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February 9th, 2019

Post in here and mention me (User Mention) (@ _Mawaru) if you have any problems with your cards and other stuffs.
Mention me for faster response.
Comments may be deleted once it's done and delivered and to keep this blog clean

> Typo/Incorrect/Wrong username/name.
> Wrong cards.
> Can't access/download/save the cards.
> Cannot find the cards.
> Didn't receive the cards.
> Other stuffs.

[Request Format]
[b]Deliver to?:[/b]
[b]Edition/Post:[/b] (Link the edition and your post)
[b]Problems/Issues?:[/b] (Write your problem / issues here)

Thank you for requesting. Hope to see you again.

Posted by _Mawaru | Feb 9, 4:44 AM | 1 comments
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