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April 11th, 2017
Everybody has an anime that they would call a “masterpiece” but some masterpieces never get the amount of exposure they deserve. So here are 5 underrated anime masterpieces.

Being Shin Takahashi's first and only manga-turned-anime adaptation, Saikano was a very unique show about a shy teenage girl (Chise) and teenage boy (Shuji) just starting a relationship. Their relationship would soon be put to the test as Chise would be kidnapped and turned into a weapon of mass destruction for use by the Japanese government for a war. Shuji would find out about this the hard way when one of his best friends is killed in front of him, and he sees Chise standing in front of him.

If you're going to watch the anime, make sure you have a lot of tissues with you, and be warned, there is some levels NTR involved. The anime was produced by GONZO and is currently licensed by Sentai Filmworks under the name “She, The Ultimate Weapon” for some reason.

Speaking of GONZO, Solty Rei, like Saikano, is about a cute girl that is a deadly weapon, but that is where the similarities end. Solty is a sweet, innocent killing machine that lost the memories of what she did in the past and who she was. That is where she meets Roy, whom is like Dog The Bounty Hunter, if Dog didn't follow the rules and didn't give a care about anybody or anything. And after losing his wife and kid (or so he thought) to a disaster, could you blame him?
The anime was produced by GONZO and is currently licensed by FUNimation.

The anime centers around a blind high schooler named Takuma Hirose. Takuma is a quiet boy who is feeling the effects of losing his mother, but that doesn't stop three girls from trying to help him out. One girl, Otoha, heals his blindness - albeit temporarily, so he can help people around their village. Unfortunately for Takuma, helping others isn't all sunshine and rainbows. His already dark world starts to become a little bit darker as he learns the village has some very terrible secrets.

The anime was produced by Zexcs, a company not known for creating anything remotely close to being called a "masterpiece", but H2O is an exception. It is currently not licensed, but was licensed by Kadokawa Pictures USA. It never saw a home video release because Kadokawa USA went under soon after licensing the anime. You can still watch it on Crunchyroll if you the story sounds interesting enough for you.

What would you do if you knew you were going to die, but couldn't travel the world? For Akiba Rika, she chooses to read books. Rika has a heart disease that prevents her from going to school, making friends, or even going outside for a walk. So she spends her time in hospital reading books. But that changes when she meets Yuuichi Ezaki, who is deadset on getting her to enjoy life with him. Of course, he is blissfully unaware of her illness for most of the anime and she isn't willing to tell him about it. It won't be easy, as there are slight levels of NTR in the anime.

The anime was produced by Group TAC, which has long since gone bankrupt, but is currently licensed by Nozomi Entertainment.

Planetarian is not only a visually beautiful anime, but an easy going one as well. But do not let that fool you, as the anime is based off a KEY/Visual Arts creation, a company known for tugging at your heart strings until they snap.  Planetarian starts out in a post-apocalyptic world and centers around a man named Kuzuya and a girl/cyborg named Yumemi Hoshino. There isn't much in the way of action and violence, like Solty Rei and Saikano, but the laid-back feel it gives off throughout the entire anime, with a hint of mystery, doesn't leave much to be desired for the average anime otaku. Just be warned, the anime doesn’t have a happy ending.

The anime was produced by David Production and currently licensed by FUNimation.

Do you believe these anime are underexposed? Have an anime that you think is underexposed? Have you seen any of these anime? If so, I'd love to hear from you!

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January 27th, 2017
Anime Relations: Nekopara

When it was announced that a Kickstarter campaign was started to produce a NEKOPARA OVA, fans of the eroge went crazy with excitement...but not me. Why? Well, I have two complaints about the entire thing. First the budget:

The anime has a Kickstarter budget now exceeding $600,000. The average 13-episode anime cost $2 million in total. So the NEKOPARA budget already has 30% of that and has enough money to produce at least 4 episodes. But the money is only going into one episode, and maybe something extra if they reach their $1 million goal mark. Unless the animation and quality of that one episode OVA is going to be the very best the anime industry has ever seen, then one episode with a budget of +$600,000 is absolutely insane.

And a bigger complaint I have about it is what is actually being made. NEKOPARA is an adult game - or an eroge if you will. In other words, it's a hentai novel. It has two official doujin releases - Neko Paradise and Neko Para - both of which are also hentai. But the anime will be another typical ecchi with either a spineless main male character or one too dense to know his own butt from his elbow. With the budget NEKOPARA has, it could've used that money to continue the hentai streak that the franchise has and made a VERY high quality hentai series...but it didn't. It isn't as if an ecchi will sell better than a hentai, both are still for adults anyway but ecchi just happens to be for adults that aren't willing to stain their virgin eyes with the sight of an animated sex scene.

It is great to see an anime Kickstarter have a successful campaign but that money could be used towards making something good, not something typical. The anime industry has enough ecchi harem series, but not enough quality hentai series. I would've been happy if the anime at least planned to flirt with hentai like Aki Sora or Yosuga no Sora but that doesn't seem to be the case. We're getting the same old crap so the NEKOPARA OVA is wasted potential. I knew that from the start, which is why I didn't put my money into the campaign.

I know this blog post won't make a bit of difference but I wanted to get it off my chest.
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