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May 23rd, 2009
Anime Relations: Haibane Renmei
Aw, man. What can I posibly say about this? ... Animation. Animation was not top-notich, but there was never any doubt that it was animated, unlike some titles I can think of. But it was decent, and on parts very good. The colors were bright, almost pastels, but beautiful nonetheless. The character designs were original and very nicely done. The caracters? The best part! Each haibane had their won, individual personality that made them a joy to watch. From Rakka, who became endeared to everyone, to the kids in the Abandoned factory, you could tell each one had a personality and story all their own.

The sotry itself? While ti si simple, it's brilliantly told. Rakka is born into the haibane, and she must overcome her past and help her friend overcome hers in order to stay a Haibane and earn her Day of Flight. This series was adept at pulling every emoition out of you that it could, and the end was both heartwrenching and bittersweet. I loved every minute. I only wish there were more....
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Anime Relations: Kaleido Star
Aw, man. What a great series. The first season was wonderful, heartening, full of warm fuzzies and happiness. Yes, it is a children's show, but I enjoy it! The second season started out on a sourt note, with Sora falling to emotional lows and two unsavory characters (one of which redeemed herself early on by being pretty hilarious) joining the troup. But the series went on and she overcame her hurdles, though seriously about her life, and in the end wound up a true Kaliedo Star. Though the second season was much more serious than the first, it was realistic in it's portrayal of the climb to the top and truly, Sora couldn't have become a star without facing the challenges. I don't think it would have ended as well as it did if Sora hadn't had to go through all she did.

The one sore spot with me was Ken getting the short end of the stick. He never got the chance to ask Sora out (and though I do feel that Leon and Sora had a BIT of chemistry at the end, I still think that Ken would have been better for her- less baggage and more sweetness.) Other than that, it wa great! Great! Great!

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May 17th, 2009
Finished the first season (again)! Record time.... Now, onto the second!
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May 14th, 2009
Well, due to the arrival of this set of DVDs I also began rewatching this. The great thing is I have the time for it because of Summer vaca! (at least until summer school starts...). In any case, got to get started on my next batch of eps!
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May 13th, 2009
Wooo! My order of Princess Tutu arrived today! I'm marathoning the first 13 eps tonight.....
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April 30th, 2009
Anime Relations: Clannad Movie
Okay, I had been curious about this for a while. I never got a chance to see the series, so I figured that this would be a good intro to the Clannad world. And... it was okay.

This movie was definately not for those who are familiar with the world, as it's the entire series, reduced. I did get the rundown, but it seemed rushed- I couldn't get connected to the characters or their stories and struggles the way I could have if it were a series (thank goodnes sit is!). I was introduced to many characters who somehow got involved in Nagisa and Tomoya's lives, but you never get to see how or why they become such good friends.

The artwork is nice, but not movie-quality. On top of that, they use artistic shots for some scenes- freezing it and making it look like a drawing (you know what I mean by that!) or split-screening. For some of the more dramatic scenes it works. For the others, it made the sceene feel disjointed and akward. The music didn't help the matter. It was nothing impressive, using anything from light jazz to simple piano music. Unfortunately the scores they use seem to date the film to a few years earlier than it was actually made.

So while this may be a film for those who are fans of the series, it is not for the uninitiated.
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