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March 7th, 2008
Anime Relations: Cardcaptor Sakura, Bleach

GACC 08 2nd Day

The day where the real fun begins >D

You guys must wondered why it take so long to create another report for 2nd day.Well that's because I'm having a slight fever (sick enough for not going to class but not sick enough to get and MC D: ) and yeah most of weekdays this week I spend the time nothing but sleeping.Ok then let's continue with meh 2nd day report for one of the best Anime Convention ever in Malaysia >D

Ok I come abit late (somewhere around 10.30am.GACC starts at 10.00am) since I uploading the picture for the 1st day report until somewhere around 6.30am. -_-

But hell yeah there's alot of cosplayers around during that day.Mainly because most of the cosplayers are entering solo cosplay competition which is held on the 2nd day of GACC.Here's some of the best pic that I taken during that day >D

Final Fantasy 7 characters.Well I forgot thier name though (i'm a PC gamer so yeah I dun really play those FF games) but the pose is awesome srsly o_o

Cardcapture sakura!!This is the one of the best cosplayers I seen so far (well the another one would be the FF characters just now lulz)

Hellboy cosplayer.I seen him last time in previous anime event (not GACC though) but last time he doesn't have the horn.Now he's getting cooler somewhat (becouse of the horn of course!) ;P

A goth cosplayer with one of the bleach character cosplayer.They look hot *fap*

Trap : Now with guitar D:

Konpachi & ichigo from bleach woot

Well not much picture izzit?That's because I already uploaded most of the pictures (day 1 and 2 ) here :_


Actually the this entry is not completely over yet since there's some cool part that I haven't show you yet!Stay tuned! xD

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March 1st, 2008

GACC 08 1st day

Holy crap it's here!!


It's a second time I went to this event situated inside my University (hell yeah~).And as always,the place is filled with poeple and cosplayers from all around Malaysia(too bad they cannot book a larger hall due to certain factors).

Oh yeah forgot to inform you guys this.GACC or "Games Anime Comic Circle" is an anime event which is held every year in my University.It was handled by our club,Emina.It's kinda impress me how this club handles this big event since they are alone(well not actually they got sponsored by some companies or else how they gonna get the money to held this event at the first place lol) when comes to this.

Anyway less talking moar picta ok? xD

Gonna catch'em all!!

Gurren lagaan poster made by local doujinist

It's creepy and cute at the same time WTF x_x

A band performing NARUTO OP2 song

Cosplayers pic

Now the main thing about anime events,cosplayers!!By the way the cosplayers this year is kinda little this year around compared to last year.But in return their skill of cosplaying has become better this time around (which is a very good thing to me).Ok lets proceed to the picture section!

OMG Cornelia is beautiful there ♥_♥

MOAR of her ♥_♥

Schneizel and Cornelia ♥_♥

This picture is brought to you by Domino's Pizza and Pizza Hut



Archer (Fate/Stay Night) and crusader (Ragnarok Online)

Protip : It's a TRAP x_X


Moar picture can be found at my gallery site :)


Btw on second day Masakazu MORITA will come to GACC and hell yeah I gonna meet him in person on that day WOOT! *gonna ask him to sign meh Bleach OST* :)~~


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