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October 24th, 2007

Sometimes it isn’t anyone’s fault a dubbing is bad. Often it comes down to the fact that Japanese sounds different to English. I think this is a big reason. Japanese flows very percussively which makes it sound very artistic and unique. The choice for many people could possibly come down to the fact that they prefer the way their native tongue sounds.

Now I make the point of saying that I have seen little dubbed anime, and that’s cause I avoid it. HOWEVER I know there are a couple stand-up dubbed animes out there. One of which being Cowboy Bebop, which I saw first as a dub years ago, then re-watched subbed. Subbed is better but it’s still a good dub.

Well there you have it I guess. These are my assumptions, presumptions, ponderings and thoughts to what now seems to be a pretty biased piece of writing ^^ I haven’t really said much to the effect that subbed is great and almighty, but more along the lines of possible reasons why dubbed anime seems so bad to myself and many others ^^

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Anime is such a big industry in Japan and because of this the voice acting industry must be taken very seriously and must produce a lot of very capable people who can produce very animated, emotional/less, individual characters with their voice. However in dubs, it sounds as though, for an example, they heard the bad guy had a deep voice so they pick a guy with a deep voice, HOWEVER he can't convey the character or produce the character's emotions in delivery. Now it's not to say that the individuals at fault because he/she is unable to perform on par with that of the original voice acting, rather it's the lack of the industry and competition in US/AU/UK/etc that produces lower grade voice actors for dubbing anime.

Now I love watching anime and I dislike watching it dubbed for many reasons. It’s mainly the quality of delivery, and what that quality brings to the anime. In anime emotions, actions, characters are often exaggerated. Whether it be an exaggeration of being energetic, arrogant, spaced, quiet, nerdy, strong, week, etc, these qualities come from the animation but must also come from the voice as well in order to make it worthwhile, otherwise the emotions aren't there to be received. An example of how ridiculously bad dubbing can be is a part in Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu that I saw. (I’ve only seen this part cause I came across it as a dubbed vs subbed video ^^) It’s the part in ep10 where Kyon’s classmate tries to kill him to see if there’s a reaction and Yuki enters, and they have a battle. It’s almost laughable at how bad the dubbing is in comparison to the original.

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Now this is no debate blog, or biased view, most of all this isn't an informed bit of writing. Mostly it's my thoughts/assumptions on the whole, subbed vs dubbed thing that anime fans "chat" about.

To start off on the wrong foot, I have to say subbed all the way. Voice acting is extremely good in Japan, mostly because anime is such a big industry in there. Also it can often be made for older audiences; therefore it needs to be more convincing. I find with dubbing, it often sounds as though they're doing it for a cartoon, which in contrast anime isn't. I think it's confused that way, in that because something is animated it must be for kids and because of this the voice acting doesn't have to be all that convincing. An example of this was that as a kid I watched dubbed DBZ when it was on tv in the mornings, and I loved it. However now watching a couple of episodes can make me cringe at some of the poor voice acting in it. (I have to say though dbz dubbing reasonable).

Japan has their children's cartoons, as does US/AU/UK/etc. Excluding Family Guy and such, US/AU/UK/etc doesn't have "cartoons" for teens, young adults, and in some cases adults. There's a vast difference in cartoons and anime. For example, look at all the different anime genres: slice of life, horror, mystery, romance, fantasy, etc, its serious stuff. Opposed to US/AU/UK/etc there’s just various kid’s cartoons. I assume dubbing isn't concentrated on enough for anime because they think it isn't needed for a cartoon.

(At this point I feel as though I should research this ^^)

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August 30th, 2007
Anime Relations: Lovely★Complex, Doujin Work
Besides just starting Naruto (which I'm finding pretty great) I've also just sarted Doujin Work and Lovely Complex.

Doujin Work reminds me of Hayate no Gotoku because of it's humor, but I'm liking the story and characters a bunch more in Doujin Work.

Lovely Complex is probably one of the better animes I've seen in a long time. Never really cared for this particular style of animation, however from watching it I've come to really enjoy it for what it's worth. I watched the first 20 episodes pretty much straight through, the story is great and the characters are great also. It did drag on a little in one or two eps, but if anything it helped the story, it would've been bad if the story progressed to quickly.

I recommend Doujin Work to those who like random humor, similar but better than Hayate no Gotoku & I recommend that everyone give Lovely Complex a go. ^^
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August 19th, 2007
Anime Relations: Naruto
One thing I've always noticed when I'm browsing video sites and such, is how Naruto always seems to pop up. Often with no relevence to what I'm looking at or looking for. Naruto's EVERYWHERE!! I got into anime about a year and a half ago, and I've resisted the temptation to watch a single episode UNTIL THIS DAY. I've always thought "As much as I'd like to know what it's all about, you've got no free time, ur already watching about 9 animes, so yeah, like I need to get hooked on a 220 episode series." I'm currently downloading 15 eps of Naruto... sigh~ I'm not sure if I'll like it yet and I know little about it, just that EVERYONE watches it. I clicked on ten random ppls anime list, 8/10 of them have watched it! See if you can get 10/10, I guarantee it'll happen!! I'm wondering whether I'll get hooked or not... I may still stop the download and save myself ^.^
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