February 25th, 2013
Anime Relations: Genshiken
This isn't an official review, rather my thoughts on something still ongoing that I've yet to finish. Today is Genshiken, the manga version and in Ominibus form, which means three volumes of the manga put into one. The plot involves Kanji Sasahara, an anime fan who joins a club in college known as Genshiken, basically an anime club. There he meets the members including Madarame, a really big otaku, Kousaka, an anime fan who is also an expert at games, mainly fighting games, and Tanaka, who mainly specializes in cosplay. One of the reasons that I like Genshiken is its subject: otaku culture. As someone who is an anime fan I liked the fact that it covered the various aspects of an otaku, even touching upon some more stranger parts of our culture (i.e. adult games, fanzines). Another reason I like this manga is its characters, with their various personalities and as a result they can be quite enjoyable. In short, I've really been enjoying what I'm reading due to its subject and its characters, and I would say to check this one out. There is also an anime version of the manga that I've been watching and enjoying as well.
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January 18th, 2013
One of the noticeable factors when it comes to anime is fan service. We all know it, boob shots, panty shots, either you like it or you think it's degrading and just bad. Personally I don't mind it, and it's not just because I'm a guy. Of course I don't like it when a show abuses it or it just comes off as pointless. Examples of shows that overabuse fan service include Ikki Tousen, Eiken, Master of Martial Hearts. For me the most prominent example of when the fan service comes off as pointless is Mahoromatic, it's a good show, but one of the complaints that I have is the pointless fan service. Of course it's the higher up type of fan service, nudity, and when it's there it comes off as just shoved in there and pointless. In short I'm not a hater of fan service and frankly, I don't mind it.
William GAMEMASTR Lowery
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