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March 14th, 2018
Anime Relations: Akatsuki no Yona
Cards by ElleGrace: Problems Log

As a general rule of thumb, if I feel that you have been rude or unkind in any way to me or any other participating card edition in your request, I will skip you in your request. Depending on the circumstances, I may or may not give you a warning about it.

Starting March 14, 2018, I started adding the following set of rules to editions I participate in as much as I can:
  1. If you do not use the correct format/if you change the set format in any way (other than deleting the Shortened Username section if it does not apply to you), I will not give you the card.
  2. If you do not give me a name of the length specified, I will not give you the card.
  3. If you are rude/unkind in any way, I will not give you the card.
  4. Don't worry! If you change any of those things later after I warn you and you apologize, I will give you the card.

If you break any of those rules, I will edit your post and tag you stating the problem and asking you to fix it saying something like this:
3/14/2018 Edit from Elle: @/Username You have not used the correct format. Please tag me here once you have fixed the problem, and I will give you your card(s).

If you reply by tagging me in your post in order to notify me that you have fixed the problem and apologize for the mistake, I will give you the card(s).
If I do not have the Admin permissions necessary to edit other user's posts in the club in question, I will add a spoiler labeled "Warnings" at the bottom of the edition/at the bottom of my own request/anything else I have access to, and list the warnings in it in the same manner. Worst case scenario, I contact you directly about it.

There are certain users that I may have on a blacklist. If you are on my blacklist, it is for a reason. If you want to know said reason and/or present your case to be removed from it, please PM me here or on Discord.

Current Problems

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August 24th, 2017
Anime Relations: Akatsuki no Yona, Shelter

~ElleGrace's Graphics: What I've Made~

~Other Examples~

~Candy Kingdom~

~Shiruba Festival~

Clubs on hiatus:

~Autumn Rain~

~Castle On The Hill~

~Innocent Shelter~

No longer working in:

~Club Aerosol~
I'm still a member of this club; life is just too busy.

~The Moonlit Clearing~
Run for your life from this one.

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