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July 24th, 2009
I have been quite lucky with the animes I have picked to watch (I believe so anyway), because most of them have been unbelievably great. Even though Neon Genesis Evangelion is my all-time favorite of them all, it hasn't given me such a strong emotional rollercoaster (of course it has given me quite the emotional trip as well, but not in the same way) as these few animes:

- Elfen Lied
- The Girl Who Leapt Through Time
- Beck

I do admit that the feeling with Elfen Lied was slightly different from the other two, as it basically kept me shitting in my pants for the fact that the episodes always ended at such a situation that made you hungry to know more and also for the fact that Nyu kept bumping her head at such bad times (Made me wonder how someone could bump their head so much haha) and those things kept you fearing for the worst till the very end.

The feelings experienced with the other two were different, like I mentioned. The main characters in both keep making such dumb decisions that they basically kept me yelling out loud "NOOOOOOO" and when they finally did something right they'd have me going "YESSSSSSSS". In other words, they got you so absorbed with the story and the characters that their personal issues hurt you right in the heart. Gotta say it's such a wonderful and amazing experience when something can make you feel like that, and I do wish I can achieve that with my FFXI manga/comic I am working on (if I ever do finish it, mind you). I doubt I'll succeed, but a girl's gotta dream (BIG). :)

And I'll stop this here, before I cannot resist the urge to make a dirty joke out of my previous statement.. >.> Sayonara!

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