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March 14th, 2012
Reading through another Guilty Crown discussion thread, I just couldn't hold back anymore. Everyone keeps mentioning clichés over and over, as if that's such a huge problem. If it is, then how are you even watching anime in the first place? Almost every idea in an anime has been used at least once, and there is NO originality in the series. Of course there are some that are relatively original and independent, but generally, the picture doesn't change from one anime to another.

Bashing an anime for over-used themes (yes, I'm especially concentrating on GC in this case)... Let's face it - every comedy/school/action etc. anime follows the same scenario. Every anime about schoolkids has a school festival, yet no one complains about that. The same way of "accidental" fanservice hasn't changed for years, and nobody ever mentions that! I mean, there's little to no new things in animes, and that's is the truth that we have to face - the pool of ideas isn't endless after all.

Animes that are very similar... Basically every ecchi or harem anime. I used to like some of these, but as I saw more and more, I understood that basically I am just watching the same series over and over, with different character names and sometimes a different setting. Everything else stays the same - ecchi situations, events, character development and even the endings! The typical concept of a "normal highschool boy who meets a mysterious girl, who transfers to his school and pisses off a childhood friend, who thought everything would continue the same way for years" is so over-used that it's not fair to bash only one such anime. Hell, even the very popular animes created by Key are all the same - yet, no one says anything.

I believe that clichés can't be avoided in 2011/2012 and later on. If an author plans to follow a certain genre, then there are always certain developments to follow and add to the series. They just can't be avoided. Over-usage of clichés also isn't special - it can be encountered in almost every anime these days. So here, I finally got it out of myself.
Posted by Terminaato | Mar 14, 2012 3:58 PM | 2 comments