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April 25th, 2019
You know, every season I try to pick out at least one, sometimes two, "good feels" anime to help me recuperate from the onslaught of serious shows. Well, this past season my wife and I were pleasantly surprised with just how adorable My Roommate is a Cat was. It was cute, and I would watch it again.

TL;DR: You should probably watch this anime cause its light hearted and has a cat in it.

The main character, Subaru, is totally an anti-social person, which I can relate to (I'm sure a lot of us can). In the beginning, he doesn't even see why he should have to interact with anyone. I mean, he has a friend that he's known since he was a child that he barely speaks to. Even though he is a successful author, he's just kind of moping through life.

By the end, it's kind of crazy just how much he has changed. It was a nice little journey to see just how he got there, too. Most of his fear conquering was highly relate-able, such as a public book signing where he would be the center of attention. It was heart warming, and motivational.

We also have Haru, who was a stray cat that has been through some stuff man let me tell you. All she's known her entire life is she has to fight to survive and find food. She had a rough go at trying to protect herself and her siblings, so the whole "house cat" thing is a crazy concept to her.

I absolutely love the fact that they split most of the episodes so that we can get both perspectives on situations. It's funny to see how differently Haru sees things, and how she changes as she slowly learns things. My favorite moment is when she finally figures out that "Haru" is her name, and doesn't mean "food" as she previously thought.


All in all, I just wanted to get it out there just how sweet this story is. It was a wonderful journey seeing Subaru and Haru grow together for the better!

Thanks for reading.

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March 27th, 2019
Kimi ni Todoke is a cute romance show that focuses around a main heroine that has no friends. Of course, she wants friends...don't we all? The problem is that she looks like the girl from the ring and people are genuinely afraid of her. Of course, they also believe she has supernatural powers and blah blah blah, high school fun.

Despite the shit-storm that goes on around her, Kuronouma Sawako is a super nice girl. Actually...she's too nice. She's so nice, that she blames herself for literally anything that anyone else does. It's cute, but also gets highly annoying after a while. You really push for her to progress, but it happens super slowly.

TL;DR: It's a super cute love story that gets drug out way too long due to an inconceivable amount of misunderstandings.

The Good

There are some good things that I took from this anime. There are a lot of fun, quirky moments that will have you laughing your butt off. Some of the predicaments that the characters find themselves in, and their reactions, make for an entertaining story.

I like the main girl, Sawako, I really do. The story does a great job of showing how someone who is nice and means well can be misunderstood and even taken advantage of. The entire time I was just rooting for her to be happy and, by the end, to be just a bit selfish and do what she wants.

As far as rom-coms go, it was entertaining. Good amount of drama split between moments of romance and comedy. Overall a decent story.

The Bad

The main problem I have with this story is the communication between characters. I guess a more appropriate way of saying that is no one in this show knows how to talk and understand each other. Honestly, I felt like I was watching Gamers! all over again.

I could get along with the progression of the story and characters through the first season. It ended on a good note...but by gosh was I disappointed to find the second season seemed to relapse. It made me feel as though all of the hard work done in the first season was undone again. Characters I felt had progressed to a certain point suddenly relapsed to how they were in the beginning.

Could this be a natural part of growth? Of course. However, it just didn't sit right with me.

I generally can get along with the pairings in most rom-coms; however, I can not stand Shouta, the main dude. I think he is a selfish and jealous douche that doesn't deserve the delicate Sawako.


This one just wasn't for me. It was nice, but by the end of it I just felt pleased that they finally cleared up all of the misunderstandings. I wasn't happy for the main couple at all; in fact, I was more interested in the side pairing that were happening.

It could be a nice story for some, but for me the pacing was just too slow. Too many times the characters relapsed back to their former self. Honestly, it was drug out, or it felt like it.

Thanks for reading!

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January 18th, 2019

Would you look at that! Another season of anime watching is upon us. This past fall season featured the most anime I've ever kept up with while airing, and it seems I'm going to keep that trend going.

Oddly enough, I have a lot of slice of life / school I'm keeping track of this season..

The Rising of the Shield Hero

I read the synopsis for the light novel a while back on Amazon, and thought it was interesting. I never got around to reading it, but you bet your ass I'm going to watch this anime. Even though its an Isekai, I still feel like it's going to bring its own flair to the genre, especially since the MC is a full defense character.

The first episode sure was a while ride, even though I saw, and I'm sure everyone else did, that betrayal coming from a mile away. It was a bit of a cliche betrayal, but I'm diggin' how the MC reacted and has decided to push himself. He's hardened his resolve to prove everyone wrong, and isn't afraid to use some force to keep from being ripped off. Despite that, he still has a soft spot. He seems like he's going to be a good, well-rounded character.

Domestic Girlfriend

I didn't really know what to expect watching this after reading the synopsis, but I decided to give it a shot. Despite being a pretty interesting situation to explain, I found it mildly entertaining. I was expecting it to give off some Scum's Wish vibes, but it's surprisingly more lighthearted than I anticipated.

