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April 1st, 2018
Anime Relations: Aoi Hana
I use this kind of rating system:

1-3: Garbage/Very Bad/Bad: Pretty damn horrible shows that don't have many things going on for them. I use 3 for shows that while not complete abominations, are pretty bad and not worth watching at all. 2 and 1 are for awful shows with 0 redeeming qualities.
4: Underwhelming/Mediocore: It had some good ideas but their execution was quite flawed. I don't hate these shows, I just think that they had potential that they didn't use correctly thus giving them this score.
5: Average: Not bad, shows that did some things right but at the same time had a lot of flaws too that prevent them from getting a positive score
6: Fine/Decent: Alright shows that I had a good time with. Does quite a few things right,it's enjoyable and all around a nice time-passer.
7: Good: Very good, enjoyable shows that while flawed they are solid and easily worth your time
8: Great: A fantastic show that is greatly made and very enjoyable. It may have some flaws but the amount of thought, heart and effort that was put into it makes it an amazing experience that was so worth it.
9: Amazing: Among the best anime that the medium has to offer. Characters, story, and production are all top-notch. Extremely enjoyable, wonderfully done and nearly perfect with little to no flaws.
10: I haven't used this rating yet and I don't know if I will in the future but if I do use it, it has to be something phenomenal
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