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April 13th, 2010
Which Guardian Character are you?
Your Result: Temari
Temari wears a traditional Japanese kimono. She has maroon hair, held into a ponytail by two, violet sakura flower, and similarly purple eyes.Temari may be female because she was born from Nadeshiko's wish to be a true Japanese dancer. However, it's a tradition of Fujisaki boys to dress as girls for dancing, citing a theory that Temari may be a boy. Temari is mostly quiet and lady-like, but when something goes wrong, for example, a rat appears in her house, she will become increasingly aggressive and will do anything to solve the problem, even if it means ordering those around her. Like the other Guardian Characters, Temari can sense the presence of X-Eggs and other Guardian Characters. To Character Change, Temari utters the words "Chin, Ton, Shan," like the strumming of a shamisen.

Which Clannad Character are you?
Quiet, smart and sweet hearted Kotomi Ichinose.

Which pokémon are you?
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October 14th, 2009

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