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October 3rd, 2008
and another excelent anime has ended...
if you havent seen it, do so... its very cool! >.<

i dont think this is the end... or perhaps im just being optimistic >.<
i herd alot of negative critisizm.. it moved to fast at the end, or it was better at the start, or the first season was better...

i have to dissagree though.

but the way the ending was dealt with, made me think that their was more left. several factors were also left in order...

C.C -
she is still... a mystery some what. No name, plus the contract wasnt filled.
plus what she said at the end made me think >.<

japan - what happens?
nunnaly prolly takes over, with suzaku/zero going around fixing any problems and what not...
seems too... unlikely to me XP

with nunaly taking over as the boss of britania, dosent that mean that their still controling the world?

wont the other countrys want their independance back?

or is britania gone for good?


well, it was very cool... better than death note, at what death note did best XD
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Anime Relations: D.Gray-man
so... D.grayman ended.

this has to have been one of the best shounen anime, i have ever seen. the fillers were bouring, but the main storyline was excelent!

the ending just doesent do such a great anime justice.
but from the ending, it apears a nother season is in the works, hopefuly...

cant wait for it~ ^-^
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Welcome to my blog?
just thought i would test out the blogging feature <3
its very cool =3

it looks like i might become more of an active member here, so i decided test out the features whilest i could...
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