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August 12th, 2015
Hello, a bit about my start with anime.

First you have to know, till a bit less than one year ago i used to be the ignoring kind of human that bashed anime, with stupid reasons, telling that anime is all hentai or the total opposite, cartoons for kids. In my group of friends the anime bashers were with more, so they who watched anime didn't talk about it when we were around.
Anyway, one day i saw the light, my best friend who loves anime downloaded Code Geass on my computer, it stood there for like 2 months untouched, when on a boring day i decided to watch it. It took 2 days, watched both seasons, no sleep. Shortly after i watched No game no life, another masterpiece and that's pretty much how i started to watch anime.

I have to thank my friends who discovered anime by being bored in the lessons of dutch and seeing pictures of death note (in our textbook of Dutch), asking themselves how the story ends. And that's how my best friend started to watch anime, thank god that we had boring lessons but a good textbook :)

First i was ashamed, since most of my friends still considered anime to be childish but eventually i really started to watch anime, i'm still a newbie, i haven't seen that much, but i guess that will change.
Posted by The_Frozen_Neroj | Aug 12, 2015 2:19 AM | 0 comments