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November 1st, 2015
Anime Relations: Dog Days
The teachers give a vague explanation on how to get certain grades for my Drama GCSE; so to get an C, you have to explain the story, to get a B you need to descibe the actors anf their effect. To get an A, you have to be a retarted philospher doing an outstanding work on explaining the actors and their effect. Great tips; just add more positive adjectives on the criteria; don't worry, I know the clear differences for thease scabby grade boundaries.

The most they can help you is by giving you questions for you to answer. This is not enough.
Please request a feature for MAL users to donate some money for other users to discourage the irrational beliefs that wanking is deep, Urobutcher is more than just a tentacle writer and that it is blasphomy upon the god of anime: Roriconfan

Now that would'nt be too bad if the minimal word count for submitting this essay was 2,000 words or more. Trust me; it took me 11 hours to make this...


The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Sky
The Curious incident is a coming of age theatrical play that illustrates a new side of growing up. There is still an abundance of people who are naturally ill in the mind; however, the stories and themes such characters are involved in tend to revolve around the darker side of their humanity. They are neglected from society standards, unable to live a life of any common man or woman and are even killed just because of their fate. This is when The Curious Incident comes along; rather than ‘victimising’ those who stray too far from the majority norms, it instead creates a coming of age story; themes of growing up and deconstructing on what it really means to be part of a valuable thing: a family.
Starting off, we see the dead dog Wellington being nailed down by a pitch fork. This prop sets the mood by asking a few questions: whose dog is this? Why is it there? And most importantly, how did the following events succumb to the killing this animal? The protagonist, Christopher, is soon introduced. We immediately know that he is not just the ordinary teenager as we notice his overreaction from being told off by the dog owner; the fact that he is making such a noticeable groan from being shouted at - while his next to a dead dog, might just imply a division between him and the majority of other people. Further evidence of this behavior is shown when he was soon taken by the police; they asked a few questions, in which he replied a sounding far too formal, monotone and honest when compared to a normal person’s response. He also has an irresistible love for solving problems/mysteries, which could imply his love for mathematics, and why he is so obsessed in finding the killer of Wellington. The audience now has a firm mind that Christopher did not become this way from growing up, since no one would react like he does if they are at his situation, so an instinctive judgment would be to think that there is something different about him at birth.
Afterwards, the audience is introduced by his Dad, Ed. Right of the bat we know he is (simply put) a typically average father. The scene of him conversing to Christopher to get him to stop doing any funny business outside of school and to not snoop around the privacy of other people is clear proof that separated the two characters – Christopher’s actions are not that of an ordinary person, Ed, as his job of a father, tries to cope and simply accepts his situation, so he simply adapts. All of this was suggested without ever making it explicit towards viewers.
It is debated on the identity of Siobhan, on who she exactly is. She is the primary school teacher of Christopher; however, in my view, she seems more likely to be a figment of Christopher’s mind - an imaginary friend; this theory is further embedded when Christopher was building the train tracks and Ed let lose all his anger upon him; Siobhan was clearly visible, yet entirely ignored by Ed. She is a narrator on what is happening to the story, while serving as a guide to some of Christopher’s actions, Christopher is the only one who talks to her despite of other people being there. She is less of a mother-figure, but more in the lines of an observer who tells the audience alternate lines of thought Christopher can take. Her role as an advisor enhances Christopher, since she is a symbol of a normal person, showing Christopher common sense. This is implied when after the moment Christopher recovers from a mental breakdown after reading some letters about his mum. Siobhan’s reaction of making him think first – putting logical thought over emotion – seeing what the best course of action is, gives an alternate mind set of what Christopher could possibly do. She might not have any real purpose for the plot or the characters, but she serves the audience a reminder that Christopher is capable of thinking in a normal person’s mentality. She is quite literally, a physical representation of the audience.
During Christopher’s investigation, he encounters Mrs. Shears an old neighbor of the Boone’s. You see a bit more of Christopher’s character as he describes a square-like cake in the most methodical, scientifically-detailed and dictionary definition as an instinctive form of informal conversation. Christopher has an extremely keen eye (that may be inhuman – suggesting back of the whole autism thing) for such details and it hints a part of his character being portrayed as someone who is far too judgmental. He has immense likes and dislikes as shown that prefers red over yellow; if the cake was yellow, or brown – he will absolutely not eat it. Though he said it in the most blatant way possible (considering that he is this picky) and the reaction of Mrs. Shears sounding rather shocked, means that society does not entirely accept him as such a person, when you consider these very autistic traits.
Speaking of train tracks, they symbolise a logical, one direction only path. Christopher’s high fascination of trains in general, means that he is interested in engineering (his mother stated explicitly that he loves trains and also space, as she also said that he wanted to be an astronaut – all of this happened during a flash back). This suits his character due to his straight forward nature and that he has a love for learning subjects that can take him a point A, to point B. Also, the train tracks also hold another meaning; it is a deliberate metaphor that (because this is happening while he is building the train tracks) is a visual indicator of how much progress he is making in who killed wellington – the destination is the mystery being solved.
