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October 31st, 2013
Anime Relations: Bleach
ƸӜƷ ~*Cho Cho Empire Newsletter*~ ƸӜƷ
1.A few new threads have been opened! A lucky number lottery, a AMV of the week, Recommend & Request and a member calendar so check them out!
2.Our club has been open for one month so some cards to celebrate this have been made and added to the thrift shop! Grab them before they are gone!
3.Cards from October have also been added to the thrift shop! Get them while you can!
4. A Birthday thread will be opened sometime in November so watch for it's opening!!
5.Look for a surprise contest that will be opening soon!

|| Member Calendar || AMV of the Week || Lucky Numbers || Thrift Shop || Staff Recruitment || Member Cards || Recommend & Request ||

Upcoming Card Editions:
|| Veterans RE || Dancing SE || Red LE || Snow SE ||
Watch for solo editions as well!

|| Acronym Game || Answer Question with Question || Vanessa's Cursed Doll || Cho Cho Prediction Came
Once in a blue moon a Claim will be opened, so watch for them!

Thank you for reading the newsletter! Have a nice day ^.^

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