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July 21st, 2017
Anime Relations: Clannad: After Story
As early as second grade I developed a love for reading. With my reading above my level and more than the average second grader, I was pretty admirable. I got praise and my pathway to accelerated classes was pretty much set in stone once I found that love. Yet, when I think about it now, it was more like a love for narrative. My love for narrative has endured the test of time, while my desire to read has declined ever since 6th grade.

When trying to find the root cause of this phenomenon, I found that 6th grade was also the year I began to drown my stress and sorrows by way of anime. It was also the year homework was kicked up a notch, eating away at my free time. It’s not that I lost all desire to see a story play out, it’s that I found a new, easier outlet in anime. With my thirst for narrative quenched, I was faced with a dilemma. I was still required to read.

I began to read different things, things than what would be uncomfortable for me. In 6th grade it was historical fiction and classics. In seventh grade, it was nonfiction. In eighth grade it was mysteries and again, classics. During this time, I perfected the art of procrastinating my reading.

We were given time in class to read throughout my school years. We were expected to use this time and to read at home in order to meet our Accelerated Reader goals each goal period. In the earlier grades, I read at a rather linear rate. However, when middle school hit, consistency was thrown out the window. I would use time in class to slowly read a book during the first part of the goal period and when it was crunch time, I’d use my fast reading speed to average a book a night just to be able to meet my AR goal. Thankfully, my comprehension wasn’t too disturbed as I still passed the tests. I remember telling my eighth grade English teacher about how I read The Color Purple over the course of two days. She was astonished as well as impressed. This made me feel as though I was special at the time. I felt like I had a talent that made me different from everyone else. But I know now that that was nothing to be proud of.

At this point in time, the emotion I feel is guilt. I know that all my teachers would support a linear reading model as supposed to an exponential one. I should be reading for quality, not for quantity. Still, I can’t help but attempt to justify myself.

The evidence for my argument lies in the definition of a narrative. Put simply, a narrative is a story. It doesn’t matter what medium it’s in. It doesn’t matter what language it’s in. It’s just a story. Japanese animation has progressively become my favorite medium see stories in. This is because of how much I’ve come to appreciate aesthetic in storytelling. I love seeing how beautiful things can look and how a single scene can hold a great amount of impact just by being directed in a certain way. I also think that when a story is worked on by many people, it holds more value than a book made by an author and maybe a few editors. The mere fact that there is an original creator, a director, many animators, many voice actors, and many more working on a single piece of art gives it such a different perspective. I feel so grateful that there is that kind of teamwork going on. And stories of Japanese origin also have that exotic feel to them which makes them all the more interesting. Stories from the same place I live in just pale in comparison. Besides, animation does accomplish the main task we assign to reading these days. Escapism.

When people want to write about how reading is important, they often come back to the ideology that reading is the best way to escape from life. They mention how you can feel attached to characters and how you can get absorbed in the plot to the point where you forget about reality. But in all truth, any narrative can do that. It’s so simple, yet for some reason, reading and animation are forever destined to be held on completely different levels.

Reading is seen as the intelligent person’s escapism while animation and movies are seen as the inferior alternative, if that. It really is strange that people just assume a book, by default, can teach you more about life than a piece of animation can when there are tantalizing coming-of-age anime such as Clannad: After Story out there.

But, coming back to my main point, the thing that the majority of readers value most can be found in any narrative. So it’s no wonder that a once great reader such as myself has moved on to a different way of storytelling. As I stated before, I do feel a great deal of shame because of my changing interests. That’s why I’ve decided to try and impress people by finding my love for written narrative once again. Slowly but surely, one day, reading will become more than a chore for me like it once was.



