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May 12th, 2010

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December 9th, 2009

Hayden Panettiere

And this:

Thank you in advance, Santa. =)
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July 21st, 2009
Anime Relations: One Piece
People have been complimenting me on my Ace picture, so I might as well share the artist's other One Piece related pictures. I believe the artist goes by the name of "lack," though I'm not completely sure. Whatever the case, this person's art is pretty damn amazing. It's a very realistic style.

Also: A few character spoilers, in case you're not caught up.

First up, Ace(full-sized):













Bon Clay:


Gecko Moria:


Boa Hancock:


Last, but certainly not least, Alvida:

Not sure what's going on with the fangs, but, man, that is one HOT picture of her.





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May 2nd, 2009
New episodes of Code Geass on Adult Swim. Tonight! Finally! I'm excited. =)

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April 30th, 2009
Latest manga update: Berserk chapter 302! =O
A little late, I know. The chapter's been out for a couple of days now, and the next one comes out next week. Which is a wonderful thing.

I'm shocked, though; to finally get the opportunity to update the Berserk manga, that is. Honestly, for a moment there, I though Miura had forsaken all of us. For the record, this was his longest break...well, with the exception of the last one. 301 was released on December 12th. And 302 was just released on April 24th. So, that's about a good 19 weeks between chapters.


At least we're back on schedule until Miura decides to take another break again. Basically, the release schedule is as follows: 2 or 3 chapters in a row, and then a break. It's been like that for a while. So, while the next chapter is due out next week, I get the feeling there will be yet another hiatus in the very near future...

I'm simply amazed by his editor and the guys at Hakusensha publishing. Most magazines and editors would be unbelievably pissed, and would probably cancel the manga, but they seem to be okay with it. I mean, they give him an extraordinary amount of leeway. Is it because he's been working since 1989? Is it because Berserk is what draws people to the Young Animal magazine(that, and the HAWT scantily clad asian women, and Detroit Metal City, too)? Maybe a little of both? Whatever the case, Hakusensha and Miura obviously have a great relationship.

Anyway, I've realized it takes a lot of patience and understanding to be a hardcore Berserk fan. I remember speeding through the manga seven years ago, and now, it feels like I wait and wait and wait. To say I wouldn't want Miura to get back to a steady release schedule would be a lie. Oh well...

Hmm, the Hunter x Hunter fans must be in the same boat. Togashi and Miura should hang out together. XD
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