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April 9th, 2018

Finally, I have finished all my 2018 winter anime retrospective review so you can click on the links below if you find them interesting in this writing.

I would like to start by saying: I feel accomplished by watching this much anime again in my life after some long years (I am more of a manga reader if you check on my MAL Profile.). So I hope you appreciate the time I put into completing this project.

The Winter Anime Line up for 2018 has a well rounded list of anime genres that you can watch. From Horror to Love Story to Yuri... But for me who is very picky when it comes to what Anime to watch, I had to narrow it down to 11 anime (well 10) that I believe now that is worth my time:

Fall/Winter Anime

Mahoutsukai no Yome
Comment: Mahoutsukai no Yome is the best anime that I have watched for long years aside from Hunter x Hunter and Bakuman. Everything is magical and filled with discovery on top of the uncanny love story between Chise and Elias.
Score: Perfect 10

Winter Anime

Koi Wa Ameagari
Comment: One of the biggest surprise to me and technically the best winter anime for me this 2018. There is something adorable in watching a 17-year old girl stumble and fall in love with a 45-year old man. Everything about the rain is wonderful and the feelings shown are honest and innocent.
Score: 9.8

Comment: When I thought I could never find a an anime that would have the same feel as Parasyte: The Maxim, I get to watch this wonderful anime,
Score: 9.4

Violet Evergarden
Comment: I know that this anime would be great and I was right! From the stunning visuals and the beautifully written character of Violet. This is surely a treat!
Score: 9

Sora yori mo Tooi Basho
Comment: I was hesitant to watch because of the almost moe like characters, Kana Hanazawa helped me to complete this wonderful coming of age story.
Score: 8.6

Overlord II
Comment: Since season 1 Overlord has been one of those anime that helped innovate the online game genre. This should be an automatic watch for the fans of this genre
Score: 8
Review: Will review the first season soon.

Comment: I was hyped to watch this yuri anime because I love the manga; however, the anime failed to capture the intensity of the manga and relied more on sexualizing the characters more than needed.
Score: 7.4

Junji Ito: Collection
Comment: I already expect the anime to flop since Junji Ito's works could never be truly adapted to a different form of media. If you are not fan of the manga, this is a good way to enter the world of Junji Ito. But if you are a manga reader, watch it with a sack of salt.
Score: 7.4

Ramen Daisuki Koizumi-San
Comment: This is a last minute decision since I have just finished the manga around the time that this anime started airing. It is a good way to boost your appetite before eating a hot bowl of ramen.
Score: 7.2

Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 7
Comment: Surprisingly enjoyable despite of the low score I gave. Light harem online game anime that would take you more on the fun of sub quests rather than focus on the main quests.
Score: 7.2

Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card-hen
Comment: Practically watched this due to nostalgia but it did not hold up enough to my taste. That is why it is currently on hold.
Review: None. On hold.

So that's it. I hope this helped you choose which anime to binge watch which is the point of this whole writing.

I hope that you follow me again as I have my retrospective review after the spring anime finishes.

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April 8th, 2018
Let me just get it off the bat that if you are looking for any Boku no Hero Academia Season 3 in this writing, I would need to apologize since I'm not going to watch it this season. I have not even started on season 1 yet, and this goes the same for Shokugeki no Souma. Yes I know how great and awesome it is but I can't binge watch a series like I can binge read it's manga (Yes I am updated in the manga and already on chapter 178 already in this blog entry)

This is my take on the first week of the #SpringAnime2018 line up my general impression and decision whether to continue on the series or just dropping it. I'm personally going to get strict on the things I would watch to only those that really entertains me or piques my interest since I don't have time to watch everything because of work. If the series has a meh or almost impression for me it would still get dropped.

I hope that this would hopefully help you decide better on what to watch this spring season 2018. I will go in the order that I have watched them:

Mahou Shoujo Ore - Dropped after 2 episodes
Magical Girls that turns into a muscular man version of themselves to combat muscular enemies. Imagine Bisuke from Hunter x Hunter having her own spin off series that is luck luster and filled with slap stick comedy.
Reason for Dropping: This anime although creative and funny with its approach to the magical girl genre, going with the comedic and "ore" approach still lacks substance.

Gegege no Kitarou (2018) - Dropped after the first episode
This a long running series masterpiece that follows kitarou and his eyeball dad to combat youkai that threatens the world's balance. Imagine Yu yu Hakushou in a more youkai watch-esque aesthetics. Oh yeah Kitarou uses a finger gun as well (I'm guessing he used it first than Yusuke).
Reason for Dropping: I love the manga, this anime is updated for the newer audience; however, since I already have an idea what will happen in the story, I just lost interest.