This is currently my favorite piece of writing I've ever written. It was originally an essay I wrote in November of 2016 in freshman year of high school. The prompt was simply "Write a narrative essay about your relationship with reading." I hold this work very close to my heart and I hope y'all found it to be an enjoyable read!
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April 13th, 2017

Since I started watching anime, I've had this so called "No Drop Policy." At first it was easy to not drop anything, as I mostly watched only the shows I thought I'd like. However, since I've started watching seasonals, I've chosen to watch more and more shows that don't appeal to me at all. It's been a real pain. And so, I've considered starting dropping shows. Sure, this may not add more anime to my Completed List, but I think it'll be worth it in the long run.

The truth is that there's literally no point watching shows I hate. I used to think it was cool because then I could give the show a low score. However, since I reached my goal of having a mean score below 7, there's no more reason to continue this madness. I gain nothing by sitting around watching a show I don't care about.

I'd love to just drop everything I hate that's still sitting in my Watching List, but I feel that I shouldn't drop the shows I'm more than halfway done with. This is because by that point in the show, I'm already rather close to done and that +1 on my Completed Anime List. So, when I do start dropping shows, I'll try and and do it withing the first 3 episodes, preferably the first episode.

But, this will still be tough for me, as I still have quite a bit left to finish from the Winter season that I hate. To demonstrate my feelings, I've compiled 3 rants about shows that aired in the Winter 2017 Anime Season that I should've dropped in the first episode if I wasn't stupid.


First on the chopping block is Fuuka. This show is perfect for being criticized this way because most of its flaws are apparent in the first episode. That episode really showcased its utterly dumb characters. The MC proved to be nothing more than an awkward phone addict and main girl Fuuka proved to be a really fanserviceable character with a victim complex. Both were completely unlikable characters from the get go. And as the series went on, I began to care less and less about the show.

One that REALLY made me dislike the show was the character designs. Let's take a look at Fuuka's.

Out of all the terrible character designs this show has to offer, Fuuka's is probably my least favorite. I hate how unaturally skinny yet well-endowed she is. And to be frank, I just hate how the boobs are drawn in this series period. They all have that weird shading underneath them that's meant to make them look larger. It's really quite annoying to look at and doesn't look as nice as other series that use underboob shading on their female characters.

For example, just look at the use of underboob shading on Nagisa here. It actually looks cute in her case. This is partly because her design as a whole is more appealing than Fuuka's. However, the shading in particular really made this shot because of how natural it feels. It doesn't just feel like they made Nagisa's boobs look larger for sex appeal, it feels like they felt like incorporating shading into this shot and happened to put shading there because it looked nice. Yet in Fuuka's case, her underboob is often the only substantial piece of shading on her body, showing the low amount of effort put into the show as a whole.

And though it may have been an effort to make Fuuka seem unique and special, Fuuka's hair color also constantly gets on my nerves. It wouldn't bother me much if other characters had outlandish hair colors too, but Fuuka's basically the only character with a super unnatural hair color. The bright blue just contrasts way too much with other character's hair.

As for the other characters, I have little to say. MC looks like like a generic MC. Tama-chan has terrible underboob shading. Blondie looks like a run of the mill bishie. Big boob girl has too big of boobs. And Track team guy looks like a generic sporty character.

To conclude, I hated Fuuka to its literal core and shouldn't have watched past the first episode. I regretfully have 3 episodes left as of writing this post, but I'll make it through them somehow.

Trickster: Edogawa Ranpo "Shounen Tanteidan" yori

Now Trickster is actually a carry-over from the fall season of last year. However, since its second cour aired in the Winter 2017 Anime Season, I can talk about it here.

I wanted to watch Trickster because I thought the association with Ranpo Edogawa would mean it'd be a good mystery show. I mean, my favorite anime Detective Conan has a character with an alias of Conan Edogawa, a character named Kogoro whose name is a reference to Akechi Kogoro, and a group of kids who call themselves "The Detective Boys." Turns out the references can't save a downright bad series like Trickster.

Again, my main problem was the unlikable characters. The two main guys, Hanasaki and Kobayashi are about as bad as it gets. Both of them feel like mish-mashes of MCs from other popular anime.