This is one of those that is a toss up. I'm going to give it a few more episodes to pan out before I make any harsh decisions on it. I've heard its a good romance story, let's see if it holds up to that.

The Quintessential Quintuplets

This one was certainly entertaining, giving how nerdy our MC is, not to mention poor. It may be a typical harem show, but dang it I enjoyed myself. The MC literally gives no shits about the girls, only about making that sweet tutoring money, which is solid.

It started off with the typical one on one introductions with each of the girls, which he got off to a bad start with most of them. This is another one of those that I'll see how it pans out. Is it a typical harem, or is it going to do something unique to keep my interest? I guess we'll see.

Kaguya-sama: Love is War

Prideful and intelligent preps trying to force each other into confessing their love through sheer match of wits? Sounds entertaining. I enjoyed the first episode, though it was kind of weird discovering the setup. It's more like three short episodes got compiled into one long one.

I'm enjoying the matching of wits and the complete over analyzing of every little situation. I also love how the secretary adds a degree of chaos that the other two just can't handle logically. I'm curious whether or not they will ever get to the point of establishing a relationship, but, based off the title, probably not.


Leftover from the previous season there is SAO Alicization and Slime! I've been enjoying both of them, but I have to say, Slime is starting to bore me just a bit. I always jump into the Isekai genre, but if they don't do anything to impress me, then I start dropping it. So far it's just been a bunch of OP characters; funny, yes, but it's starting to get tiring for me.

As for SAO, I'll always be a fan since I'm current on the light novels, but, c'mon, can a guy get a decent fight scene? I was so happy for the second part of this arc for the epic fights, but this first major one was a let down. Hopefully they don't skimp on the later fights with flashbacks and monologues.

That's all!

That's all I have for this season. It may not seem like much, but it keeps me busy and entertained with my crazy work and life schedules. I hope you enjoyed my article and check out some of these anime!

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January 14th, 2019

Narumi Momose has just decided to switch jobs. Though she is a very dedicated otaku, she tries her best to hide that part of her, especially at work. That's why, on her first day, she is surprised to see Hirotaka Nifuji,a childhood friend and gamer otaku. She manages to keep her cover even after Hirotaka almost blows it, and discovered that two of their coworkers, Hanako Koyanagi and Tarou Kabakura, are also otaku.

Love is Hard for Otaku follows the antics of these four otaku as they deal with their daily work lives, otaku hobbies, as well as manage their love lives. We get to follow the start of Hirotaka and Narumi's relationship, and see Tarou and Hanako's grow.

The Good

I'd like to say right off the bat there is a lot of things that I enjoyed about this anime. My fiance and I watched this over the course of a couple days, and we enjoyed it.

Foremost, I was pleasantly surprised and happy that the two main character's relationship was initiated early in the series. It's a nice switch up from other slice of life / romance anime where the entirety of the show is dedicated to them getting to the relationship. It was nice since that meant the show was going to be based around them growing, which I was ready for!

The various misunderstandings and comedic moments were quite entertaining. It was clear from a glance that Narumi has a ton of more "experience" with certain things that Hirotaka, as she often misinterpreted small things. These moments gave some good laughs, and the first kiss was as awkward and funny as I hoped it would be.

The Bad

The only major issue I have with this anime is the lack of progression between Narumi and Hirotaka. I feel as if after the first few episodes, even specifically after the first kiss, their relationship kind of stagnates. We get glimpses of them getting closer through their self thoughts, such as each trying to understand the other, but there isn't a real physical closeness to them.

I feel like Hanako and Tarou's relationship grew more than Narumi and Hirotaka's, and theirs is already at a pretty serious point in the relationship. A new relationship should be full of firsts, but what we got was them being basically friends with very little interaction on a relationship level. At least that's how it felt.

I was very confused and disappointed when a new character, potential love interest, was introduced in the second to last episode for Hirotaka's little brother. It just felt like that took even more away from the main couple, since now we are focusing on his little brother now.


I enjoyed the show, overall, I really did. There were times where the dialogue was a little weird, perhaps from neither me nor my fiance getting the reference or meaning, but that's nitpicking. I wish that the main couple could've progressed a little more, but there is always hope for that if/when this anime gets another season. I would've like to have more closure in the final episode, but I can live with it.

All in all, it was a nice, relaxing watch. Cute and awkward, as expected.

Thanks for reading!

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December 15th, 2018
Anime Relations: Hai to Gensou no Grimgar
There is not a doubt in my mind that the isekai genre is totally over-saturated at this point. Every season there are one or more coming out. However, like the Slime anime this season, every once in a while one comes along and proves you can still have a good show in the genre. One such show is Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash, or Hai to Gensou no Grimgar.

Grimgar is a fantasy story where a group of teenagers suddenly awaken in a new world, with no recollection of how they got there. They are informed that they could become volunteer soldiers and fight monsters to make money, which included a nice lump sum to start, or try something else and risk starving. Obviously, they all chose the cash. At this point, the group splits into two parties. Renji, by far the strongest looking of the group, takes all the ones he deems strong enough, and leaves. That leaves the "leftovers": Haru, Manato, Yume, Shihoru, Moguzo, and Ranta.

