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January 16th, 2017
Anime Relations: Persona 4 the Animation
1. (asuka)Too bitches and plus I don't like the suit she wearing.

2. (hinata) this is 2nd worst less worst than asuka, that big boobs disgusting. (shame on you!)

3. (mina amane) another worst taste of mine, that stupid misa you think you're punk girl!! It look slut to me. Go to hell.

4. (juvia) oh my god, this is worst than I thought. pervert always pervert.. Booooooo!

5. (mikan sakura) another stupid girl. Annoying but still stupid. I HATE YOU!

6. (Yuki cross) YUCK!! Literally yes, I do hate her for letting zero drink her blood. How stupid she is! Plus she is pervert too.

7. (suzumiya) another annoying bitch. Going to slap her face everytime I see her on the screen.

8. (inoue orihime) another worst girl too kind makes you more stupid. That saggy boob look disgusting.

9. (miaka yuuki) rei: "eat like a pig" yes, indeed she is a real pig plus falling in love with the character that doesn't exist in her world. (IDIOT)

10. (Nami) unfortunately, she good with navigator but these bitch doesn't have any ability. Suck to be her!
Posted by Naoto_Kun | Jan 16, 2017 10:42 AM | 2 comments