For example, Hanasaki's tracksuit wearing immediately made me think of Konosuba and Re:Zero. And he did share some characteristics with Kazuma and Subaru, but not even their best characteristics. He wasn't an advocate of true gender equality nor was did he have a waifu to obsess over. In fact, the only thing he really had in common with those two was his excitableness. But unlike those two characters, he doesn't go through an arc that made him a more likable character. Rather, instead of just accepting his world like Kazuma or achieving goals like Subaru, all he does when the going gets tough is feel sorry for himself.

Kobayashi also immediately made me thing of other anime protagonists. The most direct comparison I can make is with Kaneki from Tokyo Ghoul. Both either started out with white hair or has their hair turn white for no other reason than that it looks cool. Both are a bit reserved when it comes to personality. And both are too overpowered for their own good. However, in Kaneki's case, he was actually interesting in the beginning of his show. This was because he had to adjust to a new lifestyle, which in retrospect, is highly relatable for just about everyone, including myself. This relatability is likely one of the root causes for Tokyo Ghoul's mainstream appeal. But to no avail, Kobayashi failed to be interesting all the way from his introductory scene. The scene in which he meets Hanasaki for the first time only shows him being a crybaby and letting the audience know he's the victim here. And even as he starts to bond with Hanasaki, he's still boring and flat as a character. He goes through a very obvious character arc that's simply "Other people suffer too." Everything about his character is predictable and boring to watch all the way through.

Even if Trickster didn't star two horrible main characters, I doubt I'd like it even then. I despise the setting. It's annoying because they're trying to go for futurism and they're doing it really poorly. A bunch of the technology is just stupid and often looks horrible too. For instance, the robots from who knows which episode appeared to be animated using CG. Like most CG in anime, it clashes with everything else in frame and looks awful. Even the little holograms annoy me because the characters also use computers. What's the point of a computer if these characters can conjure up a hologram at no expense? This seems as if the writers had no common sense.

I also dislike the series's structure and main villain. The structure is strange because sometimes it's episodic while at other times, there seem to be arcs that fail to get me invested in the characters. Also, all of the mysteries in this show are presented horribly. They're either blatantly obvious or impossible for the audience to solve. Now, I haven't seen many mystery shows, but one of the things I value most in them is having mysteries the audience can solve on their own. Detective Conan does this masterfully, but I'll explain the beauty of that another time.

All in all, Trickster failed on so many levels for me that it's hard to believe I've sat through 23 episodes as of this writing.

Youjo Senki

Digibro once said something along the lines of 'You can tell what a show is going to be about and its general quality from the first episode.' Boy am I a fool for not listening to this and not dropping Youjo Senki after the first episode.

The first episode of Youjo Senki was a bunch of fantasy stuff with all these characters flying around on the backdrop of war. Everything about that screams boring for me. I've had hardly any experience with military anime and haven't found one I can get into. And frankly, I find that setting boring because war is boring and often fought for dumb reasons. Until I find and watch an anime that makes military interesting to me, I doubt I'd like it played straight like in this show. I also dislike fantasy for the most part because in simple terms, it makes the narrative feel less real and makes things more confusing. I'll probably expand on this opinion of mine in a later blog post.

So, the thing that kept me watching was the one thing Digi claims is least indicative of a show's quality, the premise. I kept watching because I liked the idea of a grown salaryman being forced into the body of a vulnerable little girl and having to live in a world other than his own. That kind of thing will always be cool for me. That's why I'll keep eating up these isekai light novel adaptations. However, as Digi pointed out, the premise does very little in terms of telling you what watching the show's going to be like.

Youjo Senki's first episode did what knowing its premise could not. By not starting at the beginning of the story, the objective was to inform viewers that this would be a show with lots of fantasy and action.

And I didn't listen. I kept watching the show despite the distaste I felt for the first episode and saw the stuff that actually interested me in the second episode. And I gained nothing afterwards. The stuff I was interested in was hardly on screen (as its absence in the first episode foreshadowed) and was not executed in the way I wanted it to be. The whole "Being X" conflict didn't click with me the way Conan's struggle against the Black Organization in Detective Conan did.