As Christopher attempts to solve a mystery on ‘who killed Wellington’ he develops a greater understanding of the relationship between his parents, but not as much compared to normal person; this scene is perfectly shown as he read letters from his mum, he soon pieced together in his head that the two parents were separated – traumatizing to go onto a mental breakdown. As the father (Ed) rushes to Christopher, you see a rather lax man being reduced into a someone in drastic panic, his shouting is a physical manifestation of his rage and disorder and desperation as he wishes to stop Christopher’s panic attack. The scene where he carries Christopher’s whole body is a visual presentation that cares about him, that he is willing and strong enough – despite of his mental collapse – to keep moving on and to portray his love to Christopher as a parent, by showing his understanding.
There are many, many examples when you see a darker side of Christopher’s vulnerability due to his autism; one such notable example is when he is trying to navigate the exact location on where his mum lives. The spontaneous change to a calm-preparing environment in his house to a dizzying light show of massive text, and the ambiguous movement and speed and crowded noise of mechanical-like phrases while Christopher simultaneously goes into a horrendous panic – not by curling inwards, forming an egg shape as if he is trying to hide from the loudness, but instead he remained stood up and made frantic gestures and constantly swiveling the direction of his whole body as if he is a maniac. This portrays Christopher as a more extreme case of being an introvert (referring back to his autism), which is further emphasized by the huge, bold lettering; he sees every detail clearly, yet is extremely oppressed by the amount of information.
After Christopher founded himself on the right train by navigating around the labyrinth of train stops and routes, you see how he adapts to the situation during inside the train itself. One greatly note worthy moment is during the end of his autistic comments of his surroundings, he fell asleep with luggage acting as a bed; soon people grabbed their belongings. What set this scene apart are their reactions: some hurriedly pulled their stuff out – probably due to a tight schedule or stress, others mocked him with comments as if he has a problem and those who do try to be polite, asked him to move a bit – Christopher does not respond. The significance of this part is a presentation of how ordinary people react to Christopher himself. The actions of these people are opinions themselves; furthermore, the overall image of the scene states – in present time, that people are rather mixed deep down; the fact that he is unaware of anything by being asleep means that people can expose their true feelings towards him. Such imagery being used shows a flawed aspect of human nature: we cannot feel comforted with those who are too different from us; those who are outside of what we normally see of out bubble. Unless if there were certain circumstances to be confident when people are outside of their comfort zones, in default, we do not feel right at home when someone like Christopher is at the presence of a normal person.
When Christopher arrives to the house of his mum (Judy) and Roger, one depicting display (later after Christopher met his mum) shows Ed and Judy battling each other out on an argument. Christopher becomes a complete lunatic as his reaction to the situation makes him utterly defenseless, he has nothing to do but shrivel in fear. Going back to when Ed revealed that he was the murderer of Wellington, this same reaction he used with those same words of Ed begging Christopher to understand, is being replaced by an endless, unrelenting argument. The differences between those two scenes are the amounts of tension, and how the two are juxtaposed: with only Ed, is that he tries to alter Christopher’s perspective from the whole ordeal by that of a more normal person. When the two parents are together on the other hand, understanding becomes emotional chaos; Christopher becomes ignored from the uncontrollable fury of noise. Not only has this scene further proved the vulnerability of Christopher during these situations, but it also illustrates a darker side of family relationships. Sometimes, the father and the mother just do not work well together when the disagreement between them is so strong, that they cannot be together.
The play soon comes to an end as Christopher takes up a puppy that was gifted by his Dad. A puppy can be compared to that of a newly born infant, likewise, the puppy symbolises a new beginning. Christopher has finally understood – despite of all the hardship as a highly autistic person, he has matured to a more independent person. The gentle tone of the scene, (after considering all of the events of the play) the light shining above him, all presentations of an overall good ending. He has finally learnt to simply accept societies neglect due to his autism, with him and his parents, the decision of leaving him to be in his own pace, his own world and leaving him for further study in maths for both university and college is all but evidence that this is simply put, the best solution for someone like him.
Despite of the last few sentences of the ending feeling rather open ended (sequel bait), relating back to how the whole play links with mental health, the ending of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Sky has moral to always value your family. Even for someone who is autistic, the adulthood of a child will vary drastically depending on the patents. Especially in Christopher’s case when he has no other influence other than himself or his parents due to him lacking a sense of belonging in any certain group of people, the play emphasises the powerful role of parent, and how it can mould a childs future.


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April 1st, 2015
Anime Relations: Yuri Kuma Arashi
(happy April fools day MAL MODS ^_^)

ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ - GINKO: I WANT MY 8============D BACK!
ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ - LULU: *trying to put it in her clint* Lulu, I'm sorry - I - I just CAAAAN't! Can't you just come to the protagonist that I just forgotten her name without such a complex lube?! You can get one in fucking Pound Land, and where literally in Pound Land!
ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ - GINKO: Well sh!t! LuLu! If I dont have one, I cant get True love! ʕ;ᴥ;ʔ
ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ - LULU: I'll get an octopussss then, just dont move while your trying to contain the Lilly!

