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May 3rd, 2018
I was doing some cleaning of my room, and happened to find a paper book that I previously used for studying with some handwritten anime contents inside (it surprised me a lot). Here are some of the random anime paragraphs that I found in one of my old books. Yes, I was bothered enough to show the world how cringe I am/was? Filled with grammar mistakes and poor explanations of basic plot points.

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January 6th, 2018
Anime Relations: Ginga e Kickoff!!
Sport is Open to Everyone

In Ginga e Kickoff, there is a character, Reika Saionji, who is, truthfully, chubby/large in physical body size. Although the anime is focused around football/soccer, the participating characters of the protagonist's team include a mix of casual, experienced and beginner/invitational players (Reika would be in this last classification). In the anime, she is initially portrayed as useless and/or "dead weight" because her plays are constantly hindered by her physique. One of her teammates, Furuya Kota, is particularly concerned about her contribution and presence on the team, while his attitude was initially negative and harsh towards Reika. This leads to instances, throughout the series, showing her hard at training to meet the expectations of her teammates. Reika's physical transformation is the result of her determination to demonstrate commitment to the team, as well as the sport she eventually learned to love.

This is why sport is universal. It can unite and motivate the right people at different times. Sports anime always try to make it a point that you do not have to be a super star and athlete to win, have fun or participate. I will always be an advocate for sport, whether it is for health and fitness reasons or to give people an aspiration and something to look forward to doing.
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