I didn't like the "Being X" conflict because it only affected the main character. There were hardly any narrative stakes. Meanwhile in Detective Conan, even though Shinichi was the first person to be de-aged by the Black Organization, they eventually harm other people as the series moves forward. Rather than feeling like an internal conflict as in Youjo Senki, the conflict in Detective Conan is external and affects just about everyone.

Hopefully I've made my thoughts clear. So now, I shall resolve to drop ALL the shows I hate as soon as I feel I won't EVER like them. 2017 Spring Anime Season, prepare for me to drop as much of you as I want!

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April 7th, 2017
I've always been entranced at the idea of actively discussing the anime I watch. So naturally, back when I was newer to MAL, on the off chance that I was watching a currently airing show, I'd always post something in the Episode Discussion Thread. I had a good time back then, but now I find posting there somewhat of a drag.

The first problem I've got is actually a self-imposed problem. Usually, before I type out my post, I sit down and read EVERY single post before mine. This is both time-consuming and redundant. If I'm not there early or the anime is insanely popular, I end up having to read pages upon pages of replies. This was especially bad when I hopped on the Re: Zero hype train near the end of it run and naturally made my way over to its episode discussions. Obviously, I had to read all the replies. This isn't to say that I didn't enjoy it, it was just time consuming.

Though, in the same way watching more and more anime has allowed me to recognize cliches and such more easily and be annoyed with them more easily, continuously reading these discussion posts has made me more disillusioned of the usefulness of posting there. I know exactly what to expect the moment I click "Discuss it" when updating my list.

The first thing I'll see is always Stark700's triumphant post at the top of the page. This guy has some kind of self-imposed obligation to be the first one to post on every single episode discussion. Through this guy's posts, it's been made pretty clear he watches the shows in Japan as they air on TV. I wouldn't care that much about this if he was actually fluent in Japanese. The problem is that he's clearly not. He'll misunderstand things sometimes and make himself look like a complete idiot at times. And even worse, if someone points out his misunderstanding by quoting him, he'll just ignore them and seemingly never attempt to make his viewing experience more productive.

Even so, the content of his posts are never all that ground-breaking. His thoughts are pretty much as predictable as it gets. He just buys into the character struggle, even if it feels contrived, as shown in this post. I knows it's my opinion, but from the beginning of that show, I personally failed to empathize with the characters. Plus, that backstory itself was as cliche as possible, making it boring to watch. I just can't see how a seasoned anime watcher like himself can buy into that!

However, I can appreciate that this guy attaches a picture to his posts a lot of the time, as I find that visually appealing. Though, that cannot make up for his put together in a flash writing style. For example, in this post, he forgets commas and misspells a word. This shows that he's in a rush to get his post out and doesn't care much about the quality of his writing. As an A student in Honors English, this contradicts my ideology that everyone should always try their best in their writing and it only saddens me to see this utter failure at doing so. I could bring up more examples, but I'd only be treading water.

None of this is to say I hate Stark700, as I know it'd be disrespectful to hate a moderator. In fact, there are things he does that I actually like. His reviews are spectacular and feel much more heartfelt than his other writing. Unlike some of the dumb reviewers on this site, he doesn't judge a series in random categories like Art/Animation, Story, Characters, Music, or Enjoyment. He just dives in and gives the reviews a flow that regimented reviews can't possibly have. They're truly a joy to read.

Enough off-topic. Since I've talked about one user individually, I was going to go in depth about some of the other regulars, but if I did, this blog post would never be finished. So instead, I'll summarize my points in a not so time-consuming manner.

I enjoy reading longer posts, so I really appreciate those who type out a whole paragraph or so. However, those posts do take longer to read compared to shorter ones which are much more often one-off jokes or something generic like "I liked it." At the end of the day, when it comes to post length, I can't make a decision on my preference.

Actually, everything I've said up to this point comes back to one thing: Quality.