The story follows this group of leftovers, mostly from Haru's perspective, as they attempt to survive in this new world. They quickly realize that it is difficult to make money, as hunting monsters quite literally means killing another intelligent creature. They also realize that the training they received at their perspective guilds doesn't easily transfer over to reality. Haru and the group must deal with the struggles of just surviving, as well as coming to terms that they have to fight and kill creatures to make money.

Grimgar shows the gritty side of the fantasy world. They don't just go out and hunt mobs to level up. The story focuses on the morality of the situation. For instance, goblins. The group has to steel themselves of the dying cries as the murder an intelligent creature. I love this aspect of the show, since it shows what it'd actually be like if the "fantasy" world was a reality. The enemies don't just burst into bubbles either, they have to cut off the valuable parts of the enemy.

The story also shows their daily life, and the struggle that comes with it. It focuses on their financial situation, or lack thereof. They have to take care of their equipment, wash their clothes daily, and skimp on food since they can't afford it. A day without a kill means a day without money, which is never a good thing. They also have to somehow gather information about monsters and their movements. The show also does a great job about showing the pub scene and how information via word of mouth can prove valuable.

There is also a sense of mortality in the show. You never know when a character will meet their end. Every fight it is 50/50 whether or not someone gets injured, or even worse. You constantly worry about the group, as they try to improve themselves, but also just try to survive the encounters.

As of right now, I'm through book eight of the series. The anime only covered the first two books, and doesn't seem to be continuing any time soon. The one complaint I would have about this series would be the development. The anime does a great job of showing them slowly progress, but the light novel likes to go back and forth. They do good, something bad happens, and they relapse. It's nice for character building, but at some point I just wish the characters would push over the threshold.

If you haven't seen the anime; it's on Funimation. The dub is okay. Major complaint is Ranta's voice actor changes mid-show, which will throw you off.

Thanks for reading!

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December 1st, 2018
YES! It's finally here! Season 3, baby!

If you know me, you know I'm a huge SAO fan. Despite its flaws, I still love it. I mean, I have a tattoo inspired by it, and I have, like, four wall scrolls.


Given that this season is in full bloom, I thought I'd give my first impressions on how the adaptation is doing compared to its source work.

Don't worry, I'm not over-analytical. I just like to point out little points that I notice, and praise or complain about it on the internet.

Ordinal Scale Incorporation

I think it's super cool that the anime is incorporating the Ordinal Scale movie. I mean, I fully expected them to, but it's still cool. Being a light novel reader, its cool to see the little twist that they put on the anime to include the Augma device.

Just the little things, like the group using the Augma when tracking down Kirito, and using it to communicate with Yui.

I'm curious to see if they are going to go a step further and implement it into the story line, because the general plot is about bottom-up AI and Ordinal Scale dealt with that in a way. Plus, Yuna is kind of in the intro, so, I'm sure she'll make an appearance later.

Also, Asuna is wearing the ring! Eek!

Supporting Characters

It's a small thing, but I really appreciate the inclusion of the supporting characters in the beginning of this arc. In the light novel, they were just sort of kicked to the side. I like Klein, and I want him to get as much screen time as possible, along with Agil.

Just for your information, if the anime hadn't included them early in the anime, they wouldn't make an appearance until nearly the end of the arc, which is crazy to me.

Gore! Yeah!

When writing, Reki isn't afraid to be gory and describe it in detail. During the fights, especially later, he talks about limbs flying and blood spraying. So far, it seems the anime isn't going to shy away from this.

It may not be as gory as say, Goblin Slayer, but they aren't shying away from it, which is great. I mean, it may not be a real world, but it feels real, so it should look it, right?



Main Complaints

Okay, so I'm just going to summarize what I'm not liking about the anime thus far.

The pacing started out great, following the light novel pretty closely. Then after a few episodes, I noticed a few scenes cut out that I felt were significant. Still, no big deal.

Then episode 7 happened.

Episode 7 and after, in my opinion, turned into a pacing nightmare. They flew through so much, and summarized so much information, that it can't possibly do the novel justice. I can understand if they are trying to get to the more action packed scenes, but groundwork is important. You can't just fly through nearly a book's worth of information in one episode.

One other thing I noticed is that the anime is a little stuck on Kirito. The whole point of Eugeo is to split the perspectives up. The novel goes from his point of few quite a bit. The anime seems to want to mostly follow Kirito, to the point where they even cut 99% of Eugeo's interaction with his own mentor.

Also...why is Kirito's sword purple?! It's supposed to be black!!


Thick, or thin, I'm a fan. I'll survive.

In the end, this is just me ranting about stuff. I'm sure there is good reason for why they chose the route they are going.

I'm still greatly enjoying the series, and can not wait until they really get into the story of the arc. This is just the beginning people! It gets so good.

Also, I can't wait to see Integrity Knight Alice!!!

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