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November 27th, 2013
Anime Relations: Binbougami ga!
Okay I know it says top ten, but when people ask me what are my top ten fav anime this is how it looks. their are just so meny anime i redeamed equal in 1st and 3rd place this list becomes more like a top 20 with loads of anime joint 3rd and don't insult me for placing something that isn't an anime on this list cuase i enjoyed watching it just as much and reguard it as in the same class as these anime.

My top ten anime

Contents for first place are as followed

Kannon 2006 prefers language English. This is mostly because they did such a good job of dubbing it. I laughed I cried and when laughed some more there’s just so many good parts its great.

Clannad just like kannon although the second season makes you cry the first season was great and the English dub could have been done slightly better but I still love it.

Angel beats okay although these three are all written by the same guy etc there all really funny so funny and heart felt you can see why I love them, here again the English dub is great. I still laugh my head off at so many points plus the main male character is my favorite character ever.

Tengan Toppa Gurren lagan the English dub is great even I’ll still say it is the funniest anime there is that has great action and story episode 6 was only aired after 10pm in Japan they made an episode for all the kids who couldn’t stay up that late which sucks but still great to watch in English.

Is this a zombie? This is another one there the English dubbed had me laughing and not just that at the story and the plot twists were great not only is the main character a zombie he’s magical cross dresser girl too he’s easily one my five favorite characters.

Mayo Chiki although it’s only in English sub I loved every part of it I’ll really hate it if next year they bring it out on blue ray with English dub.

In Second place by itself is Fairytail although not as adult as the manga is still great with each part better than the last you just want to keep watching more and more. All the character s are great and the story just makes you want to cheer them all the way as it keeps you on the edge of your seat.

The contenders for third place are,

Sanakana or my zombie girlfriend as some people know it is basically about a girl who gets turned into a zombie and still wants to try and have a normal life but now that she’s a zombie her life will be anything but normal can’t wait for the second season.

Good luck girl yet another great anime with loads of laughs and action an anime that has so much good luck she is actually sucking the good luck out of those around her. Enter the porenty gods who restore balance to the world with out killing anyone but good girl is just going to let the god waltz up and suck who good luck out with out a fight she wants to give her good luck back to those round her. This is a great anime which have repeat made me burst out laughing even the cameos and Mick taking out of other well known anime and the great English dub is just a few reasons why I want to buy it. It really made my day.

Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood the English dub is great although it could have done with more romance moments and ecchi love triangle etc it’s still great to watch. I laughed, I cried and loved the story, even though I dis it at first cause they just finished bring out full metal alchemist this one is better in every way.

Hangai (I don’t have many friends) the English dub just makes this comedy rule so much that I just if to say something.

Full metal panic although this is mostly because fummffo is just a great laugh the English dub is great and Sasuke is such a funny guy plus the ecchi moments are just great.

Line barrels of iron although the intro song is the worse song I’ve herd yet don’t let that put you off watching this great anime although it’s a lot like full metal panic.

Kenlchi the mightiest disciple this is another one where everything is great and the English dub is well done the final fight episodes are my favoutie with kenlchi’s line s while pretending to be all the different masters the best part.

Avatar the last air bender legend of Anng I do not care if you say it’s not an anime it makes no difference to me what countries' market it was intended for it’s still a great animated TV series that has a laugh in every episode which I loved the English dub is easily the best even though you can watch it in French, German and Spanish plus there is no Japanese even though there is a Chinese and Korean.

Yamada’s first time the English dub is great and it’s the whole censorship of background stuff the story and all the ecchi comedy moments is what I loved about it.

A certain magical index this is another one where the English dub makes it easier to understand although it can be hard to follow at times I still loved watching it.

Heaven’s lost property although it’s more ecchi comedy than anything and the English dub is just adds to the laughter and fun of watching this insanely prevy anime.

Blue exoist another great action comedy anime which has a great English dub.