I'm looking for what I consider to be quality discussion. I'm tired of reading summaries of events from the episode and one-liners. What I would love to see more of is observations/analysis of the characters, themes, aesthetic, etc. I love the people who contribute this sort of thing to the discussions. For example, the infamous Fai will occasionally type out a long and thought provoking post. The things he says in those situations are actually interesting, and therefore worth reading.

I used to like the one-liners. If they were funny, it was cool. Now, just like how I can't laugh at a joke I've seen a million times before, I can't laugh at those one-liners like I used to. Perhaps it's just my changing tastes. And to be completely honest, the reason I've begun to feel so disconnected with the MAL community is my growing interest in Digibro.

Digibro is an analytically-minded person. And by consuming his Youtube content, I have also become more analytically minded and crave to see more thoughts put together in a way similar to his. MAL users don't care about that stuff. They don't care if you can tell them WHY you think a show is good. They just want to know who has "shit taste" and who doesn't. Or, in the case of these episode discussions, all they want is the +1.

Because I don't share the same mentality as the frequent forum posters, I don't feel like I belong anymore.

There was a time when I did belong. I'd post out of a self-imposed obligation to post on every episode of every seasonal I was watching in the given season. The contents of my posts would be almost identical to what everyone else was saying, only changing the phrasing. And the reason I kept doing so for so long was because I wanted to have a higher post count. I once did all the things I've said I hate about the Seasonal Episode Discussion Threads. And I hate myself for it.

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August 24th, 2016
Anime Relations: Fruits Basket
The way things start out often factor into how they play out. For example, many anime that have a strong pilot episode turn out well. Of course there are exceptions. In fact, arguably, more often than not is it true that an anime doesn't deliver as well in the second episode. And there are many people that believe an anime can get progressively worse as it continues. Vice-versa of this exists too, and often anime that build up and get better as they continue are some of the most memorable. So perhaps it was for the better that the start of my summer wasn't spectacular.


Long story short, I started summer out with a cold. And I honestly hate getting sick. During the school year you end up falling behind and having to make up classwork. During a break you end up missing out on fun stuff. It's just terrible. So basically I was sick for a week and missed the first day of a 5 day camp.

Of course since I apparently can't stay home all day by myself, my mom made me go to the rest of that camp. If you've seen my profile, you may already know that I'm an athlete. My skills not only include track and cross-country but soccer and basketball as well. This particular camp was run by my local high school, and it was a basketball camp. Out of the aforementioned sports, basketball just so happens to be the one I'm the worst at.

Come Tuesday- I arrive early. Which brings quite a life changing event to the table. This particular week in early June was also the week my mom started her new job. I know that sounds pretty normal, but for my family, it's gone and changed much of our lifestyle. See, for the majority of my childhood, my mom worked at home. But after she lost her job, she ended up getting a new job in which she had to drive 30+ minutes to get to work. And of course they wanted her at the office at a fairly early time which meant getting dropped off early for me! With my brother away at an overnight camp and my mom entering an unfamiliar environment, I felt the need to be there for my mom. Each day when I was dropped off I would wish my mom a good day at work. I was really happy that for once in my life, I was able to be just like my idol, Tohru Honda.

I've idolized Tohru for a long time. As Fruits Basket was one of my first anime, it really stuck in my head. Tohru's just the kind of person I've always wanted to be. I've admired her kindness forever and have aspired to be a better person thanks to her. So being able to see my mom off to work just like Tohru did when her mom was still alive made me feel one step closer in becoming someone as nice and caring as Tohru Honda. Sounds silly, right?

Back on topic, the first day I came to camp, I already knew I was behind but tried to make the best of it. Surrounded by people far more talented than I, I felt the need to try my hardest. Of course, that very first day, I was still recovering from my cold and had to take things a bit easy. Lucky for me, the people there were understanding. I think the coaches helped me improve quite a bit in the short time we were together. And all the people with natural talent were very encouraging.