Souten no Ken Re:Genesis - Dropped after the first episode
Fist of the north star, one of the most bad ass story and protagonist ever presented to us. This is somewhat of a successor to this story that uses full 3D CGI graphics instead of the traditional 2D art.
Reason for Dropping: No to lifeless 3D CGI!!! You've hurt Berserk already! Note: Houseki no Kuni is the best anime to watch with the 3D CGI technique being used flawlessly.

Lupin III: Part V - Dropped after the first episode
We all know who Lupin is and this story focuses on his gang being on the short end of the stick again, and this time his enemy is the whole world who participate in the millennial game of hide and seak.
Reason for Dropping: I know that this series would be a fun filled adventure that uses witty plot twist and great writing. But I've already watch too much lupin when I was young, so I'll stick with the movies or specials instead.

Tachibanakan Triangle - Dropped after the first episode
A 3-5 minute long short about a moe girl that came back to her hometown to study in highchool and staying in a dormitory which suggestively tells us that a lot of yuri ecchi stuff would happen.
Reason for Dropping: 3 minutes waste of time. I could not get the point of the story, if it's fan service I could not feel it. If it is titillation, it's not there. It has no identity and confusing.

Tada-kun wa Koi wo Shinai - Watching
It is a story about Tada who does not know about love, and the quirky Teresa from Luxembourg who always bumps into each other like they are being drawn together link magnets.
Reason for Watching: Every season I wanted to watch a romance and this one perfectly matches my taste, and like what I've said on my tweet before: This is my spring Koi wa Ameagari no you ni.

Tokyo Ghoul:re - Watching
The third season of a highly anticipated series. This time the focus is on the Ghoul investigators rather than ghouls. Stunning action packed scenes and a story that told almost similar to the first season with the idea of the second season in mind.
Reason for Watching: I've been reading the manga and I'm really interested on why its anime are being adapted the way they are especially with the controversial Root A. I'm looking how this would turn out.

3D Kanojo: Real Girl - Watching
Hikari, an otaku guy that incidentally cross paths with Iroha, a straightforward yet mysterious girl who in turn causes the monotonous life of the otaku to move in different directions a he learns more about the quirks of Iroha.
Reason for Watching: Upon watching the first episode, I believe that this would be a surprise love story for me as it was not initially in my watch list for spring 2018. Iroha's character is simply irresistible.

Comic Girls - Dropped after the first episode.
A group of all girl mangakas staying in a dormitory with the intention of growing and helping each other to improve each other strengths and most of all rectify each other's weaknesses.
Reason for Dropping: I kind of like it for the light hearted story even of I am not really a fan of moe animation. However, my Bakuman nostalgia can only be satisfied with Bakuman

Megalo Box - Watching
An underground Megalo Box fighter that wishes to fight a real megalo boxing match without the dirt of predetermined cash grabbing matches set in a seemingly dystopian world.
Reason for Watching: Megalo Box is something that you know would be great the moment you saw it, and it did not disappoint. It is one of the anime in my watch list that satisfied the hype for me.

Saredo Tsumibito wa Ryuu to Odoru - Dropped not even finishing the first episode
Reason for Dropping: It uses a lot of troupes from mainstream anime that it had lost its identity. It is like Fairy Tail set in a post apocalyptic future.

Hinamatsuri - Watching
A mysterious Psychokinetic girl that magically transported of to the room of Nitta, a yakuza member. Comedic chaos ensues after Nitta realeased Hina from the cockroach egg like pod where she was kept in.
Reason for Watching: I was hesitant at first to add this on my watch list, but I don't know it has that weird charm that when I watched it, I wanted to watch more of Nitta and Hina's misadventures that is so entertaining.

Persona 5 the Animation - Dropped
An omage to the latest persona game wherein a group of people awakens their personas and becoming the vigilantes: Phantom Thieves of Hearts.
Reason for Dropping: I'm not a huge fan of Persona games but I think the story is best consumed in game format the watch the anime for more content.

Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online - Dropped
A spinoff of the original SAO set in the game universe of GGO a PUBG/Fortnite like game wherein players fight for survival. You would follow the story of not Kirito but a chibi girl player who is a full grown lady in real life in her adventure in the world of tactical battles.
Reason for Dropping: I guess same reason for dropping SAO II. I'm not a fan of shooters and the military genre is also unappealing for me. However, if you are the opposite of me then you would love this Anime.

Mahou Shoujo Site - Watching
Aya is girl who gets bullied by her older brother in her house and her classmates in school. One day she encountered a surreal website that gives girls magical powers.
Reason for Watching: One of the biggest surprises for me as of the moment since I have watch Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica but I was disappointed by it. However, Site is something the would be great... well that is what I hope it to be going to the following episodes.

So that's it. My impression on the 2018 Spring Line up on its first week. What do you think? This is solely my opinion, and I hope you share yours as well maybe I can go back to the dropped anime and give them a shot for spring.

I am still waiting for the no. 1 anime I am hyped to watch which is Steins;Gate 0.
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