amazing job as she often does. Maho girls just has a great vocal cast, it's really awesome!
Grade: B

Libido: Unlike the previous two Cures Kotoha really doesn't show much libido. She's the third member of the trio and tends to seem more like a child with the other two being her parents. She sadly doesn't even get a love note or anything as that would have been cute. Overall she sadly lacks shipping and is a very innocent girl for this area.
Grade: C

Age: Kotoha's age is quite complicated. Technically she was born in the series a a fairy child. She then ages up through the first half, eventually ending up being about middle school age after the first big bad. It's possible that she's a lolihag, but that's because it's implied that she's the reincarnation of a goddess. I don't really understand if that makes her really old or not, so I'm just using her main teen age to go off of. She also doesn't change much during the time skip, probably because she's a fairy but still. Kotoha is older-looking as a Cure. Being fair the other two are similar, but Kotoha in particular is noticeable as during the transformation there's a sequence where it shows her in various age stages. Finally, her fan-accepted birthday seems to be December 3rd, the date that a toy based off what she was contained inside (the Smarttome) came out in real life.
Grade: C

Total Grades: 62
Average score: 6.8
Final Grade: B-

And that's the blog for the week. What do you think about that?

: Haaaa~ It's unfortunate that Riko and Mirai both scored higher than me!

In all fairness it's mostly their higher libidos that helped out. Well, and I really like Riko's design as well. She's a great Cure.

: O-of course I am. This was all thanks to my calculations.

: And it's good to be blogged as well. Thank you for having us.

Thank you for coming here. And also for saving me from a giant fire elemental.

: That sounds like loads of fun! Why wasn't I called?

Because these two were here for a fashion show anyway.

: Wait! That's a good point. Kotoha hasn't had her transformation or attack video.

Good point! Let's have them right now, before she leaves.

: Haaa~ Such good videos. And now, we shall bid goodbye!

See you girls when I need you next!

: Fortunately it won't be for a while. Not that we see you, I mean as far as I don't want action anytime soon.

*The three girls understand and wave. They then get on their brooms and fly off. Ririchiyo takes a deep breath.*

: Well, now that the after-battle is done what are we going to do now?

I think we should go home. Then after relaxing for the week during next week's blog we'll search out the next girl.

: Oh? I'm surprised that you have a girl in mind.

That I do.

: Any clues?

What do you have under your skirt?

*Riri hits Topaz with a fan, blushing a lot. A lump forms, but no damage is done.*

: You know not to talk about that during the blog!

This does have something to do with the girl though!

: What, does the girl have a fat loli ass or something?

Sadly no. I meant more what you're WEARING under the skirt!

*Riri hits Topaz again. Another lump emerges.*

: You know the answer to that! Stop being perverse!

Just tell the audience, Riri!

: S-spats... *blush*

*Topaz seems surprised.*

And nothing underneath?

*Topaz gets a third lump.*

: Stop bringing up perverse things, Topaz! What, are you wanting fanservice for yourself now?

Nonsense. *Sigh* Seems I can't make that comment. For an easier time, think of a certain pair of Angel sisters.

: Angel sisters?

Right. And one of them has a somewhat-Christmas-y name. More specifically what you hang by the fireplace. Next week is her blonde sister.

: Ah! Now I understand what you were trying to do.

*Riri smacks Topaz for a fourth time.*

Ow! Well, not that I took damage but still. What was that for?

: For making such a roundabout reference that ended up not working. *Sigh* But at least you have a grasp on who you'll be doing next week. Do be sure to join us, readers!
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