The next few days consisted of me trying ridiculously hard as if I needed to prove something. I worked to the point of injuring myself. I had to sit out the whole 3 hours on Friday because of my hurt Achilles heel.

Now if you remember my Summer Showdown Entry, you'll know what's next, running! Since June 20th, I've been running every weekday and Saturday that I can. The first few days were a little hard because of my Achilles, but luckily my coach was able to help me get it to heal quickly.

After a while, I realized that cross-country isn't just an individual sport. My fellow runners became amazing friends in these 2 months of running. Upperclassmen, fellow freshmen, old acquaintances, you name it. Though I'd rather not use their actual names for their privacy I'm going to go ahead and use their names for simplicity's sake. And the fact that I need to finish this as soon as possible!

First off, Alia! I connected with Alia on the 3rd day of practice. We were both in the beginner's group despite her being a sophomore. That day we got a bit ahead of the group in the second half of our run. We realized that we were on about the same level and have continued to run together on numerous occasions.

Alia also happened to be both a track runner and a pole vaulter, which was awesome, as I have wanted to do pole vault ever since my dad told me about it a few years back. Being the great person she is, Alia invited me to a pole vault meet at our high school. It was awesome to see a bunch of people pole vault and also meet the pole vault coach.

Alia and I also ran a 5 mile race on the Fourth of July together. It was an event organized by the coaches but we were the only ones who showed up. I'm proud to say we did very well and ran under 50 minutes. After that run, I watched the movie 1776. 1776 is a comedic version of everything leading up to Congress signing the Declaration of Independence. I watched this movie because an amazing Tumblre user loves it. Her name's @skyechan, and you can look her up here on MAL. If any of you fellow Conan fans want to check out her blog, Dcrewatch, I highly recommend it. She's really funny.

Haley, (pronounced Halley) has, quite reluctantly on my part, become my friend. This is my old acquaintance. Haley used to go to my school until she was "bullied." I use quotation marks because I feel like she exaggerated a bit. In my opinion at least, the people at my old school were all very nice people. She also was a bit weird. Being a classic 4th grader, I judged her pretending to be a cat as bad. But she's definitely matured a lot since and I've been nothing but kind to her at practice.

One thing really gripes me about Haley though. She's a better runner than me. Being the best long distance runner at my tiny school in middle school made me feel conceited. I thought of myself as the superior runner next to Haley even though she was objectively better. Her running farther and faster than myself frustrated me so much. To make a comparison, I'm going to use Conan and Mitsuhiko. Like Mitsuhiko, I've excelled and enjoyed being regarded as the best before someone better showed up. In Mitsuhiko's case, this was Conan, and in my case, this was Haley. Because of this, I've pushed myself to hopefully one day actually be better than her. Lucky for me, this is quite possible, as it only takes a bit of hard work. While sadly in Mitsuhiko's case, he'll never catch up since Conan has a whole 10 years worth of more intellect. But we're both still trying our hardest to catch up!

Ah, Faith. Fellow freshmen here. She's rather short, but is an amazing runner. By the 3rd week, she was running with the varsity team. We've come together because I need a ride back from practice every morning and Faith's mom has kindly been giving me rides home. In return, my mom or my dad, depending on who I'm with, have been driving Faith to practice.

Because of this we've had a lot of time to talk. Over time, I've learned so much about Faith, from her two annoying little sisters to her awesome stepdad who has bought her some manga. Unfortunately she's a casual though and has only read a bit of CLAMP manga and seen a bit of Fairy Tail. I've also tried to tell Faith more about myself but I somehow feel it's easier just to listen to her. She's invited me over, and I feel like our friendship is going very well.

She owns a volume or two of xxxHOLiC.

If I recall correctly, Faith said she was on Episode 95 of Fairy Tail.

Now I'm going to briefly talk about the sophomores of the middle group. Grace, the "leader" is awesome. She's willing to push herself, is a little quirky, and has this beautiful tan skin that goes so well with her brown hair. I feel like everyone in the group is naturally drawn to her because we love her uplifting attitude.

