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August 11th, 2013
Anime Relations: Sword Art Online
Reviewer : Akai_Tenshi
Review for : Sword Art Online (Anime)
Review URL :

Synopsis : The reviewer is a 20 year old imbecile and even a 2 year old can write a better review.

I am only going to delve it on it a little bit because who can read through the entirety of it.

Akai_Tenshi said:

Speaking of SAO fails…
NPC with admin privileges? Players still alive when your health has dropped to zero?

Oh, yes! Like there can be no special privileges and cheats in a game. Sigh! The whole premise was that the game creator created a backdoor so that people can not log out and you are asking about this. Them being alive when their health reached to zero is something you can fucking comprehend when you take your brains out of your va....

Akai_Tenshi said:

Stats being transferred from one game into another?

What are you hinting at? Is it impossible?If they use the same method for storing and retrieving user data then stats can be easily transferred between them. Nevermind a science fiction porting data from one application to other is possible in this world also. Then I can't assume an asshat to understand this.

Akai_Tenshi said:

Copying your consciousness into a video game server?

Ever heard of science fiction? Considering that the show's premise is based on sci fi elements. I find it hard to believe that you are questioning this and copying your consciousness to machines is a fairly known science fiction element which has been discusses by science fiction enthusiasts and in media quite a lot.

Akai_Tenshi said:

Elfs, goblins, trolls. What the hell!?

it's a game, moron. Do you question that it can contain these elements. Do you not get the point of virtual reality?

Akai_Tenshi said:

Another thing I don’t understand. Why do they need to eat?

They need to eat because in the game it was designed like you have to eat to mantain your health. I mean are you so brain dead that you can't put a simple fact like this in your head that it's a game where you need to fulfill certain conditions to mantain your health and stay alive.

I would have gone into more of it but I am appalled by his stupidity.
Posted by alanwake | Aug 11, 2013 7:54 AM | 3 comments