Ginko went towards the city docks to find some live octopuss from fish mongers. Soon she founded out that there were none, and soon she stumbled to Life Sexy in a fishermans suit. Not knowing that he really is Life Sexy, Ginko asks if he has a live octopus...

ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ Life Sexy: Shabadadoo
ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ GINKO: Sir, do you know ehre you can find a live octopus?
ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ Life Sexy: Shabadadoo
ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ GINKO: Yeah, great greeting - but I need one noooow!
ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ Life Sexy: Shabadadoo
ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ GINKO: There's no more time! Please! I must have an octopus now!
ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ Life Sexy: Shabadadoo
ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ GINKO: Please! *pleading while crying simultaneously* I'll pay you my virginity, heck! you can do whatever you want with me i.e. bdsm while my nips are being clipped with electricity, putting glass in my mouth etc. etc.
ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ Life Sexy: Shabadadoo

TO BE CONTINUED..........................

PREVIEW FOR EPISODE 14: (because Ikuhara "legitimately" ran out of ideas...)

`-. .-'.
`-. -./.- .-'
-. /_| .-
`-. `/____' .-'.
`-. -./.-""-..- '
`-. /ʕ•ᴥ•ʔʕ•ᴥ•ʔ .-'
- .`/__`-..-'__' .-
,-' ,` . . ', `-,
,-' ________________ `-,
/ /__|_____|_____|___
/ /|_____|_____|_____|_
' /____|_____|_____|_____
.' /__|_____|_____|_____|___
,' /|_____|_____|_____|_____|_
,,---''--...___...--'''--.. /../____|_____|_____|_____|_____ ..--```--...___...--``---,,
) '.:/|_____|_____|_____|_____|_____|_ ( /
) / ) ,':./____|_____|_____|_____|_____|_____ ( /(
/ / ( ( /:../__|_____|_____|_____|_____|_____|___ ) )
| | /.../|_____|_____|_____|_____|_____|_____|_ / / | |
.-. '..:/____|_____|_____|_____|_____|_____|_____ / / / /.-.
(= ) `._.' | :./ _ _ ___ ____ ____ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ___ | `._.' /( =)
(_) ) ./ |/| |__) |___ |___ |___ _X_ _X_ / _|_ ( (_) /
`----' """""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" `----' /
______ __ __ _ __ _ _ __ ________ _____ __/____ /
(= (_ |_ |V||_)|_ |_) |_|(_ / | | |_ | / /-) /
_)_ __)|__| || |__| | |__)___|__|_ | _|_ / /_(_/
/ /
) ) _ _ ( (
( (,-' `-..__ ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ __..-' `-,) )
_.-'' ``-..____ ____..-'' ``-._/
`-._ ``--...____...--'' _.-'
`-.._ _..-'
`-..__ ALT.ASCII-ART __..-'
``-..____ ____..-''

FANBASE: *fap - fap - fap* OHHHH YES! So symbolic!
Chibi: Can't wait to see this!

Watch Yuri Kuma Arashi now, you plebs!
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October 21st, 2014
Weeeell School has been trying to oppress my time for reviews, but any ways:
Not alll reviews, but I will be updating and proofreading errors of my reviews. e.g spell checks, rants etc.
And when I say update, there will also be the new "PERSONAL SCORE: (enjoyment)" and CRITICAL SCORE:" system. The two names explain themselves, critical score means the score of my analysis of the show, and peronal score will only be applied if the critical score does not match my enjoyment, if the enjoyment score is not there, then its most likely due to the two factors being the same, with the same reason.

I am also going to be in Roricon's 2014 seasonal autumn podcast pt.4, see me there!

And if You're too lazy to look through my list, here are all of the Autumn anime I am watching:
-Princess Yona
-Psycho Pass 2
-Shingeki No Bahamut
-Spread Wixxoss
-A good librarian is a good sheperd
-Ore Twintales
-Trinity Seven
-Yuuki Yuna
(parasytes the best show this season btw)
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August 23rd, 2014
Anime Relations: Shinsekai yori
-Making one review a day, I will not be surprised when the 60 or so Anime I have completed all had a review on. It would be very nice if You could recommend an Anime for me to review on. However, the same principle applies. (look at my mechanics paragraph for more detail)

-I'm going back to High School (or as we Brits like to call it, Secondary School) after a months worth of no school. I'm going back around the September 1st, however, I'm still going to make daily Anime Reviews as a very dedicated hobby. The time it takes to make a review for me, is roughly around one hour. But considering that I could get my hands too full, please note that the quality of my reviews could be a little shaky sometimes.

-My review on SSY (Shinsekai Yori) had the "Legacy" feature on it. Yes, this will now go towards all of my current reviews. The legacy feature, is here for me to state my thoughts on what the future of the Anime is going to be looked towards the community. (look at my reviews to get an example of this) However, it would take me another 5-15 minutes to write down the legacy feature, so it may not be implemented if School becomes too rough.

-And yes, I am always willing to accept intelectual criticism and suggestions on how I would make my reviews better. Don't be afraid to comment if You suggest an improvement towards my review...
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