Inna is a lot like that type of protagonist that is trying something new for the first time and struggling a bit. What's simply amazing about Inna is the fact that she never did anything athletic until cross country yet she's able to do so well. She doesn't make it to every practice, but when she does come, she does great.

Sam was in band her freshmen year and is choosing to do cross country instead for her sophomore year. She's been really helpful telling me about highschool and is honestly a great person to be around. Even though I'm a little faster now, I sometimes run with Sam just so I can talk to her.

I haven't really gotten to know the 4 other girls in the group, but I will eventually!

Scratch the coaches for now. I need to finish this!

Other stuff about cross country:

-Whoo for hill workouts
-Whoo for running 7 miles non-stop
-Whoo for 19:02 on a 2 mile official course
-Whoo for lots of core work
-Whoo for being one of the few who actually keeps their shirt on
-Whoo for experiencing vocal chord dysfunction

I think that's good enough for now on this section. More will be added when I have time.

If we go by chronological order here, I'd talk about camping next. Let's get this written as quickly as possible.

Look how generous I am. I'm actually posting a picture of where I went even though I try my best to never share information about my location on the internet. So basically that's the swimming hole we float around in along with the rocks people jump off of. Not enough time to finish this...

We go on this camping trip every year with some of our family friends. It's our annual camping trip! This trip was similar to previous ones, obviously. Though there were some memorable things that happened.

Usually I would go down the rapids and swim in the swimming hole all day for the 5 days we're there, but this year I spent more time in the campground talking.

Okay, time to insert the other stuff I'll add when I have time.


*My First Neighborhood Friend*

*Trips to the Library*

*Tag-along on a Business Trip*

*Over on the Anime Spectrum*

^That one's going to be long.

I can say quite truthfully that this was the best summer of my life. That may be because it's the freshest one in my mind, but it really was great. So perhaps it was thanks to my bad start that I was able to have such a wonderful summer.
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June 19th, 2016
Anime Relations: Howl no Ugoku Shiro

May I say I simply adore this movie? I might even like it more than Spirited Away. Sure the plot may be a bit confusing or weak or not really there, but I love it.

The reason why Howl's Moving Castle is quite likely my favorite Ghibli movie is because of its main premise. I loved how Sophie was turned into an old woman. The feeling of helplessness it instigated in Sophie was nice to watch.

It actually may have been this movie that started my love for body swapping, genderbending, turning into an animal, age regressing, and of course rapid aging. Long as something happens to a character's body and it's out of their control, I love it! Random people, feel free to tell me if you know of an anime or manga I don't know of that has one of these great plot devices! Oh, but the story needs to be decent.

Oh um, I'm supposed to talk about this movie right now. It's honestly been forever since I've seen it so... I don't know what to talk about. Well, I think I remember telling some people about it... Or maybe I didn't. You know what? I just need to rewatch this sometime. Maybe then I'll actually remember more.

Uh... that's all for now. Maybe I'll edit this some time and add more!
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June 3rd, 2016
Anime Relations: Tonari no Totoro

And here I am at My Neighbor Totoro!

On a side note, I apologize. For those of you who love reading my blog because it's sooooo good I'm sorry I haven't updated it for what, 2 weeks now? The end of school just sort of took priority. But it's summer now!

I actually had seen a Totoro prior to seeing this movie. My friend who is half Japanese had a little Totoro figure mixed in with her Littlest Pet Shops. And neither of us knew what it was. Yup, when I was little, I didn't play with Barbies or anything silly like that, I played with Littlest Pet Shops! My 200+ collection is currently sitting up in the attic collecting dust.

This movie is beautiful, like most Ghibli movies. The animation really brings out the fun and playful slice of life-ish feel this movie is going for.

