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February 25th, 2013
Anime Relations: Clannad, Sword Art Online
So I've been trying to decide, which is my favorite series so far. Be it that my list is still rather short since I started only recently, my decision is between Clannad and Sword Art Online. Clannad has the advantage in that it's already completed. I like SAO now but perhaps won't enjoy the next season. Hard decision.

I hesitated at first on watching Clannad. I didnt think an anime without action would be fun to watch, but a couple episodes in I was hooked. Made me laugh so many times. After story made me cry like nothing else has before lol. I didnt like the ending or the whole supernatural part of the series, personally it felt out of place. It's the series though that made me realize how great these stories could be. One more and last problem I had with Clannad was the lack of a kiss. You always cheer for them to get their kiss, but it never happens until the OVA but that's in a different reality so it doesn't count lol

Then there's SAO. Being a gamer myself, I admit I've fantasizes about being within the world of the game. The first episode was great. Hooked me instantly. I love the music, the score the scenery. It really got good for me when Kirito and Asuna began to get closer. I love the fights as well, especially when the dual wielding kicks in and also the great team work between kirito and Asuna. oh and yes they do kiss, I don't know if it's debatable or not but I believe they did more than just kiss as well. The first arc did feel like it ended too suddenly but thankfully I did enjoy the rest of it too. I don't read manga so I don't know what happens afterwards, I'm simply waiting for the second season. SAO lead me to watch Accel World, that's a whole different topic but I do enjoy when two series share a connection. I'm not good with Japanese names but black lotus, her character, I enjoyed Accel World a lot more assuming shes the daughter of who many theorize she is. Even if in the end she isn't, I'm just going to make myself believe she is lol

Anyways back on point, Clannad or SAO? I feel like I can't say definitively until SAO is completed. one last quick side note, I think if Angel Beats had been longer I would have added it to this decision.
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