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December 11th, 2015
[*] Mizuho Kazami - Onegai teacher

[*] Rider - Fate/Stay Night

[*] Saber - Fate/Stay Night. Unlimited Girl.
She only wore it that one time. Such shame.

[*] - Kara no kyoukai

[*] - Starless
She has big boobs too.

[*] - Junjou shoujo etc

[*] Anri Sonohara - DRRR

[*] Satella - Freezing

[*] - lingeries

[*] Hasegawa - Shinmai no maou

[*] Ridget - Suisei no gargantia

My earliest fetish of all times is glasses.
I know its origins, but I will not tell you.

I would have picked
from Prison school, but her abusive nature is not something I find to be wanting.
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[*] - My sister can't be this cute

[*] Yozora - Haganai
Despite her foul behaviour, her cynism brought smiles to me, it may be because MEAT always act in a very funny way that may make her foul attitude in a bright light, but I found her to be cutest among the girls when she herself is subject to teasing

[*] Otome - Love Hina
I initially believed Otome to be better match for our protagonist. Sure, Naru was the prettiest of them all, but her violent temper, ruthlessness, lack of sympathy (due to her goal driven passion) find her to be a bit hard to accept.


I have an osanajimi fetish. I don't know how it started, it's hard to remember.
It may have started with anime, but I really doubt this.

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[*] - Fate/Kaleid II Herz
[*] - Haganai
[*] - Nichijou
[*] -
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[*] Takashiro - Bible Black
She is the best female teacher type among all of them

[*] Kazami mizuho - onegai Teacher
She is the starting point as to why my teacher fetish kind of started.

[*] - shinmai no maou

[*] Yamada Maya- infinite stratos

[*] - infinite staratos

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Anime Relations: Clannad, K-On!, No Game No Life
[*] - no game no life
[*] Fuko - Clannad
[*] - Sora no Otoshimono
[*] Yui - K-on

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Anime Relations: Fate/Zero, Suisei no Gargantia
They may not be mother, but they do give a motherly feeling.

[*] Igawa Asagi - Taimanin Asagi.
Reason: mother/boss figure of taimanin.
The older sister figures are Sakura and Murasaki.
Sakura being the younger of the two older sister

[*] Ridget - Suisei Gargantia
After the Admiral passes away, she takes on the mantle of leadership.
That mature look she has with her glasses gives her a motherly figure with authority.

[*] Irisviel - Fate/Zero
She may have an irregular lifespan, but her immature gentle, hyper personality makes the family atmosphere bright and happy.

[*] Alicia - Aria
Similar reason for Irisviel.

[*] Kazami Mizuho - Onegai Teacher
I had mixed feelings about classifying her as onee-san or mother.
We see Onegai Teacher mostly through the eyes of the Kei's eyes.
Now, this is weird, because they are married. She is older than him so it makes her an onee-san, but at the same time, she acts as Kei's teacher and her guardian, like a mother.
Similarly like Ridget from Suisei gargantia, her glasses and proper attire makes her seem more like a mother than an onee-san.

[*] - Shigatsu wo Uso
After our protagonist's mother passes away, she takes on the role of being the teacher, guardian, mentor for our protagonist. I daresay even more than the protagonist's mother herself.

generally, I found Oohara Sayaka's voice to be motherly.
Some are not mothers, but mature enough to be one
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