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September 30th, 2017

Step 1:

change theme layout to Modern.

select the theme's 1 and 2 to customize, set the first one as your anime list and the other as your manga list for step 3.

Step 2:

enable Modern Only - Image as well as any other list data that you want shown, selecting too many will cause list data to squeeze together.

Step 3:

copy code below and paste code into "Add Custom CSS" textbox in theme editor
Anime list:
@\import "";
@\import "";
@\import "";
@\import "";
@\import "";
Manga list:
@\import "";
@\import "";
@\import "";
@\import "";
@\import "";

Step 4:

change "ShaggyZE" in the first line of code to your own username else not all the large covers above tags/synopsis will display, then click save.
(this line is optional if you don't want to display large covers)

Step Done:

maltheme.css is the main theme file which contains pretty much everything so it is required where as the other files are optional, if this is the only file used you will want to remove the code in it for displaying covers/synopsis so a blank box doesn't appear and you can use the same theme layout for both anime and manga thus making it only 1 line of code.
(you can also copy/paste the entire code directly into the advanced custom css textbox for easier editing)

maltags.css and maltags2.css are optional, I used for creating the css that contain synopsis's of anime/manga in my own list after the tags. Place the code below inside of a bookmark, visit your all list and scroll down to load the whole list then click the bookmark.

now i use my own script to make maltags.css which includes synopsis's for all anime and maltags2.css for all manga, not just the ones in your own list and i try to keep it updated often, when i see too many anime without synopsis's so it might be better for you to keep using my url versus making your own.
However that being said you may still want to create your own because using the synopsis of all anime/manga is not "optimal" for slower computers/internet and will cause lag.

This is optional, but i highly recommend it for creating tags to organize lists to add the tags (e.g, english name, type, year, studios, genre, score, etc) that display above the synopsis's, needs greasemonkey or tampermonkey add-on to install script.
this allows you to organize your list better then just adding comments into tags like "this animus sux" and then when clicking/searching that tag only that anime shows up.
people should at least reuse the same comments and create lists from their tags like My Anime with Comments, of course part of the problem is the fact MAL hides the comments in the More section that requires clicking on it rather then it being displayed on the list along with tags.

malairing.css is optional and used to add the day of the week to an anime in your list that is airing, shows up after the anime title, but before Airing label.

malimages.css is optional and contains the image url's required to essentially change the theme to whatever you want, given the new images are of proper size or you yourself do some editing or simply remove the malimages.css file import to remove re:zero theme'd images.

obviously any changes you want to make to the css code would require that you create/edit it, host it and change the url to yours or take out the code and paste it directly into the advanced custom css textbox rather than import it from a url.
Posted by ShaggyZE | Sep 30, 2017 5:21 AM | 0 comments