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June 12th, 2014
I'm pretty sure no one is going to listen but please hear me out.

I know I've said in the past that I would like Sentai Filmworks to re-license Di Gi Charat Nyo!, not to be confused with the original, so than it would have a better translations with the sub titles. However.... in all honesty........ I'm kinda beginning to lose my faith in that happening with Sentai. Mainly due to the fact that they are too focused on other shows. Not to mention how I emailed them about Di Gi Charat Nyo! long ago and they still have yet to respond.

So, in all desperation, I email Right Stuf about it and they said that they forward the email to their Production Team and while they cannot promise they will license it, they do keep customer suggestions in mind when deciding on anime that Right Suf will license and release.

So, not all hope is lost. So, if you want Di Gi Charat Nyo to exist legally again, suggest it on this forum here: or email them (There address is on there contact page on their website.)
Posted by GissyHarlonde | Jun 12, 2014 9:00 AM | 0 comments