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January 27th, 2017
Anime Relations: Nekopara

When it was announced that a Kickstarter campaign was started to produce a NEKOPARA OVA, fans of the eroge went crazy with excitement...but not me. Why? Well, I have two complaints about the entire thing. First the budget:

The anime has a Kickstarter budget now exceeding $600,000. The average 13-episode anime cost $2 million in total. So the NEKOPARA budget already has 30% of that and has enough money to produce at least 4 episodes. But the money is only going into one episode, and maybe something extra if they reach their $1 million goal mark. Unless the animation and quality of that one episode OVA is going to be the very best the anime industry has ever seen, then one episode with a budget of +$600,000 is absolutely insane.

And a bigger complaint I have about it is what is actually being made. NEKOPARA is an adult game - or an eroge if you will. In other words, it's a hentai novel. It has two official doujin releases - Neko Paradise and Neko Para - both of which are also hentai. But the anime will be another typical ecchi with either a spineless main male character or one too dense to know his own butt from his elbow. With the budget NEKOPARA has, it could've used that money to continue the hentai streak that the franchise has and made a VERY high quality hentai series...but it didn't. It isn't as if an ecchi will sell better than a hentai, both are still for adults anyway but ecchi just happens to be for adults that aren't willing to stain their virgin eyes with the sight of an animated sex scene.

It is great to see an anime Kickstarter have a successful campaign but that money could be used towards making something good, not something typical. The anime industry has enough ecchi harem series, but not enough quality hentai series. I would've been happy if the anime at least planned to flirt with hentai like Aki Sora or Yosuga no Sora but that doesn't seem to be the case. We're getting the same old crap so the NEKOPARA OVA is wasted potential. I knew that from the start, which is why I didn't put my money into the campaign.

I know this blog post won't make a bit of difference but I wanted to get it off my chest.
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