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December 10th, 2011
About the List: As you can see, I made 3 lists. 2 for liked characters, divided by gender, and 1 for hated.
The 3 lists are ordered by anime name. Each letter has a group and there I mixed the characters.

The liked list is divided again by some ranks:

> Rank 1 (Blue): They are characters that I liked from all the watched (or read) anime (or visual/light novel and manga).
> Rank 2 (Purple): These are more favorite than the blues. The ones that I will really remember.
> Rank 3 (Red): No Waifo, No Lifo. Except for the first line, they are not ordered by preference.

> Rank 1 (Blue): The same thing that I wrote about the girls. They are the basic male characters that I like.
> Rank 2 (Green): They are my most favorite male characters. The best protagonists that I ever saw. Best Girls they are.

--------------- List last update on Feb 24, 2015 ---------------
---- Changes since last list update (Nov 06/14) ----
+87 Girlz
+02 Boyz
+19 Boyz
+51 Hatez

Creation of the Great KanColle Wall
+06 Waifu Kanmusus
+30 Kanmusus

Waifo // Semi Waifo // Favorite

Waifa // Favorite

Wallof Hatez

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