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July 1st, 2017
Anime Relations: Mekakucity Actors
A Summary of One Year

One year ago, I went back online,
got myself a discord to waste more of my time.
It starts with king and vina, and being bullied for weeks.
They became brother and best friend, respectively.

And with milos and kay, I bonded with all night long,
by sharing pics and singing kweeb songs.
I met the dumbass fex and the annoying-but-sweet exxi,
in a hitler-like server with a mod who's a nazi.

I also met the great meme aidah and the eloquent AF jammy.
The former who I listened to sing, and she left quite awkwardly.
And I heard about the famous sora from a roundabout sasaki,
who would frequently laugh and say, "uh she'd kill me".

I watched the Olympics with peachy, nico and cap,
and found my self making vocaroos of raps,
for four other girls, that quickly turned three,
when we realized, the last one was kinda crazy.

Then I met sao and sketch, back in CS,
where I trivia-d, gambled, lost, but I digress.
I met drez in shitpost society,
where I received mod by singing for blank and qt.

And met some Canadian brethren, pasio and todd,
who both believe in a shtty god.
Cuz even when joking, you still ended up meme-d
from angelic voice to stupid fcking kami.

But then people had school, so it got a little quiet,
but not before we decided to riot.
Against the toxic server that was cancer,
where we left it behind, as our answer.

So we made a new home and joined a few servers,
and raided and role-played in plenty of others.
And then people got into the rhythm-game osu!,
that was only popular for a month or two.

Soon enough, while everyone was intrigued,
we we're roped in and trapped into playing league.
Where v and red taught me friendship always wins,
And I learned snugs is my literal other twin.

Where Lu became my mother, and carried me all the time.
And King, Kay and I learned, we suck at twisted treelines.
And although we were trash, it was still fun,
'Til it got serious, and was spam played a ton.

To the point of league related problems occurring,
And a good friend leaving, more drama was inevitably coming.
Only because the guy couldn't take a hint,
That everyone got tired and fed up with his sht.

And I wouldnt really say that it ended well and nicely,
we've just moved on from it now, said it more concisely.
But it's because of him that I bonded with rin and kiri,
in the ded ass girl server, singing plenty of Disney.

We tried some other games, all the while school
and left to focus, as exams were cruel.
We met plenty of weirdos and total freaks,
and cried over the breaking of snapchat streaks.

And then it's now, that a year has passed,
where we realize, time has flown by so fast.
And although you'll call me kamiseru,
I'm still really happy I met all of you =3=
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January 13th, 2017
Anime Relations: Mekakucity Actors

no complainerinos, its my friends thing =3=





people i love and you should too


im not interesting so look at these wonderful* people instead :D
*disclaimer not all of them are wonderful, you know who you are >.>



☆ ☆ ☆

;A; // o/ // xP // -___- // ._. // c: // -w- // :p // :9
:)) \\ XD \\ =w= \\ :^) \\ >;c \\ <3 \\ D: \\ ;) \\ ~o~ \\ ^^


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