I actually bought this movie for that same friend mentioned above. She really liked it. I bought it at my local DVD/CD/book store that I visit occasionally to eyeball the anime section, which is a whole 3 shelves long! I also have eyeballed the manga section there, which is about 6 shelves long! But the most important part about giving her that DVD was that she actually was genuinely excited to watch it, and she enjoyed it. This was my first time sharing my love for the best form of entertainment out there and having the receiver actually begin to enjoy it just like me. I am proud to say that I have watched anime with her and she hasn't ever complained about anything other than the video being laggy. When I get to the anime I've shown her, I'll mention my best friend again. As for that, I don't even know if she still considers me her best friend, but I think of her as mine. Since she went to a different school than me for the past 2 years, I've lost a bit of what we used to have back in Kindergarten through 6th grade. But we're going to the same high school, so we'll definitely see each other more often! Oh whoops, looks like I got off topic.

Back on topic, there's one thing about My Neighbor Totoro that I hadn't begun to appreciate until much later. In fact, I only began to appreciate it 3 weeks ago. Might as well explain how I began to appreciate the OST of all Ghibli movies for that matter. So... For the end of the year, my English teacher decided to let us design a final project on whatever we wanted. I obviously chose something manga/anime related! It was titled Influential Manga Artists and Animators and I wrote a 5 paragraph essay on Osamu Tezuka, Rumiko Takahashi, and Hayao Miyazaki. While writing about Miyazaki, I found it fitting to use Ghibli soundtrack compilations as study music. Over time, while working on said project, I began to especially like one certain soundtrack. This was Kaze no Toorimichi, from My Neighbor Totoro. It's beautiful! Now I'm even learning how to play it on the piano.

Another thing I appreciate about Totoro is how commercialized it is. There is so much merchandise out there for it! Even in a place like the US where anime is somewhat shunned, Totoro merchandise can often be found in "regular" stores. Plus, at stores that carry anime merchandise in general, there is often at least something Totoro.

I think that My Neighbor Totoro is a must watch for anyone familiar with Ghibli. Studio Ghibli's little thing at the beginning of their movies is a Totoro turning its head! Totoro is simply iconic for Studio Ghibli! Totoro might even be their mascot. Though I can't confirm that!
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May 21st, 2016
Anime Relations: Detective Conan

I am proud to say that I finished the longest arc about the BO from Detective Conan in about 42 hours.

Great! Amazing! Wonderful! Splendid! Delightful! Lovely!

I could go on forever.

Plus I'm overjoyed at reaching the 500th mark. 300 more to go!

Uhhh... I should really say something like SPOILER ALERT, right?

Spoilers are truly a terrible thing. I was spoiled before I even saw this arc and knew many things I shouldn't have. Most of it was my fault though. With being such a great resource, I couldn't resist. I think I would have enjoyed this arc a lot more if I hadn't been spoiled. Therefore, the rest of this post will be hidden within a spoiler.

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Anime Relations: Detective Conan

Oh... so you want to hear about my summer?

There's one thing in particular I'll be doing.

Guessed it yet?

I'll be running 6 days a week, 1.5 hours a day. Why? I'm joining the cross country team at my high school next fall. And we train all summer long. I'll probably do other active stuff as well, because my dad loves dragging my brother and I to the gym.

I'll also be going on a camping trip. It's our annual camping trip. My family camps once a year! Now, that's a lot less than the amount of camping trips the Detective Boys go on. I'm not sure if I'm lucky or unlucky.

Along with going on a business trip with my dad. My brother and I'll be going to the waterpark nearby though. But we'll probably get to stay at a nice hotel! Because we don't have to pay for it.

I also have some summer reading to do. I'll be reading The Count of Monte Cristo. I could've read some other book, Jane Eyre, I believe? But The Count of Monte Cristo had an anime adaptation. So obviously I had to choose it. And the plot sounded a little more interesting.

And of course I'll be watching anime and reading manga all summer long. I'm hoping to get caught up with Conan this summer. Or at least by this coming October. That way I can say I got caught up with Conan in less than a year/a year. And maybe I'll get a little further in the 2016 Anime Watching Challenge.
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