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April 19th, 2013
Anime Relations: Pandora Hearts
Hey, this is Halitous!

I've been using this website for quite a while now and am enjoying every minute of it. ^^ So far, my club now has 11 members (which makes me so happy - i can't even count 11 on my hands :D). Seriously though, i never expected to even get 1 member so this fills me with so much joy!!!

Unfortunately, i haven't read much anime and manga recently so I've got to catch up with that, especially with spring season upon us and, from the looks of things, this season has held host to a huge supply of really good new anime. Can't wait to get started on that!

Oh, and I realised that, as i was reading Pandora Hearts for a second time, i understood it better this time around. I mean, i got the gist of it reading it the first time, but it didn't sink in as much as this time. It's really strange, actually! ○~○ Oh well! It's almost a good thing because it feels like I'm reading something I've never read before - as though it's a completely different story (though still as awesome! ^^).

Halitous out!
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March 29th, 2013
Hey, this is Halitous!

So, today was my first proper day of using ((even though I made this account weeks ago ^^')). I remember joining because I watched one of HappiLeeErin's anime reviews and saw the link to her anime and manga list. An hour or two of scrolling and clicking pretty things on here, i joined, thinking this is a website where i belong.
And a couple of weeks later, after completely forgetting about, i watched another HappiLeeErin video, saw her link and thought "oh yeah... i did a thing there".
So, i've been on here, editing my profile for a couple of hours now and realised, i've barely watched or read any anime and manga ((just so you know, my anime and manga list aren't complete because I've started to watch and read loads in the past but never finished or got up-to-date so i didn't want to put them on because in all honesty, i can't remember all of them)) and so now, i'm on a mini mission to watch and read more.
Today, i also made a club called Ani-Newbies~! which is basically for new watchers/readers/artists/writers etc, who aren't entirely sure where to start and have a question, and 'experts' of manga and anime who want to help them out and want the anime and manga community to grow. So, yeah... that happened... and y'know... if you want to go and check it out or anything... i'm not going to stop you ^^' *hint hint* ^^'
Finally, when choosing my favourite characters on here, i discovered "Oshira-sama" ((the Radish Spirit from Spirited Away)) and "Ootori-sama" ((the Bird Spirits also from Spirited Away ((those giant duck things)) )) weren't on there so i made their pages and I'm happy to say they got excepted ^^
So, if you ever end up favouriting or visiting their pages, you're welcome!

Halitous Out!
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