Girl’s bravo another anime which I loved and the English dub makes the jokes better.

Planetes although it’s based in the future it’s realism that makes it one for the list and the English dub is great.

Freedom although it’s only seven episodes the style the story is great and the English dub is too.

Baka and test summon the beasts this crazy love/satergie comedy is great fun which the English dub make better so you didn’t if to keep pausing just to watch it.

Black lagoon has a great English dub the action just makes me want to watch it again and again.

The world god only knows with a great English dub this love comedy will always has a place on this list.

Summer wars although this is a movie and not a TV series it great fun and the English dub is great.

Transforms the animated movie although the TV series wasn’t that great the movie is one of my favorite anime of all time with voice actors form star trek and the lines of character, plus the music the action. This was the first anime I ever watched and I still love it even after 23 years.

Nyan koi although only in Japanese the story and the comedy is just great.

Kannagi although there’s no English dub you feel there should be its great, funny and interesting story is great fun to watch.

Waiting in the summer although it’s a romance drama it’s great fun to watch even if it’s only in English sub.

To love ru. This insanely funny love comedy is just another that should have been English dub just so you don’t if to pause while you laugh your head off.

Amagami ss although it’s only English sub the short stories of how he falls in love with each different girl is great fun, it’s one of the few purely romance anime that make it on this list.

Hatsukoi limited although again only in English sub it’s a great romance anime which made the list.

Toradora another love comedy that should have been English dub I wish I could of mentioned it earlier but I sorted all the joint thirds into English dubs first.

Oreimo (or as we know it I can’t believe my little sister can be this cute) this anime touched my heart and even though it’s only in English dub its great.

Honorable mention GTO great teacher Onizukia although the English dub is something to be desired it’s what it’s about which makes me want to mention it.

Other honorable mentions mar, Vandread, High school dxd, Chobits, Kaze no stigma, Tokyo majin, Tenchi muyo, Desert punk, Tales of v. Omamori Himari, Persona 4, Ghost in the shell, Panty stocking and glabelt, MM!, Spice and wolf, Kaichou WA Maid-sama, OKamisan, Seto no hanymane, Zero no Tsukaima (in fact all but the forth season of zero are great), Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu, Rosario vampire, School rumble, Maria†Holic, Inukumi, Green Green, Kids on the slope, Mashiroiro Symphony ~ The Color of Lovers, Suzuka, Lovely complex, Samurai Harem Teen titans and Megas xlr.

Ones to keep an eye out. 11 Eyes, My Teen Romantic Comedy, Bakemonogatari. Tonagura, Carnival Phantasm, Princess Lover.

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January 23rd, 2012
I love Japanese music it’s a shame being in a country diverse as this one and we still don’t get to hear Japanese music on the radio. I just love how they use both English and Japanese words in their songs, kind of like a fusion of Japanese and English. Also if your reading this on my sorry I messed up my order lol

Black cat volumes 1-3 4.5/5 this time I see what all the fuss is about is.

Punch volumes 1-3 4/5 Rie Takada’s best one yet it a shame it’s loses a point for being short and I wanted to see them duke it out at the end and not have two half baked love stories I guess my ideal manga is about 5-12 books long o well.

Gentleman’s Alliance volume 1 4/5 an all to convent high school love story. Would have been nice if he was really gay when she would if to steal him.

Maru-puru volume 1-3 4/5 boy prince from another world. when put in darkness grows up and that’s only the start of her problems.

Fallen Vampire volumes 1-4 4/5 the vamp king is trying to find the queen. the humans, dvampires and the black swan try and stop him. But this time round the black swan betrays the humans and decides to help the king this could get interesting.
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With Christmas just around the corner my family went to Vancouver to pick up my brother. While in Vancouver we did some last minute shopping or I did, anyway we were in Metro town on the top floor after the cinema there’s this anime and manga shop called Sakura and they were selling manga books at the American price and giving a further 10% off that day so I spent quite a bit there anyway here another 5 I was reading them in chapters when read girl meets girl in Sakura Sakura doesn’t like people reading there books oppsee.

