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May 19th, 2013
Anime Relations: Makai Kishi Ingrid
I don't like hentai. The majority of the animation funds go into things looking glittery and appealing to the eye, and when it comes to the shit that hentai anime are supposed to be about, the sex, it's like there is a nose-dive in animation. The loop of the same scene being used over and over again, which makes it boring and unattractive - in and out, in and out. There is never any variation when the characters are in the same position; they just switch positions for a little bit and that's it. Tentacle rape, NTR and all that kinky stuff is always so repetitive that it becomes redundant. Once you've seen one, you've more or less seen all the others. Secondly, the Japanese voice actors AND live-action porn stars mostly tend to sound like prepubescent girls being raped, which I am extremely turned off by. I get it if you've masturbated to hentai before, because so have I, but I just can't keep it up if I'm listening to a girl that sounds like my 9 year old cousin. It just fucks with my head too much. Thirdly, whatever I have checked out that was supposed to have stupendous sex scenes was of recent years, thus being heavily censored, which again, is a massive turn off.

Hentai manga, on the other hand, tend to not have anywhere near as much censorship, just a black line or two, no annoying ass fucking voice actors and tend to be concise in presenting the sex scenes. The only problem is that I'm reading dialogue when there is supposed to be sex, and that in itself is a distraction... Plus, I have never had sex with any girl where we've made play-by-play commentary of the the act.

"Y-you're tongue is wrapping around my dick."
"I'm putting it in."
"Oh, it's so hot!"
"Uh, yeah! It's wrapping around me! Your pussy feels like a perfect match for my cock!"
"A-a-ahhhh! It's hitting my womb!"

What the fuck? Seriously...

As for porn, I still can't find any decent porn. Now that my girlfriend is back from university, I get to actually get laid much more frequently than back when she was in school, since her school is 3 hours away from Toronto (too bad she'll being going back in September). As for porn vs hentai... yeah, neither are really great. Dirty sluts with cunts that look like my old rugby socks, yeah.. no.
Posted by Holybaptiser | May 19, 2013 6:53 PM | 3 comments