Straight to the Head volume 1 4/5 strange name for a love story during the warring states era of Japan. loads of cute animals.

Kashimashi, Girl meets girl volume 1-5 5/5 great story and jokes, so goes on my to get list. Watch out for Yuri content.

Pretty face volume 1-6 4.5/5 good story and jokes. Boy gets into a bad accident doctor brings him back, but as a girl. Now how he’s supposed to get the girl?

Welcome to the N.H.K. volume 1-3 5/5 great story and jokes. Some content and jokes makes it ideal for older teens. The anime is crazier.

Rayearth volume 1-2 5/5 the great Clamp classic, good jokes and story in excellent Clamp style for some reason one of the jokes was blanked out. Probably to keep it for all ages maybe. (Where Umi calls cliff a pervert) but they don’t miss it out in the dark horse version and that has colour inserts too.
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You know how you sometimes pick up on things which they done wrong in anime? I spotted one a few days ago I was watching bleach episode 39 how did orange top do a cut like that if he went upwards? I wonder if anyone else notice this? Anyway here’s another 5.

Good Witch of the West volume 3 4/5 A 17th century mostly girls school with a peaking order and of course magic, good drawing and action plus a bit of Yuri.

Genshiken volumes 1-2 3/5 a manga about a high school manga club and older content matter.

Fall in Love like a Comic volume 1-2 4/5 great jokes and story and you learn a bit about how to do manga as we read though the story I wonder if it does help to have experience? Shame there’s only 2 volumes maybe her next one will be longer, loses a point for that and for not being plot twisting enough.

The World Exists for me volume 2 4/5 good action and story wouldn’t mind reading more.

Wallflower volume 1-4 4/5 the girl I reckon should have her face drawn in more but it’s his style which isn’t bad, good jokes and story which starts going around and round in circles after volume 4.

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Yay my stuff has arrived from England at last. No problems my manga got here safe and sound. So expect Absolute Boyfriend and Hot Gimmick reviews soon, mean while here’s another 5.

Magical miracle volume 1 4/5 the master wizard has gone missing so to stop the panic a young girl impersonates the master wizard, only she not too good at magic. Good story and jokes.

Rozen Maiden volume 1 4/5 good story and jokes it’s a shame dolls aren’t my style.

Tactics volume 1 3/5 usual stuff about demons and fighting them, but some demons required different tactics such as a demon eating spirits.

Vampire doll volume 1-4 4/5 this time the dark lord has been brought back to life as a hand maiden, so expect cross-dressing and loads of jokes, shame vamps aren’t my style. But this is a must read if you’re a vamp fan.

Ninja high school volume 1-2 4/5 the lets truck everything in manga, still funny with robogirl, stream rangers and many others things from different stories and films from the early 90s.
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Lately I have been watching Tokyo Majin. Which is great, loads of action and a few jokes and great story which I can’t wait to watch more of and love the theme tune, sounds like Sliverstien but it isn’t. Anyway here’s 5 more.

St lunatic high school volume 1-2 4/5 it’s says horror but it’s actually a very funny high school drama if anything, with ghost, demons, and normal people still very funny.

Stand by Youth volume 1-4 5/5 great real life manga that is so true that’s exactly what we’re like sometimes, great jokes and drawing too. Read my review for more info.

Atelier Marie and Elie-Zarlburg Alchemist volume 1-2 4/5 amateur alchemists learn how to become pros. Set in the middle ages with elves and witches and so on but loads of good jokes.

Pixie pop volume 1-2 4/5 girl drinks magical drink which will transform her into what ever she wishes depending on what she drinks, but she wants a boy to notice her over another girl who appears in volume 2 and it gets even more laughs.

Arcana volume 1 4/5 great drawing for a demon hunting story not many jokes.

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